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sims 3 high school expansion pack.
13-11-2008, 07:10 AM
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Re: sims 3 high school expansion pack.
I reallywant a school ep!!How much fun wud it be if u could see them go 2 school,make friends who you actually wanted to be friends with and you could learn in the classroom,like your tenn or kid could be there and then you could click on a piece of paper and it would say"Do work"and then work would come up on the screen and you would have to type it in for them and see what grade u wud get,wudnt that b cool!!!???????????? {wacko} {woot} {lol} {glare} {clap} {unsure} {rolleyes} Tongue 8) Big Grin Smile {yes}

I speak simlish!:)Do you..........................?
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