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General chat and pictures from your game today
17-05-2014, 04:09 PM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
Today I tried out the baker's stove. It certainly lets you make a whole load of new recipes. I was feeling bake-tastic, having made some cakes in real life this morning. Voila!

[Image: Real_life_cakes.jpg]

Keen to reproduce these fine specimens, I chose the option to make cupcakes and was pleased to see that they turned out just fine and closely resembling the ones I was eating for real. Fab.

[Image: TS3_cakes_01.jpg]

Then my sim insisted on icing them and things all turned a bit..... well.... Katy Perry! It would be nice if there was an option to not add pink icing and cherries, but never mind. I had a lovely picture of the finished articles, but seem to have deleted it. Oh well, you can take my word for it that they were very pink with a lot of sprinkles. Like one of those My Little Pony dragons had puked over the baking tray.

Meanwhile, at the autumn festival there were some bizarre scenes with wailing men wandering around looking as though they'd just bitten someone and horses nodding off all over the place. Caspin, meanwhile, was totally oblivious - too busy sniffing flowers. Why do the spring flowers grow in autumn?

[Image: Crazyhorses.jpg]
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25-05-2014, 06:04 PM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
I have grown weary of Appaloosa Plains. There's something about that town - I just get bored of it very quickly for some reason. So my sim is moving to Bridgeport (yes, I know, it will lag like crazy and I will yearn for my country house, but what can you do). Threw a big party in the garden to say goodbye to all the neighbours. There were some cute scenes and a small amount of chaos (which in my book means it was a good party). Egyptiandance

[Image: Party_01-1.jpg]

Ollie and I did some top quality sim dancing in our formal togs. My goodness did we throw some funky shapes, Ollie. I am surprised we didn't bust the seams on our outfits!

Some guests turned up barefooted, which was an interesting response to an invitation clearly specifying formalwear.

Caspin was found getting juiced in the bush (can't believe I just wrote that) and quickly became very silly and confused.

[Image: Party_02-1.jpg]

For shame! Haveadrink

Minty took her into the house and supervised her eating some solid foods to soak up some of that keg of juice she had single-handedly put away. Mmmm, what is that you are eating? No clue at all. Why did nobody bring chocolate gnomes to my party?

[Image: Party_03-1.jpg]

Got back outside in time for the fireworks to find Ollie had got a little tired of feeling so restrained in his smart suit. Apparently he felt compelled to disrobe and carry on dancing in the sprinklers. Don't step on my herbs!

[Image: Party_04-1.jpg]


Anyway, good times!

Sad to leave this behind - my first money tree in ages!

[Image: BestTree.jpg]

Also loved this face - news just arriving that there's only time for one more drink before we leave for Bridgeport.

[Image: JustTheOne.jpg]

Horrifying. Right, off to make some bangers and polenta for my dinner. Nomnomnomnom.

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02-06-2014, 04:33 PM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
Found a few more screenshots from last weekend, while tidying up my computer files this afternoon. These are from just after I moved everyone to Bridgeport and finished decorating my new apartment. Naturally I had a party to welcome everyone to the big smoke.

For some reason Minty didn't turn up to my party on this occasion - maybe he was still worn out from the last one! - but other sims did, including BluebellFlora and Ollie, who enjoyed toasting a variety of bizarre foodstuffs at the firepit out on the balcony.

[Image: Firepit.jpg]

Caspin showed how tough and northern she was by refusing to put on a coat. Some people crashed the party but they behaved quite well so I just let them be. That guy with the ponytail just followed people round and stood next to them in silence. Well, there's always one, isn't there.

After the pre-move dancing in the allotment, Ollie decided to throw some shapes in the kitchen at the post-move dance-a-thon. You pick your moments!

[Image: OllieGetsDown.jpg]

And yes, that guy just stood there while we were all getting down (Ollie in fact, got down very low indeed - I'm not sure my spine would allow that these days!)

Later I established an arty area. I wish I could paint in real life, but no. If I stuck something I'd drawn on the fridge, people would assume I'd been babysitting. I do like it when my sim paints lighthouses, as they are among my favourite things.

[Image: PaintingLighthouses.jpg]

Oh yeah, and I came downstairs one morning to find this guy sitting in the apartment. Waaaaggh! Vampire! I didn't notice him come in. Seriously creepy. He seemed to think I would be a snack, but I threw him out. Is this what has happened to vampires since the Supernatural expansion - do they hunt you down for food by quietly letting themselves in and chilling out on the sofa until you've showered? Just weird.

[Image: Juicy.jpg]

Don't think I want that nibbling on me, thanks.

And that truly does complete this pic spam. Until, you know, the next one.

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18-07-2014, 04:45 PM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
Today I tried out a new world called Crumpleton, made by Cinderellimouse. It's sort of British-looking, which is kind of nice. The garden centre is particularly fun, with the greenhouse as well as cows and chickens and also a big tent in which you can make jams and cakes etc.

Here are a few snaps. Checking out the library and other public amenities.

[Image: Crumpleton_01.jpg]

Harvesting some plums and peaches in the garden centre.

[Image: Crumpleton_02.jpg]

I didn't know they had topiary penguins in the game. Why am I only learning this now?!

[Image: Crumpleton_03.jpg]

Made a new friend and got some milk. I need one more milking and then I can try to make a cheese!

[Image: Crumpleton_04.jpg]

I make a great milkmaid, right?

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20-07-2014, 05:00 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2014 07:23 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
So, today I grew weary of Minty's non-alien-baby-production. Our green friend has now been abducted multiple times in many games and seems to be immune to the aliens' pollination methods. He is concealing some kind of anti-probing stratagem from us!

However we must produce some kind of progeny and so I decided that my sim was just going to have to go for more traditional options. Caspin achieved success on the first attempt (clearly I am just ridiculously efficient in every arena) and rushed to Ollie and Minty's house to inform them of the good news.

"Ollie Ollie Ollie Ollie Ollie!"
"Jeez, Caspin, what the hell are you wearing?"
"I am wearing uncomfortably tight red leather trousers."
"Because I'm totally knocked up and this was EA's choice of pregnancy clothes."

[Image: Sprogling_01.jpg]

A kitchen conference was called, with Ollie immediately dressing for dinner, Minty adopting an apron appropriate to the occasion and Caspin remaining in her ridiculous red trousers. Caspin explained that she was going to be eating a lot more pancakes for the next few days.

"You're pregnant!"
That's right."
"So why are you wearing such uncomfortable trousers? Aren't they making you very hot?"
"I need pancakes, Minty, lots and lots of pancakes."

Minty outlined his ideas for mixing industrial quantities of pancake batter, which he would then push to Ollie for frying. Caspin would remain at the table and eat constantly, after changing into in her Pyjamas For Life's Dramas.

[Image: Sprogling_02.jpg]

While the SF boys seem to have got to grips with the news very quickly, Caspin herself looked positively alarmed by her situation. Quite understandable really. Sorry, Caspin.

[Image: Sprogling_03.jpg]

Some time later..... a sprogling! Hoorah! His name is Robert. He was sent one of those creepy invisible friend dolls by post and I called the doll Alfred.

[Image: Sprogling_04.jpg]

Good to see that he has inherited my nose and my lunacy.

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02-08-2014, 04:36 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2014 07:21 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
Aw, today was my sim toddler's birthday! I still really don't get how the kid is supposed to make the creepy IF doll come to life, but I made sure that they spent lots of time together. Is it just a question of them being good friends? Let's hope so, or all my efforts are in vain.

We all did a bit of singing and music. The poor neighbours.....

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_01.jpg]

Robert also sang just to Alfred as well as chewing his ears (are they ears?). Bonding through biting. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_02.jpg]

Since it was his birthday we went to the festival and picked tonnes of wildflowers, resulting in sneezing followed by selling of flowers for masses of cash. This enabled me to decorate a bit and get appropriate furniture. Good work there Caspin.

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_03.jpg]

We held a party in the evening. I had set the start time as 8.00 pm but everyone turned up hours early and I wasn't ready!

Minty interrupted us from getting changed into our party outfits in order to tell us all about some clouds. Good chat, Minty! Biggrin

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_04.jpg]

He also stood on Alfred throughout the conversation but he didn't seem to mind.

Ollie, meanwhile, snubbed my party antics in favour of doing his homework. His studiousness was infectious, as other teens turned up (uninvited!) to join his study group. Mad students!

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_05.jpg]

I remembered that I hadn't got a cake and we'd run out of money to buy one, so I quickly constructed one while everyone was dancing their little socks off or watching a movie.

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_06.jpg]

And so Robert blew out the candles and became a child! He looks more like me now, which is somewhat unsettling. I'm rolling random traits for realism, seeing as you can't actually choose how your kids turn out. Bizarrely he has now got 'loves the cold' and 'loves the heat', which I guess is kind of useful...

[Image: RobertFirstBirthday_07.jpg]

Toddlerdom comes to an end!

Phew! Yes
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03-08-2014, 03:56 PM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
Today was Spooky Day in my game so we decided to throw yet another party. We are getting quite good at partying now.


We spent a long time carving out the pumpkins for decorative purposes.

[Image: SpookyParty_01.jpg]

Yep, they look pretty good. Clapping

[Image: SpookyParty_02.jpg]

We picked out our costumes, seemingly requiring everything to be orange (to match the pumpkins perhaps).

[Image: SpookyParty_03.jpg]

"Wow, you're an astronaut!"
"Yes! And you are.... you are.... what are you, Robert?"
"Not sure. A tiger?"
"Possibly a caveman? Love the boots by the way."
"Ta! Do you think I will have the weirdest costume?"
"Doubt it. We invited Uncle Minty."

Yeeeee-hah Ollie! Looking very fine in that hat.

[Image: SpookyParty_04.jpg]

And - Minty! That is just lovely!

[Image: SpookyParty_05.jpg]

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31-08-2014, 02:43 PM (This post was last modified: 31-08-2014 02:45 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
So, after a break lasting a few weeks, I decided today I would indulge in a little light simming. I feel a bit rough and so playing a few games is a nice distraction. It's winter now in Aurora Skies so Caspin and Robert have been making the most of the beautiful weather (it is quite sweet that Robert rolled the "loves the cold" trait, as it has made him more realistic progeny for me!). We built igloos and then slept in them, made snow angels and recreated the snowman army of previous games.

[Image: Igloo.jpg]

Robert got a cute challenge through the school, which I've never seen before. He had to go on a sort of nature hunt and collect four different butterflies. Naturally, the nighttime in the middle of winter is the obvious time to go butterfly hunting......

[Image: Butterfly_01.jpg]

[Image: Butterfly_02.jpg]

[Image: Butterfly_03.jpg]

[Image: Butterfly_04.jpg]

In other news, we bought a chemistry kit to see if we could make a potion to make that bloody IF doll turn into a real live boy. Caspin decided that she would work on that project while Robert was out hunting for his butterflies. At this point The Sims turned a little bit scary in its realism. It has been a while since I donned a white coat and safely glasses, but that does actually look like me pottering about at the bench (although not usually in white tights).

[Image: Science_01.jpg]

And then I remembered why I left science (just kidding). Chemistry is fun, kids! Just don't get exploded.

[Image: Science_02.jpg]

Right, time for some tea and then back into the game. Clapping
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06-09-2014, 11:59 AM
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
I found some more screenshots in the folder and so here they are (don't ask how I missed them - I can offer no explanation whatsoever!)

Like mother, like son. Let's all drink potions that make us miserable and then blow ourselves up. Good plan!

[Image: MoreChemistry_01.jpg]

No, really, don't drink that. It is not as fun as its sparkly cherry colour would suggest!

[Image: MoreChemistry_02.jpg]

See? Now you are as forlorn as the time the butler lady drank all of Minty's wine cellar before you could drain it yourselves. Ah well.

[Image: MoreChemistry_03.jpg]

Congratulations, Robert, that is an excellent look. Better than the tiger suit anyway!

[Image: MoreChemistry_04.jpg]

Soon the fun and games were over and it was time for a birthday party. No wait, parties can be fun! Or so I hear.

Caspin went back to the kitchen to indulge in some slightly more successful chemistry. I do like the cake that you can make on that bakery stove. Also I seem to have become left-handed here. OK.

[Image: BirthdayTime_01.jpg]

(Note to self - about time Caspin got a new dress, no?! She's been wearing that one forever.)

Guests assemble and take their lives in their hands as Robert once again plays with matches. Fortunately the cake appears flameproof - yay! Let's deafen him with these party trumpet things!

[Image: BirthdayTime_02.jpg]

And so then it was time for my little boy to grow up..... into..... Mr Potato Head?

[Image: BirthdayTime_03.jpg]

Hmmm. Some time in CAS will be required.

This is the game's best effort at dressing him I think. Biggrin

[Image: BirthdayTime_04.jpg]

Seconded by Ollie's lovely choice of open shirt and yellow tie!

[Image: BirthdayTime_05.jpg]

Barmy. Right, that's it for now.

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09-09-2014, 03:39 PM (This post was last modified: 09-09-2014 03:42 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: General chat and pictures from your game today
I have moved everyone to Barnacle Bay. It's not a world I've played before - I only downloaded it because I noticed I could get it for free in the Store. First thing I did was to install this lighting mod so that the overly cheerful, bright and sunny effect was transformed into moody, stormy dullness. Much more to my taste!

[Image: BxBMuYEIYAAzAbk.jpg:large]
[Image: BxBMuWFIcAAFqf-.jpg:large]

The world seems small and sparsely populated. I'm not sure I can be bothered to fix it up but I'll play it for a bit - maybe it'll grow on me. I do like the pirate ship cafe!

Anyway, Robert and I decided to hold a housewarming party. This guy turned up to crash it before Caspin had even had time to make the bread rolls. Yes, he certainly fancies himself as a swashbuckling type doesn't he. Someone should tell him that you can only carry off that kind of outfit if you go the whole hog and don a tricorn hat and carry around a parrot.

[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_01.jpg]

Ollie got very upset about this faux pirate and yelled at him for quite a long time (long enough for me to finish making bread, firecracker shrimps and a peach pie!).... he still didn't leave though.

[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_02.jpg]

We decided to crack on and eat all the food before it got cold. Sorry about nearly burning your face off, Ollie!

[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_03.jpg]


Some crazy hippy lady with mad face paint also crashed the party but she just sat quietly and had even brought a risotto, so we let that go.

Minty turned up late (again!) and had missed dinner. He seemed quite bemused to sit down to watch the movie surrounded by sims who looked to be in fancy dress!

[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_04.jpg]

After a while I thought Ollie might actually explode due to his extreme wrath (I am pretty sure you are more mellow in real life!) so Caspin and Robert asked the uninvited people to please leave the house. Afterwards things were much more relaxed and the cats came in to join us on the sofa for the end of LOTR.


[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_05.jpg]

[Image: Barnacle_housewarming_06.jpg]
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