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How To Make A Jet Fighter Tap Dance
12-01-2011, 07:48 PM
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How To Make A Jet Fighter Tap Dance
For the first time in years I went online today to play Battlefield 2: gave up on it years ago because most of the fighting in the game tended to occur away from the game than in the game itself with everyone taking it so seriously.

Glad to see nothing had changed - still full of bad tempered brats and basement dwellers, but you find your laughs where you can.

Started on the Gulf Of Oman map, and there was one player called UffePopEye teamkilling everyone so he/she could get the jet, unfortunately his determination was not matched by his capability of flying it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you UffePopEye and his amazing tap dancing Raptor!

[Image: 54d56d9e71.gif]


Decided it would be best to desert the US forces as a bad job and joined the Middle Eastern team. Unfortunately we soon discovered that if we were waiting to throw the no good infidels back into the sea, we were likely to die of old age before that happened, as they were too busy squabbling with one another on the aircraft carrier.

So, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed:-

[Image: 2igkmeu.jpg]

Yes, we took every aircraft and amphibious vehicle and went to the aircraft carrier!

Big Grin

UffePopEye was still making the jets tap dance and killing any teammates trying to get into the jets before him, I was destroying the anti-aircraft gunner before it could fire off a single shot using the amphibious APV tank sort of thing, meanwhile two inflatable dingies managed to board the ship and join in the fun.

You can guess how the game finished, amid a fair amount of namecalling and general lack of sportsmanship! Tongue

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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