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Island Paradise - Caspin - 18-05-2013 11:48 AM

Just been watching the latest Island Paradise video. Now I am really looking forward to this EP!

I'm glad they made this video short and it explains the main features of the EP without rambling. Those live presentations they do annoy the hell out of me - they are way too long and the presenters seem to have to battle as many technical glitches as we do playing the game and just end up wittering.

Building and running the resorts looks fun (I used to really like making hotels and restaurants in Sims 2 and this looks like it will be even better) and I love all the new boats, jet skis and diving. At first I didn't like the look of the house boats - too blocky, I thought - but this video shows that you could make them more boat-like with a pointy bit at the front. I'd like to make them like canal boats or live-on yachts rather than just a regular house floating on a platform.

I am almost as excited about this expansion as I was about Seasons (but not quite).

I bet my sim will be eaten by a shark at the earliest opportunity. Biggrin


RE: Island Paradise - Minty - 18-05-2013 12:10 PM

That looked brilliant, especially the giant squid. There had better be shark repellent!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

RE: Island Paradise - Caspin - 19-05-2013 08:10 PM

Yes the giant squid was a bit mad - the way it pulled the boat under reminded me of that big sea monster in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

The outdoor showers, the saunas and all those nice palm trees and tropical plants from Sunlit Tides are going to work a treat with this EP. Fingers crossed for yet more nice plants. Sometimes for me it is all about the foliage!

I hope that they do some new hairstyles for this EP - I would like to find my simself a more accurate hair before the Sims 3 comes to an end!

I shall warn you all now - in preparation for Island Paradise, all self-sims are going to be re-dressed in bright, colourful Hawaiian shirts! Plus sunglasses must be worn at all times.


RE: Island Paradise - b1245p - 25-05-2013 05:08 AM

I honestly cannot wait for this EP either! I have really enjoyed all the videos about it! (:

I just hope the scuba diving isn't that weird, but we'll see in the next broadcast!

RE: Island Paradise - Ollie - 25-05-2013 05:22 AM

Honestly, the only thing I look forward to in this EP is resorts and boats (but not so much house boats). I don't think I'll get it, although I would've liked to make a world with a resort in the woods with wooden cabins.

RE: Island Paradise - Caspin - 17-08-2013 06:07 PM

Finally I have played Island Paradise! It's only been a month or two since it arrived..... Biggrin

The island is very similar in appearance to Sunlit Tides, as you might expect, although of course there are new features such as docks for the houseboats and also places in the sea that you can dive.

The scenery is very pretty with a lot of very colourful plants. Caspin The Sim did not protest too much when I told her she was moving to an island again.

[Image: IP_01.jpg]

You can "play" in the sand, which is kind of pointless as a spectator sport but sims seem to enjoy it. Can you tell what it is yet?

[Image: IP_02.jpg]

Erm. No. What is that? Not a castle, that's for sure.

[Image: IP_03.jpg]

I decided I was not ready to build a houseboat yet, so reached a compromise by living on stilts over the ocean!

[Image: IP_04.jpg]

I do want to get one of these, though:

[Image: IP_08.jpg]

Or maybe one of these. It appeals to the girl racer in me!

[Image: IP_09.jpg]

Looking around the island, I can confirm that the community lots are certainly bright enough!

[Image: IP_05.jpg]

[Image: IP_06.jpg]

[Image: IP_07.jpg]

Some interesting new features in the landscape. I like this fellow, perched up on a high hill looking over the sea.

[Image: IP_10.jpg]

I have enrolled Caspin as a lifeguard, where I'm sure her competence will save many sim-lives (to be fair, I'm far more likely to drown myself than damage anyone else) and I will have a go at diving (mostly because I look reckon I'll look good in a wetsuit).

But that is for another day. Today I am relaxing and enjoying the view (and a sandwich). Yes

[Image: IP_11.jpg]

Any ideas what that water vapour is in the background?


RE: Island Paradise - Ollie - 17-08-2013 11:08 PM

A 'hidden' island is what the cloudy thingy is.

RE: Island Paradise - Caspin - 18-08-2013 09:07 AM

Oooohhh! Hidden island? Most intriguing. Looks like I'll have to be intrepid and head over there! Smile

RE: Island Paradise - Caspin - 18-08-2013 03:16 PM

Today I wanted to learn to scuba dive, but had to start out with just snorkelling. That went rather well and netted me a nice pink shell. I am very pleased with the wetsuits!

Yeah! Clapping

[Image: IP_12.jpg]

Not as pleased as my sim, however, who wants to wear her swimming gear at all times. Even in the kitchen.

[Image: IP_13.jpg]

OK, you see that this won't work, right? What are you going to do - snort your sandwich through your air tank?

[Image: IP_14.jpg]

Give me strength. In other news: water taxis FTW!

[Image: IP_15.jpg]


I got down to just 2 simoleons (and didn't even own a cooker because I sold the contents of the house to buy a nicer bed), so I thought I'd better actually get on with the lifeguarding and try to make some money. The lifeguard career requires, apparently, charisma and athletic skill. Caspin was sent down to the gym to work on those skills and immediately demonstrated the realism in the game.

[Image: IP_16.jpg]

I'm just stretching, you see. Right.

Then she was called to work at surveying a local beach. She rushed down there and donned a whistle and some war paint. Is this a job or a rave?

[Image: IP_17.jpg]

First up - rescue hunky man. Yay!

[Image: IP_18.jpg]

Second - rescue a ghost. Why waste time on this? She is experienced at drowning - leave her to it!

[Image: IP_19.jpg]

Ghost duly pulled from water then decides she wants CPR. OK, fine, I shall raise the dead. Or one might call it over-kill (sorry).

[Image: IP_20.jpg]

The next day was a day off work so I thought Caspin could relax at the beach instead of being on duty. It immediately started raining. She became depressed standing on the sand, staring at some tourists who could, if they had tried harder, chosen more flattering swimwear.

[Image: IP_21.jpg]

It all got a bit much and Caspin had a bit of a freak-out and ran into the water fully clothed to jibber-jabber in the shallows. I think she's the one who needs help!

[Image: IP_22.jpg]


Anyway, I tried to swim out to reach that hidden island. Swam and swam and swam (almost to the point of death!) but this is as far as I could go.

[Image: IP_23.jpg]

Turns out I need to look for messages in bottles and then piece together a map. This seems highly bizarre, given that the island is actually visible through the mist, but OK, EA, I'll play along.


RE: Island Paradise - Caspin - 08-09-2013 05:17 PM

Yay - found time to play! Very happy! Yahoo

I'm going to try to buy an Island Paradise resort soon, so I will be needing some staff. Who better than the trusty Sims Forums team, Ollie and Minty, now featuring new tropical shirts. Welcome to Paradise, boys!

[Image: IP_24.jpg]

I'll let you run wild on the island for a while before you are set to work. You can spend some more time chatting on the beach (while wearing sunglasses).

Minty in particular is going to need to improve his beach safety before he can work at an island resort.

[Image: IP_25.jpg]

"I wave my arms like this but then I start sinking. Why do think this might be?"

Today I tried out lots of different boats. This one had comedy value but was too slow for my taste. So nice that our sims can drive around in giant rubber duckies Big Grin

[Image: IP_26.jpg]

In the end I settled on this one, on the basis that I look cool as a pirate. Other boats should now get out of the way, or else they will be plundered for their booty and made to walk on planks, or something.

[Image: IP_27.jpg]


The lifeguard career is starting to get a bit same-y, with many hours of the day spent surveying the beach (during which time my sim gets bored and suffers from the heat). Potential drowning victims, however, are like buses. Hours waiting around, then too many come along at once!

Don't worry, peops, I've got you all in my surveying sights!

[Image: IP_28.jpg]

Jeez, why are you driving your speedboat up onto the freaking beach!?! Maniac.

[Image: IP_29.jpg]

Immediately after this shocking driving offence, I am over-run with drowning victims and people needing resuscitation.

[Image: IP_30.jpg]

This dude had a good old yell at me for not rescuing him in time, while other victims drowned in the sea behind him! Nice.

[Image: IP_31.jpg]

I don't take kindly to being yelled at. I'll definitely be going after him with my pirate boat and stealing all his pieces of eight.

This raises the question, however: can sims actually drown if the lifeguard doesn't reach them in time? That guy just swam ashore of his own accord after a while. Shouldn't someone drown and then I get demoted or even sacked?

Who knows (who cares)?

Note to EA - massive oversight in not including pirating as a career! Yes