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Magistream - The official Thread
01-11-2009, 05:36 PM
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Magistream - The official Thread

[Image: 1439942.gif]
[Image: 723652.gif]
[Image: 730212.gif]
[Image: 1473084.gif]

- MagiStream - The Official Topic -

[size=8pt]Hey there! Since there is this collectable/virtual pet fashion around here, I propose to you a new challenge. That's right, I found a new collectables site that you might enjoy.
And I am talking about Magistream.Com.

To register here is as simple as you register on a forum. You don't have to have a different account to post on the forum or a scroll like you have on Dragcave. It's a site account!
Once you have it, you can go to the main page and start grabbing eggs. You will see a 'stream' that is an image of water and different types of 'eggs' floating around, rotating from Right to Left. What you see is what you get. A taken egg automatically switches to a new one of another type.
What you will get from here aren't just dragons, but any kind of creature, including rats and pegasis.
Creatures have growing stages, indicated by a bar on each one's page that shows % of one stage's as well as lifetime progress.

We have 3 stages: egg, hatchling and adult.

When it reached 100% on both bars, the creature is a fully grown adult.

*How many eggs can we take at once?
*You can originally start with 4 eggs, and once they hatch, you can take others.

The Beginner Guide can be found here.

Apparently, there is no hatchling limit.
I've seen people with 10 hatchlings on one account.

To be honest, what dragged me into this site was the sprites that have to be some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I'm a noob myself and I just joined today, so my knowledge about this whole thing is very little.
I want more people to join this and give clicks to my eggs. I'll click for you too. ^^

My eggs are in my signature and will add more as they hatch and grow.

All I want to say here is....HAVE FUN! Wink
02-11-2009, 05:46 AM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
Hmmm ... I wonder if I should join this too xD  I already belong to Dragon Cave, Squiby and Valenth ... LOL!

I'll look around, though :3

Member since March 17th, 2008
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02-11-2009, 08:04 AM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
These guys can hatch and grow in a day. I'm telling you. {clap} Or even a whole month without dying.
02-11-2009, 09:38 AM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
Very awesome ^_^

I am just wondering how I will balance them all xD  DC, Squiby, Valenth AND I forgot GPX+ ... aiee lolololol.  Maybe once I can get a better routine down, I'll check it out!  Cause some of the animals I have seen there are AMAZING!

Member since March 17th, 2008
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03-11-2009, 10:52 AM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
Wooot! My Pegasus hatched finally! My first hatchie!

And I could adopt a Kitsune! :3

[Image: 1483066.gif]

03-11-2009, 08:30 PM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
The Kitsune look awesome when they grow up :3  I've seen them around.  Congrats!

Member since March 17th, 2008
Forever and Always, a SimsForums Oldie
06-11-2009, 05:42 PM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread

Magistream: List of Creatures


[Image: MS_KoiEgg2.gif]
[Image: MS_Koi_H.gif]
[Image: MS_adult_koi.gif]

[Image: MS_Phoenix_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Phoenix_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Phoenix_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Kraken_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Kraken_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Kraken_A.gif]

Gryphon (x4 Colors: Brown, Gold, Silver, and Black):
[Image: MS_Gryph_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphB_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphB_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Gryph_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphB_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphG_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Gryph_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphS_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphS_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Gryph_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphS_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphBl_A.gif]

[Image: MS_PegW_E.gif]
[Image: MS_PegW_H.gif]
[Image: MS_PegW_A.gif]

Dark Pegasus:
[Image: MS_PegB_E.gif]
[Image: MS_PegB_H.gif]
[Image: MS_PegB_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Ibex_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Ibex_H.gif]
[Image: MS_IbexAdult.gif]

Tropical: [Image: MS_Levi_E.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviTrop_H.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviTrop_A.gif]

Forest: [Image: MS_Levi_E.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviFor_H.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviFor_A.gif]

Trench: [Image: MS_Levi_E.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviTre_H.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviTre_A.gif]

Narwhal (Grey version):
Male: [Image: MS_Narwhal_E.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalStr_MH.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalStr_MA.gif]

Female: [Image: MS_Narwhal_E.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalStr_FH.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalStr_FA.gif]

[Image: MS_Manti_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Manti_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Manti_A.gif]

Winged Cat:
White: [Image: MS_WingedCatW_E.gif]
[Image: MS_WingedCatW_H.gif]
[Image: MS_WingedCatW_A.gif]

Black: [Image: MS_WingedCatB_E.gif]
[Image: MS_WingedCatB_H.gif]
[Image: MS_WingedCatB_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Puvia_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Puvia_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Puvia_A.gif]

Green: [Image: MS_HippoG_E.png]
[Image: MS_HippoG_H.png]
[Image: MS_HippoG_A.png]

Purple: [Image: MS_HippoP_E.png]
[Image: MS_HippoP_H.png]
[Image: MS_HippoP_A.png]

Blue: [Image: MS_HippoB_E.png]
[Image: MS_HippoB_H.png]
[Image: MS_HippoB_A.png]

[Image: MS_Kitsune_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Kitsune_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Kitsune_A.gif]

Abeoth frog(changes colours):
Yellow - Morning(6.00AM - 11.59AM EST):
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_E_Y.gif]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_H_Y.gif]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_A_Y.gif]

Green - Afternoon(12.00PM - 5.59PM):
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_E.gif]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_H.gif]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_A.gif]

Red - Evening(6.00PM - 11.59PM):
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_E_R.png]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_HA.gif]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_AR.gif]

Blue - Night(12.00AM - 5.59AM):
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_E_B.png]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_H_B.png]
[Image: MS_AbeothFrog_A_B-1.gif]

Telvian Panther:
[Image: MS_TPanther_E.png]
[Image: MS_TPanther_H.png]
[Image: MS_TPanther_A.png]

Etainian Alphyn:
[Image: MS_Etainian_Alphyn_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Etainian_Alphyn_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Etainian_Alphyn_A.gif]

Savannah Aplhyn:
[Image: MS_Savannah_Alphyn_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Savannah_Alphyn_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Savannah_Alphyn_A.gif]

Xand Bear:
[Image: MS_Xand_Bear_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Xand_Bear_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Xand_Bear_A.gif]

[Image: MS_Baku_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Baku_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Baku_A.gif]


Decessus(Halloween 2009):
[Image: MS_Decessus_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Decessus_LH.gif]
[Image: MS_Decessus_A.gif]

Dead Decessus:
[Image: MS_Decessus_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Decessus_DH.gif]

SHOP PETS(you can buy them using gold)

Remy's Inn [Image: wine.gif]
Direwolf [Heavy Brown Egg/ 1,500gold]:
[Image: MS_Direwolf_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Direwolf_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Direwolf_A.gif]

Leviathan (Storm) [Translucent Blue Egg/ 4,200gold]:
[Image: MS_Levi_E.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviSto_H.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviSto_A.gif]

Chupacabra [Dark Spiky Egg/ 5,300gold]:
[Image: MS_Chupa_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Chupa_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Chupa_A.gif]

Roc [Speckled Egg/ 2,150 gold]:
[Image: MS_Roc_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Roc_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Roc_A.gif]

Silvian Alphyn  [Francis the Apple/ 1,337 gold]:
[Image: MS_Silvian_Alphyn_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Silvian_Alphyn_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Silvian_Alphyn_A.gif]

Niveus Enox [Bonnie the moderately warm egg that Remy bought off a stranger/ 6,400 gold]:
[Image: MS_Niveus_Enox_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Niveus_Enox_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Niveus_Enox_A.gif]

Noctis Enox [Clyde the freezing cold egg that Remy bought off a stranger/ 7000 gold]:
[Image: MS_Noctis_Enox_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Noctis_Enox_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Noctis_Enox_A.gif]

Tenera Dog [Christmas in October Special - "I'll throw in the green thing, just buy it."/ 8100 gold]:
[Image: MS_Tenera_Dog_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Tenera_Dog_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Tenera_Dog_A.gif]

Trading Post [Image: icicle.gif]
Ice Phoenix [6,000gold]:
[Image: MS_PhoenixIce_E.gif]
[Image: MS_PhoenixIce_H.gif]
[Image: MS_PhoenixIce_A.gif]

Narwhal (Light Brown) [2,600gold]:
Male: [Image: MS_Narwhal_E.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalSho_MH.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalSho_MA.gif]

Female: [Image: MS_Narwhal_E.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalSho_FH.gif]
[Image: MS_NarwhalSho_FA.gif]

Arkenian Kitsune [2,700gold]
[Image: MS_KitsuneA_E.gif]
[Image: MS_KitsuneA_H.gif]
[Image: MS_KitsuneA_A.gif]

*Note: You get gold from posting on the forums, 60 at most for each post.

(only available through breeding):

Fire Gryphon - Breed Phoenix with any Gryphon:
[Image: MS_GryphF_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphF_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphF_A.gif]

Ice Gryphon - Breed Ice Phoenix and any Gryphon:
[Image: MS_GryphI_E.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphI_H.gif]
[Image: MS_GryphI_A.gif]

Leviathan (Ocean) - Breed Tropical and Storm Leviathans:
[Image: MS_Levi_E.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviOce_H.gif]
[Image: MS_LeviOce_A.gif]

Albino Direwolf - Breed two Direwolves [small chance of an albino being bred]:
[Image: MS_DirewolfA_E.gif]
[Image: MS_DirewolfA_H.gif]
[Image: MS_DirewolfA_A.gif]

Chimera - Breed Ibex and Manticore:
Male: [Image: MS_Chimera_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Chimera_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Chimera_A.png]

Female: [Image: MS_Chimera_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Chimera_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Chimera_FA.png]

Hippogryph - Breed Gryphon and Pegasus (any combination not producing Lunar or Solar):
[Image: MS_Hippogryph_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Hippogryph_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Hippogryph_A.gif]

Lunar Hippogryph - Breed Ice Gryphon and Light Pegasus:
[Image: MS_HippogryphL_E.gif]
[Image: MS_HippogryphL_H.gif]
[Image: MS_HippogryphL_A.gif]

Solar Hippogryph - Breed Fire Gryphon and Dark Pegasus:
[Image: MS_HippogryphS_E.gif]
[Image: MS_HippogryphS_H.gif]
[Image: MS_HippogryphS_A.gif]

QUEST PETS:(received for the completion of a quest)

Emerald Wyvern:
[Image: MS_WyvernE_E.gif]
[Image: MS_WyvernE_H.gif]
[Image: MS_WyvernE_A.gif]

Etainian Quetzalcoatl:
[Image: MS_Etainian_Quetzalcoatl_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Etainian_Quetzalcoatl_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Etainian_Quetzalcoatl_A.gif]

Raza Quetzalcoatl:
[Image: MS_Raza_Quetzalcoatl_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Raza_Quetzalcoatl_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Raza_Quetzalcoatl_A.gif]

Nareaun Quetzalcoatl:
[Image: MS_Nareaun_Quetzalcoatl_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Nareaun_Quetzalcoatl_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Nareaun_Quetzalcoatl_A.gif]

Rewin Dragon:
[Image: MS_Rewin_Dragon_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Rewin_Dragon_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Rewin_Dragon_A.gif]

*NOTE: Visit the World to find a quest. Wink

AVAILABLE DONATION PETS (Must donate money to the site to aquire shards):

Sanus (Available-  October 15th-November 14th 2009)
[Image: MS_Sanus_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Sanus_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Sanus_A.gif]

Coria Alago:
[Image: MS_Coria_Alagos_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Coria_Alagos_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Coria_Alagos_A.gif]

(available Nov. 2009)

Amarth Alago:
[Image: MS_Amarth_Alagos_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Amarth_Alagos_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Amarth_Alagos_A.gif]

(available Nov. 2009)

HIDDEN CREATURES: (can only be received by thise who are kind and helpful on the forums)

Voltarian Alphyn:
[Image: MS_Voltarian_Alphyn_E.gif]
[Image: MS_Voltarian_Alphyn_H.gif]
[Image: MS_Voltarian_Alphyn_A.gif]


Well, I completed a quest today and got an Etainian Quetzal egg. Big Grin This is fun!
07-11-2009, 09:35 PM
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Re: Magistream - The official Thread
Woooot! I have free cookies here and a monologue to hold!

I will bump this topic until some mod decides my trying to drag someone to join something is an EPIC FAIL and closes it.

Uh well... life's pretty. {rolleyes}
17-11-2009, 10:34 AM
Post: #9
Re: Magistream - The official Thread

I joined xD

Here are all my pretties so far:

[Image: 1528168.gif]
[Image: 1528138.gif]
[Image: 1528146.gif]

[Image: 1528172.gif]
[Image: 1528277.gif]
[Image: 1529566.gif]

[Image: 1529558.gif]

[Image: 1529574.gif]
[Image: 1529557.gif]

currently none!

I've also joined a MagiStream LJ Community (not very active, but every click helps!) and found a really helpful MagiStream site from the FAQ Thread on the Forums.  So I think I'm doing pretty well so far ^_^

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17-11-2009, 08:49 PM
Post: #10
Re: Magistream - The official Thread
I just bought this baby for 2k of gold. Now I'll have a breeding pair. ^^ And she comes from 2 QB parents.

[Image: 1531474.gif]

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