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Does The Sims 2 (DS) already have save files on it?
08-02-2013, 12:09 AM
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Brick Does The Sims 2 (DS) already have save files on it?
A while back, I had bought a copy of The Sims 2 for the Nintendo DS around the time it was first released. However, about year or so ago my copy was accidentally ruined. Recently I had bought another brand new copy from It just came in the mail yesterday and when I went to play it, it already had three save files on it. The game was sealed in the same plastic wrap that video games typically come in when you buy them new, so it seemed like it was legitimately new. Two files with the name Cortney and one with the name Grace. I saved over one of them as I my character.

However, I do not remember that well since it's been a while since I had a brand new copy, but... is it supposed to be like this? Or does the game start with three blank save files? Does anyone have any idea why it has save files on it? Is there something I'm missing?

I've also had two glitches present as well:
1. The first time playing the game, it froze after about fifteen minutes or so. It hasn't done that since, however.
2. When someone checks out of the hotel earlier than expected, even if the concierge says they paid their bill, I don't receive the money
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RE: Does The Sims 2 (DS) already have save files on it?
What does it say on the front of the Sims Legacy part of the site?

"Technical help with the game is for regular members only. If you join only to post a tech question - you will be booted. Don't say you weren't warned!"

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