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21-04-2015, 12:53 PM
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RE: Fury
Hey guys, Well...I decided that I really should keep you updated on what's going on and why there, once again, hasn't been any new chapters coming out....I was working on Chapter 35 of Fury, and I still am working on writing it, but....let's just say that the GPU on my new computer is just about to roll over and die. It's gotten to the point that it's not just The Sims 3, but all my games are lagging horribly, even on low settings. Skyrim, Oblivion, No Limits 2 (roller coaster simulator)...they're all doing it, and to top it off, during gameplay, my computer's monitor shuts off and I can't turn it back on, forcing me to reboot the entire system. Putting a house fan on the computer seemed to have worked for a while, but it still crashes sometimes.

At this point, I fully believe that my graphics card was damaged in some way beyond repair, probably due to the dust buildup or something like that. I'm right now browsing at new cards for my computer, but I don't know when I can get a new one...Anyway, just letting you guys know what's up!
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22-04-2015, 11:55 AM
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RE: Fury
That doesn't sound too good - time to start saving up for a new computer!
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01-07-2015, 02:58 AM
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RE: Fury
I dont want to give away too much but the Fury drought might end soon.....
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05-07-2015, 09:27 PM
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RE: Fury

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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08-07-2015, 05:10 PM
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RE: Fury
Toes crossed!
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10-07-2015, 10:05 PM
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RE: Fury
Holy crap! I'm posting in this thread, and it's an actual CHAPTER and not an excuse on why I haven't been posting new chapters! I've been gone for almost 7 months...time to try and make up for lost time! I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter Thirty Five

[Image: Screenshot_745.jpg]

Once again, another long and grueling Colorado winter has come and gone….Towards the beginning of April, the weather finally made the positive turn for the better. With temperatures now in the high fifties and low sixties, slowly but surely people around Crystal Falls are ditching their winter wear and trading them in for short sleeved shirts and long pants.

[Image: Screenshot_746.jpg]

Mike was no exception when it came to celebrating warmer weather. The first thing that he promised to himself that he would do the first day it got warm was take his Harley-Davidson out for a spin through the city….Despite being an avid motorcycle enthusiast, Mike never had any desire to join a biker group…He simply believes riding his bike a good way to ease the tension in his life…
However, this time around, Mike isn’t the one with an immense amount of pressure on him…

[Image: Screenshot_747.jpg]

“God, I really hope that Jason, Jenny, and my little bro nail the jumping exam today…All three of them have been worrying about it all goddamn week…..They need at least a score of 80 to be able to qualify for the competition….I have no doubt Jason and Jenny will be able to nail it seeing as how they’ve been riding for years…but Kevin? Having just mastered riding a short time ago, this is going to mean a lot to him….He’ll be absolutely devastated if he doesn’t make it.”

[Image: Screenshot_748.jpg]

As Mike rode his motorcycle through the town, he noticed that his stomach had begun to rumble a bit…

“Hmm…haven’t really eaten at all today…..I’m kind of in the mood for Chipotle, I’ll stop by there for a bite.”

No sooner does he park his motorcycle near Chipotle, his plans start to change.

“Crap….it’s Richie Klein and a bunch of my old friends from high school…I don’t want to deal with this sh*t right now.”

[Image: Screenshot_749.jpg]

Mike attempted to stealthily slink around the group, but his attempt to not draw any attention to himself failed when the one person he did not want noticing him decided to call him out.

“Hey look, it’s Pony Boy…What the hell are you doing back here?”
“Listen Richie, I don’t want any sh*t, okay. Can you please leave me alone?”

[Image: Screenshot_750.jpg]

“You ain’t the boss of us, man! After all, YOU were the one that stopped hanging out with us to be a little lame-ass goody-two-shoes. You were always the one to tell people that “nice guys finish last”, you f***ing hypocrite poser. ”
“F*** what I said before! It was all tough-guy bullsh*t bravado, okay?!”
“Why are we even listening to him, guys? He’s nothing more than just a weak little bitch now!”

[Image: Screenshot_751.jpg]

Richie’s final comment was too much for Mike to keep cool….

“I may not be a complete f***ing douchebag anymore, but with years of MMA experience, I can still kick ANY of your asses!”
Richie, obviously unintimidated by Mike’s remark, simply laughed at his threat and in fact, decided to humor Mike.
“I’d like to see you test that theory…Tomorrow, in the vacant lot, rain or shine. No backup, just a fair fight between us two men.”

[Image: Screenshot_752.jpg]

image sharing

Mike stormed away from the Chipotle in a huff. For the first time in an extremely long period of time for Mike, he will use his fists as a weapon against someone in a fight. He made a mental note to himself that this time, he simply wants to show his ex-friend that despite being a nice guy, he’s a still a force to be reckoned with, he doesn’t want to “hurt” Richie per se’, rather just prove to him that he’s still strong.

[Image: Screenshot_753.jpg]

Later that afternoon back at the stables, Mike wandered around, pondering a way to tell Karilla that he’ll be out doing something tomorrow so that she won’t be suspicious...Suddenly, the thought of his brother and also Jason and Jennifer with the jumping evaluation….

“Hey Karilla…”
“Hi sweetie, what’s up?”
“I’ve been wanting to ask you this all day, How do you think Jason, Jenny and Kevin did with the evaluation today?”
“I personally think they all did fine, but of course, all three of them are now a huge nervous wreck waiting to get their results back…..especially your brother, he thinks he did the worst out of everyone….If he fails, he’s going to take it pretty hard.”
“I doubt they all failed. Also, Karillia? If you don’t see me around that much tomorrow, I’ll probably be out in the town picking some things out at the store.”

[Image: Screenshot_754.jpg]

The sun rose on what was yet again, another beautiful day in Crystal Falls….But for Mike Schaefer, there was no time to enjoy the nice weather….As the sun shone brightly, Mike took his Harley Davidson out of the family garage, started it up, and within minutes, he was there…the abandoned lot at high noon….However, he saw no sign of his adversary anywhere…


While challenging Richie to a fight, Mike was blissfully oblivious to the adversary creeping closer and closer behind him….With Mike’s back still turned, he was able to easily strike…

[Image: Screenshot_755.jpg]

Richie grabbed Mike violently by the neck and jerked his head backwards, taking him completely by surprise.

“Waiting for me?”

He let go of Mike’s hair, allowing him to re-orient himself upward.

[Image: Screenshot_756.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_757.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_758.jpg]

The fight started with Richie throwing an uppercut straight to Mike’s lower jaw, Mike dodged, but Richie’s fist clipped him only the slightest amount, knocking him off guard. However, he easily recovered and retaliated with a swift punch straight to the nose. As the two young men brawled, dark clouds enveloped the sky and all hell poured down from the heavens. Richie grabbed Mike by the shoulders and gave him a vicious headbutt straight to the forehead followed up by a brutal throat punch….It seemed like the K-O blow, but Mike never faltered. The years of MMA experience kicked in and he retaliated with a series of vicious jabs and kicks right to Richie’s chest and head areas….Like a giant sequoia, Richie fell backwards and hit the ground with an easily audible thud…Mike straddled his former friend in order to K-O him with a punch straight to the nose….but he held back, reminding himself of his goal. Not to hurt Richie, but teach him a lesson.

[Image: Screenshot_759.jpg]

“Now, are you going to play nice, or what?!”
F*** YOU, MIKE!! You have no clue about anything when it comes to me! Do you want to know why I really wanted to fight you, why I’m so f***ing pissed at you? It’s not because you’re straightedge or anything like that!!”
“Then what is it?!”
“Three years ago, when you got your nice little job as a modern-day cowboy, you COMPLETELY abandoned us! You just disappeared off the face of the earth, no one could get a hold of you, no one could find you…we all thought either you were dead, still in jail, or you moved out of town! Maybe if you hadn’t have disappeared, you would have known all the sh*t we had to go through from 2012 to now!”
“What kind of sh*t?!”
“What kind of sh*t, you ask!? Well for starters, you know my youngest brother Paul? HE DIED LAST SUMMER!!

[Image: Screenshot_760.jpg]

A shock coursed through Mike’s veins as Richie sat down on the ground and held his head as if he had a sudden migraine....he knew right away that this was the true reason why Richie is so angry and violent….It wasn’t to be an asshole and it wasn’t totally because Mike stopped being friends with him…. He was still going through the traumatic grieving process of losing a loved one…

“I….I had no idea….I’m so sorry, Richie.
“Cancer…..Cancer is what took my brother away from me.”

[Image: Screenshot_761.jpg]

“My little bro had everything going from him, he was a star lacrosse player in high school, he was popular, he was on the honor roll, and had been accepted in a very prestigious university. He was clearly going places after graduation from high school…..Just three days after he graduated, the complaints about headaches started…My bro was no hypochondriac, he just thought it was nothing…Then a week later, while hanging out with some friends in our backyard….He had a massive seizure completely out of nowhere….”
“Oh my sweet Jesus….”
“He fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where they did an immediate brain scan…..They…..they found a massive glioblastoma the size of an clementine growing on his cerebellum…To use layman’s terms, he had a large and nearly inoperable cancerous brain tumor…I only know a small amount of health jargon thanks to my mother being a nurse, but I knew right away that it was hopeless…Operating on the tumor could potentially cause severe brain damage to the point where Paul would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life and to make matters worse, this strain of brain cancer that Paul was diagnosed with is chemo and radiation resistant. There was no way that the cancer treatment could become effective before Paul’s condition would worsen to the point of no return for him…..The only logical thing my parents could think of to do….was to bring Paul home on hospice….My entire family, my other little brother and my older sister all tried to make Paul as comfortable as possible…Somehow, after given a mere 2 weeks to live, he held out a month and a half before calmly passing away in his sleep…He was only 18 years old.”

[Image: Screenshot_762.jpg]

“Richie…I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am…”

Mike was seconds away from breaking down into tears, but he held back….For he had something else to tell his former friend turned former enemy.

“Grief is a horrible thing to deal with, when I lost my granddaddy, who was like a second dad to me back in 2011, there was no words to describe how depressed I was….But here’s the deal, I met Paul years ago, and I know your brother was a good kid, do you think he would want to see you still going around fighting people and getting in trouble with the law? I don’t think you’re a bad guy Richie, you’re just…confused on what you want to do in life.”

[Image: Screenshot_763.jpg]

“Mike, I’m really sorry that I treated you badly. I shouldn’t have been such a judgmental piece of sh*t, you actually got your life together, you have a nice job working with horses, you have a beautiful girlfriend….And to think that I was judging you for being a decent human being…what does that make me? A real asshole, that’s what.”
“Richie look, we don’t have to be friends again, but maybe we can just be friendly to one another from now on.”

Mike extended his hand to shake Richie’s, Richie shook Mike’s hand, but quickly yanked him forward into a loving, brotherly hug…

[Image: Screenshot_764.jpg]

“You’re a great guy, Mike. And from now on, I’ll admire you for that reason.”
“Seeing as how we’re friends again, are you interested in maybe getting into the saddle? I can teach you how to ride!”
WHOA there cowboy, Just because we’re friends again doesn’t mean I have any interest in learning how to ride…Sorry, but horses just ain't my scene. I'm not judging you for being interested in horses, but they're just not for me.”
“Alright dude, the offer still stands.”
“One more think, Mikey….If you could do me a favor, can you please trim your beard back to that chinstrap you had? That full beard you've got makes you look 57, not 27!”
“Hey man, my girlfriend literally can’t get enough of this thing! When I stopped shaving and began to let it grow, all she wanted to do was pet it!”
“Well, I guess that’s one incentive to keep it that way…”

Mike walked away from the abandoned lot accomplishing more than he thought he would....

[Image: Screenshot_765.jpg]

Then, the very next day…the moment of truth had arrived for Jason, Jennifer, and Kevin….The results of their jumping exams had been mailed to the stables and after Jack received the letter, he called for all six of the riding gang to a meeting to reveal the results….

“Okay, so...these are the results for the jumping examination that Jennifer, Jason, and Kevin took…Now, I know you’ve all been very nervous about your results….I’m here to tell all of you….that you have all done excellent. Much better than the organizers expected.”

[Image: Screenshot_766.jpg]

jpg images

“Oh my god Jack will you stop wasting time and JUST TELL US OUR RESULTS?!?!
“Okay, okay!!! I’ll tell all the grades individually, now as I’ve said before, you all did fantastic….Jason, You passed with a score of 91 out of 100!!”
“Really? I got that high?! Wow!!”
All the friends instantly showered Jason with their congratulations, but soon enough, it was time for the revelation of Jennifer’s test results….
“Jenny, you passed with a score of 94 out of 100!”

Jennifer leaped up and down excitedly, hugging all her friends….

[Image: Screenshot_767.jpg]

Then, came the moment everybody was holding their breath for….

“Kevin….You went into this examination with the least amount of riding experience of anybody...And you thought you did the worst out of all of them….you were actually the best of the best with a score of 98 OUT OF 100!!!!
“No. Way. Are you serious?”
“I’m definitely serious…”

Kevin jumped up in the air and punched the sky in joy. Everybody around him started to smother him in hugs and affection.

“I knew you could do it bro, I always knew you had it in you!”
“God, I could have never done it without your support Mike! GIMME A HUG, BROTHER!!!!”

Creator Comments: it is! the very long overdue chapter! I really hope you enjoyed it!
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17-07-2015, 01:13 AM (This post was last modified: 17-07-2015 01:14 AM by simspeaker4.)
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RE: Fury
I'm sorry I skipped the last 34 chapters, but now I really want to read them. Wow.
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18-07-2015, 02:43 PM
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RE: Fury
Always love a fist fight in the rain. Or some friendly wrestling in the rain. Or just a walk. In the rain. Clapping

These guys are all carrying such a lot of emotional baggage and rage. I feel like heading over to the ranch with my listening ears (which I carry around with me, like Mr Potato Head and his interchangeable facial features) and a tray of brownies. I'd suggest that they all go and work out their aggression, but they are muscular enough, or try boxing, but then they may incur brain injuries. Does anyone here like to watch boxing? I find it freaking terrifying and can't bear it.

Great that they all passed their horsemanship (this isn't a real word, is it?) exams. Well done to all! And there is the lovely Jack, telling them the good news. Yes
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02-11-2015, 02:46 AM
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RE: Fury
Time for another reminder that I am, indeed, still alive and Fury is not dead...A new chapter should hopefully come soon.
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07-11-2015, 10:51 AM
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RE: Fury
Glad to hear that you are still alive!
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