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The Official Nonsense Thread
23-04-2017, 05:32 PM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Irn Bru is okay, a bit sweet, although not as sweet as Lucozade (which they now add caffeine to, be warned!). Original Lucozade was once only available in chemists as it was glucose & water for getting over the flu, but now it is marketed as an every day drink. It's the drink whose colouring is the reason behind Scots calling all soft drinks "ginger" (it outsells tastes like a mix of cream soda and light ginger beer with a hint of orange cordial and iron. Like Dr Pepper, there's nothing else that really tastes like it & is a popular mixer.

One of my managers from a previous job used to visit the Barrs factory routinely, & he said you would only drink the stuff VERY occasionally if you knew what was in it - something about one of the mixing tanks being prone to radioactivity. Not sure whether this was true or he was winding me up to be honest, although considering his reaction to the stockings & suspenders incident I've a feeling he was being serious.

First part of the holiday done, starting with an unplanned for abrupt visit to Ireland (relatives business, meh!) followed by Dublin in order to make something of the week. It's alright, don't know what all the fuss is about TBH, (the Guinness Brewery was a non-event. Tried to persuade them when there into taking over St James' Gate FC & make them into a big club which with all of Guinness' money would be easy - they'd sooner throw their money at Gaelic Football which only diehard Republican muppets cares about anyway, no one else gives a poo about Ireland's version of Calvinball!)

Might have known they'd call a general election when I was out, so the moment the natives clocked my accent it was everyone asking me what I thought the result was going to be. My reply was "the usual - we're screwed!"

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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02-05-2017, 03:31 AM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
So Beanz meanz Heinz, does it? Well, I am going to find out as soon as I open a tin of beans. Safeway and the Co-op is selling the 'British style' of Heinz Beans right now and I've been learning about tinned goods. That was such a magnet for me so I bought a can. I know that beans are beans - the brand name won't make the beans tastier or anything - but I will soon enough see if the Brits do their beans better. My journey to become an Anglophile continues. No attempts at polenta, of course.
Oh, and Samuel Beckett's 'Rockaby' is freaking depressing. Billie Whitelaw plays 'the actress' in that one - she's also the 'MOUTH' in 'Not I'. I am not going to watch that for a while because I keep thinking of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' when that mouth starts talking. Oh, and Whitelaw was also the voice of Aughra in 'Dark Crystal'. Hearing Aughra's voice dropping an f-bomb is at first unnerving but then, considering she's the quintessential broad, it's fine for her to drop a bomb.
And the school year has only 8 weeks to go. Wow. Sohappy Listeningtomusic Egyptiandance Yahoo
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03-05-2017, 09:52 PM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Hello peops! Irn bru and lucozade are both horrific- they look like something that would be radioactive in a cartoon movie, so I am happy to believe the factory guy, and taste poisonous! Just thinking about lucozade turns my stomach so it's a mystery to me how people drink it for an upset tummy.

Dealing next with beans, Heinz are fine but the best ones are the giant beans in a jar from Greece. Yes

I quite liked Dublin when I was there. I agree that the Guinness place is not super interesting, but it's ok. I appreciated the half pint I was given at the end of the tour, as Dublin was so excruciatingly expensive that I was grateful for any nutrients. I did quite enjoy the national museum (they have a bog body) and the old gaol (I think it's a bus ride away). The journey there and back, by ferry, was horrendous and had a similar effect on my stomach to lucozade. I was amazed to survive.

Yes, another election, just what we don't need. Whole thing just makes me feel tired.

Meanwhile I await the report on British bean brands from our Canadian correspondent.
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07-05-2017, 10:42 PM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
I am still recovering from my "holiday" - need another one to get over the one I had.

Returned back from a trip to Mull to find messages waiting for me. An old friend (of sorts, more someone I knew) was standing in the local elections & I'd promised ages ago to help them with the leaflets. To cut a very long story short, they had been disowned by the party after making some un-PC remarks. There was however more to the story than this - local party power grabbing at its worst. Certain people I'd known for decades were backing him & had torn up their party memberships to back him standing as an independent - largely people who were the last I'd ever have thought to back him.

Besides, I needed the exercise.

Hence why muggins spent his time off wandering hill & dale in one of the most rural seats in Scotland shoving election leaflets through people's doors. Twice.

With the general election called, there's the opportunity for some "creative accounting" with the main parties, putting receipts for council election expenses into their general election ones & vice versa. If one is a safe seat, but the other at risk, you can overspend in one beyond the guidelines but move the costs into the other. Have council elections back to back with a national election, small parties & independents have even less chance of a shock.

The candidate knew this (he'd been one of the "higher ups" in his party & knew all the tricks") & realised his only hope was doing two full size leaflet drops as well as having polling station agents to give him the credibility with voters that picking him would not be a waste of time. This was why there was the messages (of increasing urgency) left for me (I could have known sooner, but I'm choosy who I give my email address to!)

After the first drops had been done, I'd blisters on my blisters & it took salting my feet for four days to get them well enough for another mail drop. He thought I was bailing, but a promise is a promise. I couldn't help out with a third mini drop in my last week as I was now back at work, but did a bit of local polling day (or rather evening) duty. The count wasn't until the next morning, I had to find out the results at lunchtime at work. He got in as the fourth councillor after transfers, denying his old party one extra & leaving them having to beg him & a couple of other independents for support if they want to run the council. Justice!

There's claims in the Glasgow Herald today that the Orange Order infiltrated Labour & the Tories to get their candidates into local councils for all manner of sinister reasons. Not good. Not good at all. I don't want those fat piggy eyed bigots in charge of things.


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09-05-2017, 03:21 AM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Hi there. So, sorry to disappoint Caspin but I got sick of beans so I'm taking a break from the tins. The school year has less than two months to go now. I am that pleased. Sohappy On the other hand I still have no idea what next year is going to look like. Am I getting my hours reduced next year or am I staying the same? What worse, my admins don't seem to have a clue either. PissedOff
My sim is at university and I learned something pretty neat. She meditates and it turns out meditation counts for studying Phys. Ed. I guess it has something to do with the fact that martial arts is connected to athletic. She can zeniport fairly easy as well. She's living in a dormitory which is annoying when her roommates get hungry. They either starve to death or make multiple plates of food that no-one eats and the plates go bad. BangHead
I'm reading 'Lady Oracle' by Margaret Atwood - I'm giving her another break although I could have slaughtered her after reading 'Life Before Man'. So that's what's going on with me of late.
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04-07-2017, 09:10 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2017 09:16 PM by Minty.)
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Biggrin Rangers getting put out in their first game back in Europe for six years by a club from Luxumbourg which had only ever scored one goal in Europe before in forty odd years of entering!

After missing an appointment on Saturday because it took an hour to travel one mile anywhere in Glasgow thanks to the Orange marches (read "Rangers marches" as everywhere is full of their scumbag fans wearing their tops & spewing sectarian hate), karma is a beautiful beast when it bites the deserved in the butt.

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Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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06-07-2017, 07:58 AM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Always nice when some little guys come out of obscurity to take down the big guys!

I'm off for a quick holiday to Scandinavia, which I hope will be reasonably warm but not as distressingly humid as here. Also, I can go on boats, which is always a winner. Other than that, life continues to consist of work and more work, with a bit of work on the side.

I am generally a fan of Margaret Atwood. I've been watching the TV show version of Handmaid's Tale and think they've done a good job on it. I got out my copy of the book to review and was aghast to see the publication date. Time really flies doesn't it.

Anyway, I will catch up with you guys when I'm back from my boating. xxx
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07-08-2017, 02:22 AM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Okay, I have something from the great peninsula of Cornwall for you fine Brits.

This is the first of a trilogy. He also has an episode about Tizer, Irn Bru, and other EU fizzies. And HHCL is one crazy advertising company (if they still exist).
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27-09-2017, 10:03 AM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
Ah yes, Tango. Another horrific orange fizzy drink. Why are so many nasty drinks orange anyway. Is it to make people think of actual oranges and imagine that they might be good for them? Or just to attract kids with their jazzy brightness? I am aware that in USA people like to drink blue fizzy drinks and possibly green. Cool-aid or gater-aid or some sort of alleged aid. A rainbow of sugary horror. A relative drank so much of those drinks that that's how he got kidney stones, according to his doc.

Sorry for long absence - I did go on my Scandi boating trip and it was lovely. Then I came back and everything went crazy. However, the positive outcome of the craziness is that I have now achieved my goal to emigrate and will be moving soon to Scotland (I am counting this as emigration, OK). Considerable effort was expended on finding a new job and then a new flat etc. It's tricky to organise things when you are 400 miles away from your destination. But it will all be worth it. It will be so lovely to breathe cleaner air and not be obliged to commute to work in a hot metal pipe under the ground.

Every single spare moment is spent on packing duty or endless removals-related paperwork, so I have had little time for fun or games. I cannot remember the last time I played Sims or CitySkylines. I have, however, managed to catch up with the latest GoT, which started a bit slowly but then OMG dragon mania! Shame the series was so short as I was just getting into it and then suddenly it was over. I might just start watching them all from the start.

Hope you are all doing OK.
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08-10-2017, 12:37 PM
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RE: The Official Nonsense Thread
You're moving to Scotland? Most of us are trying to get out. Hope you are going to Edinburgh rather than Glasgow, which gets more depressing every day I have to go into it. Homeless beds in every single doorway now, more shops shutting down & not being replaced.

Not much to report up here, other than my work having to pay me back £700 the auditors found they'd been diddling me out of my wages, which was a nice surprise. Heard that our new CEO is going to be a bean counter from some hot shot accountancy firm, which makes me suspect we are on our way to "rationalisation" (a nice way of saying mass redundancies & doubling up of workloads).

Good to see your boat trip went well & you are no longer pining for the fjords. Did you see Rob Brydon on yours? If so, did you punch him repeatedly & throw him overboard?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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