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Discordian Simmers (for all online bullies & nonces) - DiscordianSimmers - 03-03-2017 02:21 AM


Hello fellow simmers, this is my first time posting here so I'm sorry if this is cringy.
ANYWAY, me and a friend had started a new Discord server and are trying to get the word out. So we decided to reach out to this site first.
Discordian Simmers is a server opened to all sim (and any) games, and our goal is to bring simmers together. We know there are other big sim discord servers, and don't expect anyone to really be joining us, but any and every member counts. Since we are a new discord server and are learning, please if you join, give us tips and suggestions.

Drama will not be tolerated.
Don't post pictures anywhere other than #creativity #spam-chat and #pictures .
No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. None will be tolerated, as this is a safe space, not a harmful one.
Bullying even in private messages will be punished. So don't bother trying to bully someone into leaving the server in DMs.
No excessive spamming anywhere other than #spam-chat
No pornographic material. Just don't, we don't know everyone's age, and it's offensive to some people
Don't get bitchy about other people's opinions, because again, drama will not be tolerated. Respect other people's opinions, and do not be an ass if they aren't cookie-cutter.
Respect everyone. Not just Admins/Owner.
If any of these rules are broken, you will get a warning the first time. If you continue to break the rules then you will be banned

What We Offer So Far
    Voice Chat: Gaming, Crazy and Normal, and a Music Bot

    Leveling: The more you talk and are online the more you rank up!

    Creativity: Share your creations with the other members of the server.

    Spam: Post away, there is no limits. (Unless you're a troll)

How To Join
Click this Discord link: SCRUBBED
Create/Use your Discord
And you should be done!


RE: Discordian Simmers (a sim dedicated discord server) - Minty - 05-03-2017 03:21 AM

You funking cheeky little prick! You come into our forum & the first thing you do is try to get what little people we have to go & join YOUR forum instead?

Well Animecat44044 from Mod The Sims aka Sebastianvictorian, you & your mates (Jason Citron, Eros Resmini, Stanislav Vishnevskiy, or Will Boyer) can piddle off.

I don't like spammers, less so ones trying to get people to take out a platform that's been linked to online bullying & child pornography.


For anyone reading this, add the following email address to your block lists:


Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan