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need computer advice. - LadyDee64 - 21-04-2012 12:50 AM

Hello fellow Simmers Ever since Sims 3 came out I’ve wanted to play it, I even bought it. But I’ve never, NEVER, been able to play it. I didn’t have the proper computer or money to buy one.
Now, I’m on the verge of obtaining said computer and I find my self trying to find the proper gaming computer to play it one.
I’m seriously NOT good at computers, well the workings of one at least.
I can’t get a straight answer from anyone about which computer is best for Sims 3. I know Alienware is probably the best option but I don’t really want one unless its cheap and I know where I can find one. I have no ideas really.
I was thinking of buying this Gateway but I’m still not sure about it #mce_temp_url#
I was wondering what other fellow simmers like you could tell me, I desperately need advice. At first I wanted a MAC but I found out Create-a-world only works for PCs, plus they’er cheaper.
I’d appreciate any and all advice, thanks Yes

RE: need computer advice. - Minty - 22-04-2012 01:46 PM

If you are buying a desktop computer, never buy off the shelf. It may seem quicker and easier, but you will not get anywhere near as good a deal (or PC) as you will going down to your local independent computer shop and getting them to build one for you. They will also be far more tech savvy than the sales rep at PC World, Walmart or wherever that's only interested in their bonus target for the month and will tell you any crap.

Alienwares are overrated (except for laptops, even then...), and you're paying for the brand name. Just make sure you are getting a quad core (if you get an i5 or i7 remember to check that it is the second generation one they are selling), a good graphics card (preferably nVIDIA), and as much DDR3 memory as you can buy. Again, working with a local dealer (who will pair these to the right motherboard - some motherboards can be tempremental with certain processors, graphics cards, etc).

If you can realistically salvage components from your old PC, do so. That DVD/CD player from your old one for example should be perfectly okay in the new one, and there's no need to junk it. Same for any sound cards (although most motherboards nowadays come with built in soundcards anyway, but rather like old speakers old soundcards tend to be worth salvaging if possible).

Macs users have so much misery with the Sims you have to ask yourself is it worth the bother. I would love a Mac Air, but all the nonsense I'd have to put up with dealing with both Mac software and PC emulation software makes it no go for me.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

RE: need computer advice. - LadyDee64 - 22-04-2012 05:34 PM

:mw_hmmm: idk about going and getting one built. THAT seems like alot of trouble and idk if....there is even an independent computer shop around Omg Although it definitely sounds like a great idea. I suppose I WAS just going to go buy off the shelf/internet. SAY that's my only option? is it still a viable idea?

RE: need computer advice. - Minty - 24-04-2012 02:28 PM

If it's your own option, so be it, but you are better off with it being some local shop, not least of all so that if it needs to get repaired/upgraded you will be able to get it done in a matter of days, not weeks.

It's actually a lot less trouble in the long run getting it done locally via an independent, not least of all because like car mechanics they are dependent on customer goodwill to stay in business and so will give you the best job. Buying via a big high street store or online, and you're just one of thousands of faceless customers, and if they choose to treat you badly and you vow never to deal with them again, so what - there's a thousand more mugs coming through the door because they're cheap.

If you live near a large town or city, there's probably more than a few small independents to choose from.