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Official Simcity Thread
07-09-2013, 09:54 AM
Post: #71
RE: Official Simcity Thread
I have got a lot more pictures (I got addicted and carried anyway one play session), so now I have 100 pictures to assemble, which will likely never happen (due to my laziness), but I am compiling a mock up article in the same region that I showed off, which is a bit of fun.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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07-09-2013, 09:57 AM
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RE: Official Simcity Thread
Wow that is a lot of pictures! Biggrin
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22-01-2015, 09:53 AM
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RE: Official Simcity Thread
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-11-47_500x281_zps093be3ae.jpg]

So yet again we are here in our small town of Greenway Point.

Fires were starting to become a big problem.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-24-48_500x281_zps4ed660de.jpg]

It was time to build a nice little fire department.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-23-33_500x281_zpsa2e2345a.jpg]

Maybe with an extra garage and bell for faster response times.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-23-33_500x281_zpsa2e2345a.jpg]

Sadly this inferno had started spreading to neighbouring buildings before the firemen could get there in time.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-26-31_500x281_zps4d9cedaa.jpg]

Garbage was also a problem on the rise, so we built a garbage dump (which unfortunately adds ground pollution, but once we get enough money we'll build a recycling center).
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-30-24_500x281_zpsf744d85b.jpg]

We also got ourselves a medical clinic to keep the sick and injured well.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-35-57_500x281_zps5b1c49b6.jpg]

Our town was in need of a school which would decrease crime and if our education levels go up, our pollution levels would be likely to decrease.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-39-10_500x281_zps8ea32abb.jpg]

I also ended up adding two levels of classrooms out the back and adding more buses to our school.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-44-49_500x281_zps2fde22ce.jpg]

Some more residential zones were developed in our lovely town.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-50-02_500x281_zps9273d0b8.jpg]

We had a couple of mansions popping up here and there.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-51-19_500x281_zps71194c65.jpg]

Along with the mansion we also got some fancy apartment blocks.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-53-06_500x281_zps8f2e4cc5.jpg]

As our city had it expanded our small wind farm wasn't able to keep up.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-55-22_500x281_zps84078e7a.jpg]

So of course we ended up expanding our farm to produce much more power!
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_11-57-00_500x281_zpsb3089fa4.jpg]

Our industrial area was looking quite fancy if I say so myself.
[Image: Spark_2013-05-26_12-00-39_500x281_zps910053d7.jpg]

Lol, this post was supposedly last edited on July of 2013 and I never finished it off, so here it is for no reason.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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24-01-2015, 03:13 PM
Post: #74
RE: Official Simcity Thread
Crikey, 2013?! Great to see some pictures of the town, though!
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