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Homes For Sims
16-09-2013, 03:59 PM
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RE: Homes For Sims
Hi Ollie,

I had two thoughts of a feedback nature while watching Part 3 and here they are. Thought number one was that sometimes when you're spinning your sim's house around to change the viewpoint, it can move quite fast and make your viewers a bit giddy (or maybe that's just me). I wonder if it would be possible to spin it more smoothly or slowly? Thought number two was that towards the end of the video, when your sim was sleeping, you zoomed out onto the map and went to take a look at some other parts of town. I thought that was really good - it would be a fun thing to do while your sim is asleep or working or in some other rabbithole scenario, where otherwise there's not a to see with the actual sim.

Looking forward to the next part, complete with commentary by Ollie and Milo Smile
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