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The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
18-06-2012, 10:40 PM (This post was last modified: 18-06-2012 10:46 PM by Minty.)
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Rainbow The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Okay, I'm going to try this one again on Plunder Island by Magic Dancer on the officials, as it is small, has some prepopulation, and appears to be popular.

[Image: 135754.jpg]

Minty Green has been shoved onto the sands next to the restaurant made out of the old ship over on the west side. It's just about the only place on the whole of Plunder Island that a tent lot can be put down, but no complaints about the location.

[Image: 135736.jpg]

There's quite a few fishing holes, so that's a good start! There's also a scrap heap - won't be touching that, yet.

[Image: 135737.jpg]

Minty spent the morning and until about 5pm skilling up fishing with no bait, still managing to get 4 goldfish and 2 minnows before heading for the Science Faculty to raid their garden.

[Image: 135739.jpg]

Nice looking Science centre, isn't it? Yes

[Image: 135740.jpg]

The garden wasn't in full bloom yet, but there were still plenty of harvestibles. Had to keep an eye out and make sure he didn't try touching the money trees in the grounds - no cheating!

[Image: 135741.jpg]

The selection of fruit and veg available was excellent, & he finished up with 2 lettuce, 7 grapes, 4 flame fruits, 3 bell peppers, 3 potatos, a watermelon, 3 garlic, 4 onions, a cuddle toy and a toaster and a load of limes (I've forgotten how many!). Blush

[Image: 135742.jpg]

He also of course ended up smelly, which didn't impress one of the locals passing by, Guy Brush. Not that Minty cared, I mean, what sort of fannyspangle goes around putting shrews in their pocket?

[Image: 135743.jpg]

Heading for the barbers for a wash, Minty stumbled on a big blue rock on the way down from the Science place. It turned out to be an uncut Soulpiece that is worth §1925!

[Image: 135744.jpg]

It is pretty hard not to fall in love with Plunder Island. It's just so well laid out over such a small area, and Magic Dancer's attention to detail is super. It's like the loveliest little seaside town you could imagine

[Image: 135745.jpg]

The barber was at the end of the bay past the cinema/theatre, is enterable at any time and has a shower - very handy.

[Image: 135746.jpg]

After washing up, it was time to head for the tent and kip.

[Image: 135747.jpg]

On the way back, there was this sinister ice cream van.

[Image: 135748.jpg]

Look at the way it spun round as Minty passed.

[Image: 135749.jpg]

It just stayed there, like it was staring intently like it was some sort of psycho ice cream van with that big black window. Omg

[Image: 135750.jpg]

Watching him go into the distance, like it was deciding whether to run him over now or later.

[Image: 135751.jpg]

I couldn't bear to watch when this guy came out of the bar it was parked outside - I knew he'd not even have the time to scream before it ran him over, and even if he did they'd be drowned out by its tinkly chimes of death. That ice cream van is evil. I bet there's a duck driving it behind that black glass. Will need to keep Minty safe from it, or find some way to blow it up.

[Image: 135752.jpg]

Not until 4.25pm did Minty finally get to bed after having a potato to fill him up first.

[Image: 135753.jpg]

A pretty good first day - so good vibes about this.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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19-06-2012, 08:07 AM (This post was last modified: 19-06-2012 08:08 AM by Ollie.)
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Wow. The ice-cream truck looks really suspicious when I think about it now. I think I might incorporate this challenge into "The Waggoner diary", which should be fun!

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19-06-2012, 10:42 AM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Yay, I'm glad I'm not the only one living in a tent now!

Guy Brush - from Monkey Island? Brilliant, I loved the Monkey Island games.

Finding that soul gem was a real piece of luck, Minty could have afforded to stop for an ice-cream with the proceeds from that.

Looking forward to seeing some more.
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24-06-2012, 07:24 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Day Two

Minty started his day with the one bunch of normal grapes left for breakfast.

[Image: 135782.jpg]

No idea why he wanted to move into a high-rise, he won't grow many grapes there & there aren't any on Plunder Island.

[Image: 135784.jpg]

He returned to the Science Lab, their garden once again had harvestibles ready (talk about quick growing).

This returned four apples, seven grapes, nine tomatoes, four lettuces, six flame fruits, eight limes, seven garlic, four potatoes, two watermelon, two bell peppers, and two onions. The normal ones would be sold at the grocers & the rest kept for selling & eating.

[Image: 135783.jpg]

Go away, you've caused enough trouble this week!

[Image: 135785.jpg]

The whole island is overrun with animals big and small at times.

[Image: 135786.jpg]

Oh dear.

[Image: 135787.jpg]

This however could prove a shrewd investment if sold on, as these little fellas are worth §204.

[Image: 135788.jpg]

After eating the one normal apple, he watched one of the horses to get some lifetime happiness points before running off to the barber's shower again after the animals gave the hint he was a smelly mint.

All these animals, you wonder why Plunder Island bothers having fake wooden camels.

[Image: 135789.jpg]

Why does that horse look like its trying to copy Marilyn Munroe with the airvent in "The 7 Year Itch"?

[Image: 135790.jpg]

To end the day, he hit the corner store to sell off the unwanted fruit, netting §354. Money in the bank at last (forgot to sell the rock discovered yesterday). Just hope it isn't with Nat West or he's broke again (topical, eh?)

[Image: 135791.jpg]

After that, early to bed, so he can be up early to do some planting in the morning. No sign of the creepy ice cream truck today.

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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24-06-2012, 08:53 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Minty Sim had a good day! But what a lot of horses - all over town. More horses than people it looked like.
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04-07-2012, 02:50 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Day Three & Four

[Image: 136029.jpg]

Minty started at the crack of dawn with some grapes before planting the four best available, four tomatoes, two lettuces
and an apple tree.

[Image: 136030.jpg]

The idea was not to have too big an allotment that he ended up having to spend every moment maintaining it. He needed time to fish, to raid the Science facility garden, and do some exploring of the island.

[Image: 136031.jpg]

Fishing in a new spot to the west at the sea edge netted six rainbow trout & three goldfish using a tomato as bait.

[Image: 136032.jpg]

Oh dear, this challenge is so boring currently that the raccoon hanging around Minty's tent has now fallen asleep!


[Image: 136033.jpg]

The first few days of a Rags to Riches can be like that, harvesting, planting and saving basic resources so you've room to go exploring without worrying about food. So back to the Science Lab it was.

Something I forgot to mention last time is that Magic_Dancer put the science lab rabbithole in the basement of this building, unfortunately my Sim could not enter it. I had to go into Edit town, delete it and put in Jynx's rug replacement.

Donating a rhinoceros beetle bagged §121, a spider §18 (that looked like a ladybird but never mind) and a water beetle §42.

One mystery that was perhaps solved was why this garden grows so fast that it has been possible to do a full day of harvesting every day.

[Image: 136034.jpg]

No wonder this garden grows so fast with all these horses crapping and piddling everywhere! The nitrogen content in that soil must be at record levels.


[Image: 136035.jpg]

Heading for the usual shower, there were these two deer that spent most of the evening going backwards and forwards bouncing over the bridge. What was that all about?

Found a Rainbow Gem worth §524. Will need to make the time to sell these bits of rock at the consignment store!

[Image: 136036.jpg]

Decided on Day four to do something a bit more interesting after tending to the garden, doing the Science lab again, and after the usual shower at the barbers.

[Image: 136037.jpg]

Minty decided it was time to take advantage of the free books at the Coronado Library, taking the Gardening Vol 2 one to skill up on. He finished with 27 minutes to spare before his bladder burst! Now he's got level 5 gardening, and can plant better, more money making plants.

[Image: 136038.jpg]

The only other person in was Wade Diamond, typing furiously away on the internet

[Image: 136039.jpg]

"Bored baldy man in pirate cast offs seeks woman with bits of paper stuck to her face from shaving cuts for discreet adult relationship. No time wasters please."

[Image: 136040.jpg]

See that speck in the distance? Top left between the arch?

[Image: 136041.jpg]

That's Austin the puppy going home. Yes, dogs running around unattended along with all the other wildlife. Is this island's government PETA?

[Image: 136042.jpg]

On the way back home, another dirty great big rock to snaffle (only a yellow sapphire worth §42), just before some deer did.

[Image: 136043.jpg]

Haha, up yours Bambi, you big bottom burp! (Better hope PETA aren't listening!)

[Image: 136044.jpg]

Of more worry, IT was back.


[Image: 136045.jpg]

"Just run past it, pretend it isn't there"

[Image: 136046.jpg]

It didn't bother chasing Minty probably because there were enough deer and horses chasing him anyway.

[Image: 136047.jpg]

Back at the tent, that raccoon was still hanging about.

[Image: 136048.jpg]

Now unfortunately the deer and horses are following Minty around as well.

What gives? They all keep having these thought balloons saying how much they hate him! Tomorrow, it has to be getting those rocks sold and getting a bike so Minty can outrun them (or at least outpedal them)

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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05-07-2012, 04:23 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Hmm, that really is a lot of horses isn't it. But it's true, plenty of lovely manure for the growing of the most excellent fresh vegetables!

At the moment I'm playing in Lucky Palms, where the ice cream truck comes by at 6am each morning. Clearly sims want a nice ice cream for breakfast... or not. Scary stalking van.

Hope Minty gets his bike soon!
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08-07-2012, 11:06 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
I've never tried the Rags to Riches challenge but I've always wanted to! Very nice story you got here! I agree about the ice cream truck being creepy...they always stop in front of my sims' houses and it's scary! Sad

March 17, 2008 - September 7, 2008
September 1, 2009 - present
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13-07-2012, 09:27 PM (This post was last modified: 13-07-2012 09:33 PM by Minty.)
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Day 5 & 6

[Image: 136236.jpg]

The day started with Minty finally getting a bike, cutting down travelling time considerably, but wiping out his money, for he also had to get:-

[Image: 136237.jpg]

A terranium to keep that shrew in! It was escaping too many times, he appeared to be fond of it, so decided to go for it. But any other creatures found were put up for adoption pronto, and any bugs sold for science.

Shrew food is a §11 hit per day Shocked

[Image: 136238.jpg]

After the usual gardening and shower at the barbers, it was time to visit the local nectary for the first time.

[Image: 136239.jpg]

Aside from it being another garden to raid, there was also some exploring to do. But first the garden took an afternoon & evening to clear.

Those monster fruits on the trees are Pomelos, by the by.

[Image: 136240.jpg]

Heard a lot of frogs, but only saw chameleons, a persistent raccoon - & an Agama Lizard for selling later.

[Image: 136241.jpg]

Why is it men always seem to fall for shrews that cost them a fortune in money? Tongue

[Image: 136242.jpg]

The following day, Minty hit the garden again, clearing some weeds, planting the best of the snaffle from the Nectary & giving the garden its first fertiliser spread (good old garlic!).

Going all out on the gardening in the first few days (at home & at the science block & nectary) meant he'd skilled up enough to be planting some decent §8 to §10 crops by day six.

[Image: 136243.jpg]

The real task of the day was getting Minty to check out the nectary properly. Had a hunch that there was more to the cellers than appeared.

[Image: 136244.jpg]

The wall plaque, the torch and the cave space with the lamp & sand yielded nothing of note.

[Image: 136245.jpg]

A room with a Nectar Makers however had an interesting blank wall where logically a picture ought to have been.

[Image: 136246.jpg]

Get in! Yahoo

[Image: 136247.jpg]

Has to be one of the torches on the wall to get through.

[Image: 136248.jpg]

This was the only drink Minty was going to be getting all night in the nectary Biggrin

[Image: 136249.jpg]

Swimming through the tunnel to the other side (eventually) netted a nice little box of treasures.

[Image: 136250.jpg]

Some Flame Fruits and a new one for planting once skilled up, Life Fruits.

[Image: 136251.jpg]

Plus five piles of ancient coins under the obligatory secret room corner rockpile.

[Image: 136252.jpg]

Poor Minty now found that he could not swim back out to go home. He had to put his hands into one trigger hole after another (the second only appearing after the first) in order to get the stairway to get out (which at first I did not see with the walls half down). Not pleasant.

[Image: 136253.jpg]

Both times he ended up with a handful of creepy crawlies for his pains
(you'd have thought someone so fond of gardening would be less
squeamish!), but also some shinies.

[Image: 136254.jpg]

The stairway upwards took Minty to a hilltop with a spectacular view of Plunder Island, a telescope and it appears some excavating sites. However, as he was nearly completely exhausted by this time (it was 2.30am), it was far more fortunate there was a convenient tent to ease his discontent.

[Image: 136255.jpg]

After all, tomorrow is another day!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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13-07-2012, 10:10 PM
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RE: The Mints Of Wrath (A Rags To Riches Challenge)
Cool - those pomelo fruits look as big as footballs!
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