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Forum layout
08-04-2008, 10:41 PM
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Re: Forum layout
(08-04-2008 03:15 PM)Matt link Wrote:I'm sure it'll be like a lot of games these days. Where it looks great on the top-end PC's, with high resolution, detailed, sharp textures and lots of details everywhere, and on the lower spec computers, you can switch a lot of these 'unnecessary' options off as well as the option to turn off extra graphical bonuses, such as lighting effects, details shadows, anti-aliasing, that kind of thing.

So I'm sure it'll look pretty amazing on high end computers, and on the lower spec ones it'll still look good, but the graphics will be compromised as to allow the game to run smoothly. Saying that though, don't forget even on lower graphical settings, I'm sure it'll look better than previous Sims games.

True Matt. If we turn down the settings, what is the point of "The Sims"?


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