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28-02-2012, 07:14 AM
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Does anyone else feel that in the sims 3 you get promotions too fast? Especially when doing a legacy and then all of a sudden 5 promotions in one sims week and you don't even get to take a picture of when the sim gets their promotions. There are also other things that I think go too fast, pregnancy's for one only last about 3 sim days? I also wish that we had the ability to agree/disagree to a promotion and being able to see what the times are for the promotions job, because maybe your sim gets too stressed with it's new baby and you don't think yoursim could handle the extra work load.

BTW out of world adventures and late night, which one should I install to my new macbook pro? I'm a bit too scared on what might happen to the macbook and/or the sims, seeing as somehow I ended up wrecking my windows xp's graphics card with the sims 3.

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