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28-10-2014, 02:40 AM (This post was last modified: 28-10-2014 08:08 PM by Fraroc.)
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RE: Fury

Chapter Thirty-Three

[Image: Screenshot_500.jpg]

Mike was done for the day….Both himself and Jason had gotten done with their duties around the stables rather early in the afternoon, so as per usual, Jack let them go early…However, unlike most people with jobs who want to go home immediately after they go off duty, Jason and Mike prefer to stay a while at their job site….Usually just to shoot-the-sh*t and hang out with each other….

[Image: Screenshot_501.jpg]

The very first thing that Mike wanted to take care of was checking up on Karilla and his brother, who made the decision to continue on with horseback lessons…As far as he could see, Kevin was definitely making progress.

“Hey sweetie. How’s Kev doing?”
“He’s improved a lot! He can make Raven walk with no problem and he’s pretty close to mastering trotting….He’s still too timid to make Raven canter though…”
“Give him time, he’ll eventually get it.”

[Image: Screenshot_502.jpg]

As soon as Kevin saw his brother, he swiftly dismounted Raven and ran as fast as he could to Mike. It was obvious that he wanted to say something extremely important.

“Mike, there’s something I really, really, REALLY important need to tell you.”
“What is it, bro?”
“Karilla, is it okay if we have a little privacy?”

Karilla looked at Kevin in a confused manner before saying…


[Image: Screenshot_503.jpg]

Once Karilla was gone, Kevin had the ability to speak freely about what was on his mind concerning what he heard Jason talk about two days ago.

“What do you want, Kevin?”
“Mike…I really don’t know how to tell you this, but Jason is about to do something very abusive and cruel to lightning.”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s going to chop the horse’s f***ing NUTS off! That has to be one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse I have ever heard about!!”

[Image: Screenshot_504.jpg]

Mike smiled and shook his head in response to his brother freaking out over a perfectly normal practice that has been done to horses for hundreds of years, to either make them easier to deal with, or for health reasons.

“Kevin, he’s just going to geld him! It’s a perfectly normal thing to do. You see, Lightning is a stallion like Fury, but unlike Fury, he’s a little more difficult to handle. Gelding Lightning will help to improve his temperament….that’s it!”
“That doesn’t change the fact that the horse’s balls are going to be cut off! How would you feel if someone chopped YOUR balls off? You wouldn’t feel too good, wouldn’t you?!”
“Kevin please, it’s not the same with humans as it is with horses. Listen, if you really are concerned about this, you should bring it up with Jason.”

[Image: Screenshot_505.jpg]

With that said, Kevin took Mike’s advice. Later that evening, he organized Mike to accompany him in his “debate” with Jason on whether castration in horses is an ethical practice or not….Within minutes, Jason walks into the living room where he discovers both his best friend and his best friend’s brother…..Kevin had an expression of both determination and disgust plastered on his face….

“Hey Mike! Hey Kevin! What’s going on?”
Kevin slowly started to approach Jason, seething in anger…..
“Jason, we need to talk.”

[Image: Screenshot_506.jpg]

“Kevin, what’s this about?”
“I guess I should start at the beginning….Two days ago, I had overheard a conversation with you and Jennifer…You said some things that I personally have a problem with. Namely, doing something with your horse, Lightning.”
“Yeah, I’m planning on gelding him so that he won’t be as temperamental….It happens whenever one of the mares goes into heat, he becomes completely erratic and pretty much un-ridable when it happens. I thought that if he was castrated, he could calm down and be a little more manageable."

[Image: Screenshot_507.jpg]

At that moment, Kevin held his head downward in disgust.

“Jason, what you’re about to do is one of the sickest and vilest forms of animal cruelty I have ever heard about.”

Jason suddenly stood up, obviously angered and shocked at such an accusation.

HOLD. THE. F***. UP. You think what I’m about to do is animal CRUELTY? "
“Yeah! What you’re about to do is essentially rob Lightning of his manhood! The way he reacts when a mare goes into heat is completely normal! It’s the natural drive to reproduce! It’s just like when a hot girl walks into a room and you want to hook up with her! I don’t know much about you, but I can assume that you wouldn’t be happy if that was taken away from you! Karilla told me that you once told my brother that once you bond with a horse, you have a friend for life. Lightning is your FRIEND, not some kind of obedient, robotic eunuch, which is exactly what you’re going to make him!”

[Image: Screenshot_508.jpg]

Jason at this point, had it with Kevin and his accusations. Jason knew what to do, he needed to show Kevin what true animal cruelty was.

“Mike, where the hell is Jack's laptop? So I’m some kind of animal abuser because I care about my horse’s well being and disposition?! Kevin, you don’t have a CLUE what real animal cruelty is. I’m going to show you what Lightning was subject to before I rescued him.”

[Image: Screenshot_509.jpg]

Kevin approached the laptop, what he saw on the screen was one of the most shocking and sickening sights he has ever seen. The personal computer showed a video of a man that looked nearly identical to him viciously beating a beautiful white stallion with a bullwhip to the point that the stallion bled.

“I’m guessing that white horse is Lightning, and there is this guy who looks kinda like me……wait, what is he doing…..he’s getting a whip, what is he f***ing Simon Belmont? Hold on--Oh GOD, don’t do it….don’t do it…….(WHAP) Oh my god…..(CRACK)(EAR PEIRCING NEIGH)….Oh god…..(WHAP-POW!)….Jesus Christ……..he’s bleeding. Jason, turn it off. I can’t stomach any more of this.”

[Image: Screenshot_510.jpg]

“That was just a taste of what Lightning went through before I rescued him myself and you have the nerve to look down at me and say that I’M the one who’s abusive? Let me tell you something, I had the pleasure of beating the living f*** out of that piece of sh*t who abused Lightning myself and I even spent a f***ing DAY IN JAIL. I went through all that sh*t just so that Lightning wouldn’t be abused by Vincent Cormier anymore, so don’t you DARE say that I don’t care about Lightning…”

Jason ended his tirade against Kevin……A pregnant pause enveloped both men as Kevin took time out to reflect on the words Jason said….Jason stormed out of the room with one last thing to say.

“…..I’m going home, it’s getting late.”

[Image: Screenshot_511.jpg]

The following day, Kevin had arrived rather early to the stables, before his own brother. Just his luck, Jason was already there…He was gently caressing Lightning’s neck, like someone who truly loves his animal companion does…..Kevin took a deep breath, swallowed his pride and approached his brother’s best friend…..

“Jason…..can we please talk?”

Jason took notice of what Kevin said and began to approach him.

“Yes? What do you want?”

[Image: Screenshot_512.jpg]

“Look, I realize that I was pretty out of line accusing you of animal abuse last night and……And I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry….You don’t have to accept my apology, but I really want to let you know that I feel really bad, You’re not a bad guy, Jason….In fact I’d say you’re a pretty damn nice guy. My brother has spoken very highly of you since he met you, you know that?….You didn’t deserve me treating you like that.”

“It’s okay, In a way, I do understand why you reacted the way you did….I mean, a horse's balls being cut off? No one wants to visualize something like that….You’re a pretty smart young man, and I have the utmost confidence that you’ll one day become an excellent rider. Karilla has been talking about you a lot, she said that you’re improving every day…..I really hope that you stick with what you’re doing if you really love doing it.”

[Image: Screenshot_513.jpg]

Kevin smiled at Jason’s compliments, however there was really one last thing to say…..

“Hey Jason…….friends?
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29-10-2014, 08:54 AM
Post: #172
RE: Fury
Yay! New chapter! Welcome back!

(Caspin, stop drooling!) Tongue

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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29-10-2014, 11:11 AM
Post: #173
RE: Fury
Who's drooling? Not me. I only have eyes for Jack. If he features in the next chapter I'll certainly be licking the screen of my iPad. BeatingHeart

Good to see that Kevin is making some progress with his riding. I admire the skill! Clapping

I share his sympathy, if not his horror, for animals getting their bits chopped off. They do seem much more chilled out afterward, though. It's always nice when dogs get snipped and then lose the urge to constantly hump the sofa or the car or your leg. Has anyone read "Under The Skin" by Michel Faber? That should make you boys want to cross your legs!

Good to see you back in the writing saddle, Fraroc.
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01-12-2014, 04:44 AM
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RE: Fury
Hey guys! This is regarding future chapters of Fury....The next one might be a while. Recently, I've been having trouble trying to think of the next storyline to advance the plot. It's the classic syndrome of having too many ideas and not knowing which one to choose...
Looking back, I've always wondered if I will ever turn Fury into an actual publishable novel. Now, I feel like because of all of the separate storylines that I have written for this story, I could turn Fury into an entire SERIES of multiple novels or novellas!
By the way, I'm still in utter disbelief that Fury has been on the web for more than TWO YEARS. It originally started on Mod The Sims in early October of 2012 and then SimsWritersBlock (until it shut down) and now here....
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01-12-2014, 05:02 PM
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RE: Fury
OK, you take your time with the next chapter. I can understand that it can take a little while to ensure that Jack is well-lit for his close-up pictures. And sufficiently undressed.

They say there's a book in everyone. Hard work to actually get to the point of publication though, I would think. But if you have the time and the inclination, why not go for it!
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23-01-2015, 11:21 PM
Post: #176
RE: Fury
Ok, this was supposed to be a surprise but.....Lets just say expect a new chapter really soon Smile

It's really weird, now that I'm back in shcool, I feel more productive and more willing to write chapters on my off-time Smile
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24-01-2015, 03:08 PM
Post: #177
RE: Fury
Hi Fraroc! Hope school is going OK. It's a wonderful thing - motivation. I felt the same after returning to work from the Christmas break. It's a bit weird but I like it. Glad you're feeling like writing again.
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24-01-2015, 03:47 PM
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RE: Fury
Haha, before I went on my school holidays I thought ai'd be really productive-have new Chapters of Criminal Class out every week or two-even try continue with an old world in progress that I had going ages ago-but NOPE.

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25-01-2015, 01:24 AM
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RE: Fury
Looks like the wait wasn't as long as you probably thought! Here it is!

Chapter Thirty Four

[Image: Screenshot_602.jpg]

Jack simply could not believe his eyes….While having his routine cup of coffee as he does every morning before he goes to groom his horse, his eyes began to trail around the kitchen and then became fixated on the calendar….What he saw on that calendar did not fail to shock the living wits out of him….The date was January 2nd, 2015….

“God, I still can’t believe it’s 2015…..We’re soon going to be coming up on THREE entire years since I hired Mike to work for me….”

[Image: Screenshot_603.jpg]

As he walked out the door into the cold, brisk, Colorado winter morning, all he could think about was his stablehand….

“Mike Schaefer….what can be said about that guy? He’s one of the most loyal, trusting, honest, hardworking, and reliable people I have ever met in my life. He’s grown so much over the years….Once a hot-headed and violent street rat, now a friendly and caring young man and an amazing horse trainer.”

[Image: Screenshot_604.jpg]

He unconsciously continued to think out loud as he brushed Buddy’s dark brown coat with a comb…

“Could that kid…possibly be my protégé? I’m going to be 50 this year and I know that I’m not going to be working forever….Someone will have to take over this stable when I do retire. He seems perfect for the job! He really cares about the horses, he’s an excellent rider …..You know Buddy, Ever since I lost custody of my son...I’ve began to think of Mike as my very own….I know it sounds horrible, to completely ignore everyone else in that gang, whom I all love dearly…..It’s just that…I saw something in Mike from the very day I met the guy, in June of 2012. He was fierce, angry, and had a chip on his shoulder, but I knew he had potential….Definitely made the right decision to hire him despite the rap sheet.”

[Image: Screenshot_605.jpg]

Later in that same day, everybody was going about their duties at the stables. Mike and Jason were helping Jack out with grooming the many horses inside the stable while Marissa and Jennifer were taking turns giving their horses some much-needed exercise….Their routines were interrupted by Karilla calling out to them.

“Hey guys!”
“Hey, Karilla” Jason replied.
“I got something here you might all be interested in. Meet me inside the quarantine pen at 3:00.”
“Alright, see you there, sweetie.” said Mike.

[Image: Screenshot_606.jpg]

Many hours later, three in the afternoon had come….The entire gang met up in the quarantine pen, as per Karilla’s instruction….

“Ok so….today when I was in town, I found this advertisement for an amateur jumping competition right here in Crystal Falls! There are currently accepting three more participants and I had wondered, there are six of us here....and maybe we can find out who is interested in participating in this competition….I’ve decided that I’d do it if no one else is interested, but I’ll ask all of you first. Mike, are you interested in it?”

[Image: Screenshot_607.jpg]

“Well, here’s the thing…I’d try it out but you see, Fury is an Arabian horse and even though Arabs are amazing when it comes to endurance, jumping really isn't their forte. I think that alone would be a major disadvantage to us and also, I’m not going to force Fury to do something he won’t like, so….count me out.”
“Alright, Mike’s out. Marissa and Jenny? What about you guys?”

[Image: Screenshot_608.jpg]

“Here’s the thing, I was never really interested in jumping, I had already confided in you guys that barrel racing was more my thing….so no.”

Suddenly, Jennifer spoke up.

“You know what? Screw it, I’ll do it.”
“Okay, so we got Jennifer….That leaves you two boys. Kevin? Jason? What say you?”

[Image: Screenshot_609.jpg]

Kevin and Jason both took a moment to think the proposition over before coming to a decision.

“You know what? I’m game. I could always learn a new skill when it comes to riding.” Kevin answered.
“Yeah, I’ve jumped before and I’m pretty good at it if I say so myself. I’ll do it!”

[Image: Screenshot_610.jpg]

“Perfect! So we’ve got Jennifer, Jason, and Kevin as volunteers! Now, this competition is not until the summer. So we’ve actually got more than 6 months to prepare for this, more than enough time to practice and brush up on our skills! Alright, you call can go now.”

[Image: Screenshot_611.jpg]

Within seconds, only Mike and Karilla remained in the quarantine pen….

“So anyway, I’m gonna run out to the equestrian center to hand in the form confirming Jennifer, Jason, and your brother’s participation.”
“I want to come with you.”
“Why?” Karilla asked.
“I was going to stop by the leather store, they’re having a sale and I’m thinking about getting a new jacket.”

[Image: Screenshot_612.jpg]

The couple set out for town…..While Karilla was busy at the equestrian center, Mike headed to his target, the leather store. Suddenly out of the blue, he feels something collide with his left shoulder…another man, approximately his age.

“Hey! Watch it, buddy! Wait…..I know you from somewhere.”

[Image: Screenshot_613.jpg]

The muscular man turned around to face Mike, the expression on his handsome, bearded face instantly changed to one of surprise….It seemed rather evident that he recognized Mike.

“Holy sh*t….Are you…Mike Schaefer?”
“Yeah….and you’re Richie Klein!”
“Oh my God….Dude, I haven’t seen you in years! How’s it going, bro?”
“Pretty good, man.”

Richard Klein and Mike Schaefer have a personal history together. In the period between the time Mike graduated from high school and three years ago when Mike got arrested for assault, Richard and Mike were considered the best of friends. They were both in the same fraternity in college and had similar high school backgrounds. Both were immensely popular and played sports and alternatively, both were notorious for being complete assholes to other people.

“So, Mike…now that we’re reunited finally, want to meet me at the bar tonight and have some beers? Maybe afterwards we can go score some weed behind the old warehouse!!”
“As much as I appreciate you offering to hang out with me, I’m going to have to decline….I just, don’t live that way anymore.”
“What do you mean, “you don’t live that way anymore?””
“I’ve been sober for about three years, man. I don’t smoke weed or drink anymore.”

[Image: Screenshot_614.jpg]

“You don’t mean to tell me that THE Michael Schaefer is now straightedge…”
“Well you better believe it, because I am…..Richie, I’m not that person anymore. People change, bro. I have a decent job at a horse stable, I’ve made so many new friends, and I have a girlfriend now for about three years.”
“A girlfriend? Well, that explains it, doesn’t it?”

[Image: Screenshot_615.jpg]

In the middle of Richie and Mike’s tense conversation, Karilla approached her boyfriend and questioned the circumstances.

“Hey Mike! Who’s this?”
“I’m guessing that THIS broad right here is your Yoko Ono?”
“EXCUSE ME? What did you just say I was?!”
“Don’t you EVER talk to my girlfriend like that!”
“Yeah well, I don’t think you’re in the position to give me orders. You’re lame now, Pony Boy. You used to be fun and you used to have balls, now you’re completely castrated by this broad here. Heh heh….The pitbull I once knew became a little lapdog! I’m outta here. See ya later, losers!”

[Image: Screenshot_616.jpg]

Richie walked away from Karilla and Mike in a huff…Having arrived just a few minutes ago, Karilla never got the entire story on what exactly just took place.

“Mike? Who the HELL was that asshole?”
“He…well....USED to be one of my closest friends….not anymore, it seems.”
“Yeah, no kidding…..”

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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25-01-2015, 02:22 PM
Post: #180
RE: Fury
Aha! So, Jack's going to be 50 this year. Well I'll start planning what to give him for his birthday. Mmmmm.

Great scars on Richie's face, there, Fraroc! He looks built like a barn door. I'm guessing that's not the last we'll see of him but I reckon Karilla could give him a black eye if need be. Biggrin

Great idea to involve them in a competition. I find it quite nerve-wracking to watch horses doing jumping - I always worry that they are going to fall. Tense stuff.
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