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A reply to The Mares Nest
07-03-2012, 12:36 PM
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A reply to The Mares Nest
I've just read this post over at The Mares Nest and I just wanted to say thanks to them for taking the time to report on these forums over the years, and I also wanted to just clarify a few things.

Firstly my excuses (which I admit, are pretty poor). The decline of the forum was entirely my fault. Real life got in the way and I didn't manage my time as well as I should have. I changed jobs which meant I didn't have any time during the day to work on the site (shh, don't tell my old boss!). I had a quickly growing child which understandably required my focus, plus I got married. All good things for me, but regrettably I let the forums suffer as a result. Only recently with the requests of WaffenThinMint et al has made me realise that the forums still have life in them and with my second child on the way at the end of this month, it was time to entrust the admin side of the forums to someone with the passion required to make a go of it again - thank you WaffenThinMint!

The move to the new forum software (from SMF to myBB) with hindsight was a mistake, my mistake. My not so genius plan was to move to something with more features and better spam prevention. Clearly that didn't work and in doing so we lost many feature that you guys loved. So again, sorry about that. I have tried a few times to migrate back again, but both times it failed so I thought I'd give this software a go, and it seems to be working well, performance wise.

Over the past few months with the great work by WaffenThinMint, Cororon, breebree711, simman23 & gothika (apologies if I missed anyone, all the members here are brilliant) the forums have started taking shape again. The spam has been removed and with plenty of anti-spam plugins installed doesn't seem to be such a problem anymore, the new (old) logo has given the place the 'good times' feel back to it and things are looking up. Also the rearranged/tidied up forum structure (all down to WaffenThinMint) has made things 'work'.

So thank you to you all and sorry again for my crappy running of the forums over the past few years. Hopefully with WaffenThinMint in charge (I'm still in control of the geeky technical stuff, so any problems in that respect blame me) the future is looking bright again. Just wait until Sims 4 is release, it'll be like 2008 all over again!

I'm always happy to help! If you need anything, just send me a personal message (PM) and I'll try help if I can...
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