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RE: Criminal Class - Ollie - 01-05-2015 08:24 AM

*Waits for someone to point out this dodgy pun in the title of the chapter*

RE: Criminal Class - Ollie - 03-05-2015 09:36 AM

Chp. 6 The Talk

[Image: A_zpsqsdwwbre.png]

[Image: B_zps2zusxxpm.png]

"So, I heard you had a comedic gig last night, how'd it go?" I asked
[Image: C_zpsevrhrz2d.png]

"Went well, girl. Up in some dodgy club in town," Trish replied.
[Image: D_zpscvqysmcd.png]

"Get much money?"
"Just enough to pay off them bills. Owners of the club said they might give me a call for more work, you should come along sometime."
[Image: E_zpsatv8fsai.png]

"Yeah maybe."
"You could bring that boy of yours along, how is he by the way? Seen him recently?"
"Not for a while."
[Image: F_zpsxhsvq4sd.png]

"Something wrong? I thought he was a keeper?"
"No nothing-I've just had other things on my mind, haven't gotten time to see him."
[Image: H_zpsivbypn7k.png]

"Well make sure you catch up with him, you won't want to lose him, once he's gone, he's gone."
"Yeah, alright. How 'bout you? Got any new guys keeping you company?"
"Nah, well there was this one guy I met but nah..."
[Image: I_zpse26ujvcp.png]

[Image: J_zps1cykm4qe.png]

[Image: f148db9d-7cce-4cd6-81bd-8a4e664b6ac4_zpsnb2tz93s.png]

"Where have ya'll been?!" My mom yelled at me, entering the room.
[Image: M_zps6x4moo5q.png]

"Relax mom, I was with just out with Trisha," I calmed her.
[Image: L_zpsdysc6rcn.png]

"What's goin' on?!"
"Nothing! What are you on about?"
"Don't you go lying to me girl."
[Image: O_zpsve4c7kph.png]

"I don't understand?"
Gloria held up the package Kay had handed to me.
"Are you on drugs?"
[Image: 3e15b238-6916-4c57-b9a1-27b243503a41_zpsrxdrqbav.png]

"Excuse me?! Mom!"
"I found this in your room, you better tell me you've been hiding sugar in your room and you ain't shovelling dope into yo ass."
[Image: P_zpsngdpqms4.png]

I snatched the package from her scrawny fingers.
"You don't understand!"
[Image: S_zpsd9wf8dco.png]

"That's right I don't understand, I'm trying to help you, can't you see?"
"Leave me alone, I'm heading over to Trisha's!"
[Image: V_zpsolqyneun.png]

RE: Criminal Class - Caspin - 03-05-2015 02:33 PM

Gosh, Jennifer's mum's gone a bit gangsta, yo! I'm not sure Minty will be able to cope with it, what with his GTA5 experiences. Biggrin

Mums should really learn not to snoop through their kids' rooms, especially when their kids aren't kids. Besides, it could just be sugar. She might be collecting ingredients to make a massive cake.

RE: Criminal Class - Ollie - 15-05-2015 10:03 AM

Chapter 7 Where's Coffy

[Image: D_zpszpahank4.png]

[Image: E_zpsmlnoggm6.png]

[Image: F_zpsysok7owx.png]

"Just a minute," Trisha rushed to the door.

"What's up Glor-"
"Where's my daughter?!" Gloria yelled.
[Image: G_zps6skbgna0.png]

"I'm sorry, what? What are you talking about?!"
[Image: H_zps9yodw2z6.png]

"Jennifer?! Where is she?"
"I don't understand?"
[Image: I_zpsucvhcp8x.png]

"The last time I spoke to my daughter she said she would be at Trisha's."
[Image: J_zpscm9c13jh.png]

"Didn't she tell you?"
"She said she was going on some business trip a couple of days ago."
[Image: K_zpsircjdcin.png]

"Ugh, thank god! Have you been able to call her? She hasn't been calling me."
"You go home, relax and I'll see if I can have a chat to her about things, and I'll come over and tell you 'bout it later."
"Thank you."
[Image: G_zps6skbgna0.png]

[Image: L_zpsfcigtppg.png]

"Are you okay?! What happened?!"
[Image: M_zpscbhsvxyx.png]

"H... Help me up?" Gloria struggled to say, running out of breath.
[Image: N_zpsanwadnl4.png]

[Image: O_zpstseo4ur2.png]

"Where the f**k have you been Jenn?!" Trisha screamed over the phone. "We've been trying to get a hold of you all bloody day!"
[Image: A_zpsogw0cbip.png]

"What's going on?" Jennifer replied.
"Your mother had a fall, you need to get home right now!"
[Image: C_zpssgrsvho7.png]

[Image: B_zpsqudg4dtw.png]

RE: Criminal Class - Ollie - 16-05-2015 06:36 AM

Chapter 8 An Awkward Encounter

I walked around town feeling pretty lost, the place had to be just around the corner.
[Image: A_zpsavblxe10.png]

I braced myself with a false smile. Despite doing such things as this in the past, I had no clue what to expect, or if anyone would even be there. The timing was all off, just when I was getting my life back together, I get dragged back into this nonsense.
[Image: B_zpskyra6dhy.png]

"This must be it," I muttered to myself. "Here goes nothing."
[Image: C_zps0lvctn9j.png]

Step by step I walked up to the door.
[Image: D_zpsqie1aoli.png]

[Image: E_zpsrj1xmksy.png]

A scrawny looking white guy opened the door.
[Image: F_zps18df9mvg.png]

"Um, hi," I started.
"Hello?" He replied back.
"Are you..." I looked down at the package to read the name. "Otis?"
[Image: G_zpssgcntw95.png]

"What are you doing here?" He asked in an evil demeanour.
"Kay, one of Damien's girls, got me to deliver this package to you."
[Image: H_zpsvkcr5dy8.png]

"Why is it open?!" He looked down at the package.
"Oh don't worry, my mom just got a bit nosey," I gave a forced chuckle, trying to lighten the situation, but instead made things more awkward.
[Image: I_zps4lq4doeg.png]

"Whatever," he grabbed the package from my hands. "You can go now."
[Image: J_zpsnyadfoky.png]

[Image: K_zpsenzkd3cn.png]

"Okay then, bye!" I said, while he walked back into his house.
[Image: L_zpsk2bunryx.png]

Well, that was strange, I thought to myself.
[Image: M_zpseoltfpmp.png]

Looking down at my phone I had noticed a bunch of missed calls from Trisha, so I decided to give her a call back.

"Hello?" I pondered in my mind what on earth was going on.
[Image: N_zpsxyoiyvyx.png]

"Where the f**k have you been Jenn?!" Trisha screamed over the phone. "We've been trying to get a hold of you all bloody day!"
"What's going on?" I replied.
[Image: O_zpsmxptw1r6.png]

"Your mother had a fall, you need to get home right now!"
[Image: P_zpspg4vtafw.png]

RE: Criminal Class - Caspin - 16-05-2015 02:33 PM

Otis looks rather supercilious. Must be all that sugar.

Poor Gloria. Actually, is she faking it just to get Jennifer to come home? These old birds and their wily tricks.

RE: Criminal Class - Ollie - 31-05-2015 08:14 AM

Chp. 9 Glory days are over

"What happened?" I inquired.
"Heard a scream, decided to come see what was goin' down," Trisha explained. "Then I saw her on the floor, begging for help, I managed to get her to her bed, but She's been refusing treatment, just sleeping all day."
[Image: A_zps1jercfgq.png]

"Oh god," I fretted.
"Sorry, Jenn, I have to go, work calls, I'll check back in later, okay?" Trish apologized."Call me if you need anything."
"That's fine, I'll cya later," I said softly, giving Trisha a hug before she left.
[Image: B_zpsnunmn5mj.png]

I walked up to poor Glor', looking down at her.
"I'm so sorry mom," I cried. "I wasn't there when you needed me, you were just trying to help me, and I bailed on you."
[Image: C_zpsokxnosnh.png]

"It's..." Gloria quietly croaked. "Alright... Sor-sorry... I pushed you, I... I love you."
"Don't be sorry, I love you too," tears rolled down my eyes.
[Image: E_zpsdg5rxgwt.png]

The hours passed by, occasionally she'd mumble a few words, but I could rarely understand. Occasionally she'd drink a small dose of water, but wouldn't take anything else.

It was well passed midnight when a knock on the door caught my attention.
[Image: F_zps1zrocno2.png]

[Image: G_zpscc4ygclr.png]

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" I yelled so loud, the whole neighbourhood waked up.
[Image: H_zpsns16fbz1.png]

"Jennifer?!" He smiled.
[Image: I_zpsmsvpyi9k.png]

"Who do you think you are, you smug son of a -" I continued to yell. "You think you can just show up in the middle of the night thinking all is forgiven?! What are you even doing here?!"
[Image: M_zpsid7ei8ov.png]

"Don't you recognise me?" He said. "It's your brother, Justin."
[Image: L_zpskvvqyyrg.png]

"No sh*t, do you not realise what you've done?! You've ruined my life!"
"Look I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what? Running away when you were a teen, leaving Gloria and I to fend for ourselves? Getting some gangsters to harass me almost every single day of my life?! Screw you!"
[Image: J_zpsspghvxhl.png]

"Look, things have been rough, but I'm back, tryna get my life on track," Justin stated. "Is Gloria home, how is she?"
[Image: K_zpsihqfawye.png]

"She's sleeping, go away!"
"Are you sure she's okay?"
"Ugh, fine, she had a fall and so she's pretty god damn awful."
[Image: N_zpsvysf35qf.png]

I guess Justin had a right to see her in her final moments, so I took him inside to visit her.

"Is that her," my brother asked while I nodded. "Mom?"
[Image: future%201_zpsqdakcqjf.png]

Gloria made a slight wheeze to acknowledge Justin's presence.
[Image: future%202_zpswdln1rxe.png]

"I'm sorry, I wish I had known sooner-I would've come back... Mom?"
[Image: future%203_zpsoetsxhpo.png]

"Mom?" she didn't respond.
[Image: future%205_zpsgffajz2d.png]

[Image: f7ba4af2-d080-4fa0-8f45-8ed0a340c5f3_zpsftjoavp7.png]

RE: Criminal Class - Caspin - 31-05-2015 12:54 PM

Aw, someone should take off poor Gloria's glasses while she's lying in bed. They may fall askew and take out her eye! Is she just snoozing or is this the end?

And this is the prodigal Justin. Where's he been all this time? And is he a teen, adult or elder? It's so hard to tell in TS4. Tongue

RE: Criminal Class - simspeaker4 - 31-05-2015 03:55 PM

Having the old lady do pushups to make it look like she collapsed. That's a really good idea! I hope their mother pulls through okay. Dunno

RE: Criminal Class - Wandarine - 31-05-2015 08:40 PM

Aw man, TWO lost brothers that look alike! Must be twins, Justin and Jason!

Sorry for pointing that out. I'm an awful person.