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09-02-2013, 01:04 AM (This post was last modified: 09-02-2013 01:05 AM by Ollie.)
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[Image: f5c59ca1-07aa-4331-837b-4b4882371fc5_zps7832184f.jpg]
(I know the look of the thing doesn't look that great, but we're just going to have to deal with it for now)
[Image: Screenshot-8_zpsd161ac08.jpg]
A victim of bashing left with a serious case amnesia, I was. Nobody had a clue who I was. It was like I appeared out of thin air. No name, no known relatives, no nothing, just some bruises and scratches (most of which had cleared by now). I was invisible, so I decided to start over. Hope, David Hope, was the name I chose.
I had nowhere to go after I left the hospital, no home, no money, no food. So I went where any normal person would go, the park of course.
[Image: Screenshot-9_zpsea1eec59.jpg]
Very soon I met a man named Jack, he seemed quite friendly.
[Image: Screenshot-11_zps1e61bd89.jpg]
After chatting for a while I made a desperate attempt to mooch just a small amount of money from him.
[Image: Screenshot-12_zpsad55946d.jpg]
In no way was he impressed.
[Image: Screenshot-13_zps7c46b4b6.jpg]
I apologized and he accepted and that's where this disasterous conversation ended.
[Image: Screenshot-14_zps3804faf9.jpg]
After the failed conversation I went to the library and started reading just to pass the time.
[Image: Screenshot-15_zps5dac2e08.jpg]
After being in the library I met a nice woman, I didn't quite catch her name though.
[Image: Screenshot-16_zps025d1293.jpg]
Soon day turned to night and with no place to sleep I thought I decided to hide in the library and rest there.
Hunger hit me in my sleep, so I searched around town for something to eat
[Image: Screenshot-17_zpsab289d84.jpg]
Thankfully in the park I found some apples
[Image: Screenshot-18_zpsce791a7c.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot-19_zpsc195a5a4.jpg]
What I didn't eat I sold to the local supermarket for a slight amount of cash.
[Image: Screenshot-21_zps91cb987f.jpg]
After selling the fruit at the supermarket I had gone back to sleep at the library and Now I woke up, realising my life was worthless, again.
[Image: Screenshot-22_zps6cda6205.jpg]
Gym here I come.
[Image: Screenshot-23_zps1b892cd1.jpg]
The first shower that I've had in days, possibly even weeks (hospitals are useless when I comes to hygiene.
[Image: Screenshot-24_zpsdae1d8b0.jpg]
I thought I might as well go for a swim while I was there.
[Image: Screenshot-25_zpsc923dd8e.jpg]
After the gym I went out and picked more apples and It turns out that the summer festival was here.
[Image: Screenshot-26_zps6b711a96.jpg]
While I was at the park someone convinced me to join a hotdog eating competition. We started, but my competitor left halfway through so no winners this time around.
[Image: Screenshot-28_zps18e2aa8b.jpg]
During the middle of the night I got a call.
[Image: Screenshot-29_zps84149b1d.jpg]
Damn Telemarketers.
[Image: Screenshot-30_zps896fa01d.jpg]
During the day I enjoyed a nice lime snow cone.
[Image: Screenshot-31_zps925a48de.jpg]
After a couple of days of picking, eating and selling fruit I finally managed to buy a 10x10 lot with a sleeping bag.
[Image: Screenshot-32_zps707057d7.jpg]
Finally a good night sleep.
PS: I know I said I would be doing a Sims Big brother mock up, but as a last minute decision I decided that I wouldn't be that great.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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09-02-2013, 09:12 AM
Post: #2
RE: Hope
Cool, new story! Smile

Thank goodness for the apple trees. Which town are you playing it in?
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09-02-2013, 09:21 AM
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RE: Hope
Sunset Valley.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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09-02-2013, 09:28 AM
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RE: Hope
You could do a version of the rags to riches challenge, that was really fun. He's going to be in trouble if you have Winter switched on if he stays in that sleeping bag!
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09-02-2013, 09:49 AM
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RE: Hope
I'm planning on doing it as a Rag's to riches story, or at least most of it will be.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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09-02-2013, 10:24 AM
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RE: Hope
Great, looking forward to following Big Grin
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11-02-2013, 01:05 AM
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RE: Hope
Oh good, a new challenge! Good luck with that Ollie! Clapping

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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23-02-2013, 04:22 AM (This post was last modified: 23-02-2013 10:01 AM by Ollie.)
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RE: Hope
Oh dear. Due to my stupidity the valentines special update of Hope will have to be delayed again. I accidentally left out quite a few pictures. :/
The wait shouldn't be much longer. At the most a couple of days.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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23-02-2013, 09:54 AM
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RE: Hope
There's going to be a Valentine's special? How nice! Looking forward to seeing it Ollie.

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27-02-2013, 07:48 AM (This post was last modified: 27-02-2013 07:48 AM by Ollie.)
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RE: Hope
[Image: hope2_zpsaea3293f.png]
[Image: c3eaeddd-22fa-4c3b-845f-4038c12be6c5_zps175c58c2.jpg]
And so I awoke again. These sleeping bags are probably as comfortable as the beds in the hospital (not comfortable), but at least it was better than the library couch and park benches.
[Image: fec5c374-13cb-4706-b58d-4bcd8bd2606b_zpsc4c37b18.jpg]
After I woke up from my sleep I secretly started searching through a homes bin.
[Image: 126d2631-7579-40b9-b849-cb1c78f8d18a_zps82ae4f87.jpg]
All I found was a rotten apple, some discarded scrap and rubbish (which is what you'd expect to find in the bin I guess).
[Image: 6d43696c-7611-4738-bb87-0dd682e2262c_zpse22498cd.jpg]
Later in the day I went out to the summer festival and got myself a delicious snow cone.
[Image: 5cda7f35-19db-49b3-aadb-502129893a3f_zps308be016.jpg]
To cool off I decided to play with the sprinkler, but that didn't cool me down much, so I went to the pool.
[Image: efe709a1-7cfb-4d33-8054-628e7facc1bd_zpsd1718bcf.jpg]
While at the pool I got a phone call.
[Image: 4bc1e89d-6cd5-4ac9-968e-8b8a424eed54_zps9ad83a74.jpg]
Telemarketers, again.
[Image: 2e713e1d-3ce7-41f2-8053-3229efad8228_zps9b209aba.jpg]
At the pool I started to learn to dive into the water.
[Image: 582ed00f-9750-4468-8e7a-9dc0721ee8fe_zpsd4abde57.jpg]
Instead I ended up doing a bomb.
[Image: 58172127-6141-4b6f-bfec-13380f85d19f_zps929afd92.jpg]
[Image: 49f59508-f860-4b02-819a-8be45bf3082a_zps610968ab.jpg]
It took me a couple of times, but in the end I finally did a proper dive.
[Image: 91b3cb8b-b867-4fc2-b578-276fad0dd7fa_zps338fe068.jpg]
When I got back home with two apple seeds, I decided to plant them.
[Image: bddbee27-50d2-4773-90c3-ca66f559860a_zps4a092550.jpg]
The very next day I got to the library determined.
[Image: 0930c780-4307-4b79-bcdf-9fbfe74771aa_zps37260943.jpg]
I began to search for my history, I was determined to find out something about who I was, so I searched...
[Image: 940de507-8e7a-48a0-8b8c-b570b08a6ba4_zpsba4f2edf.jpg]
And I searched.
[Image: ccad06ab-7877-40a9-934f-6c05afece3d8_zps1a2e8e34.jpg]
In the end I found nothing.
[Image: 9ecddbce-080d-4897-86a7-42ae5a6b3888_zps98a3d022.jpg]
I came home and got into my sleeping bag disappointed.
[Image: 9ee3917f-ea2f-4707-885d-b34b2f311088_zps2d63de4a.jpg]
The next day I went out to the festival and met a nice lady called (judge) Judy.
[Image: 5d164a52-1e40-4ac3-960d-a6c99b344b88_zpsfc418f8b.jpg]
One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was telling a ghost story to this lovely lady.
[Image: 2b9d3b31-3602-440f-9245-96f3c5ff565f_zpsd90a7e9c.jpg]
And then we somehow got into a water balloon fight.
[Image: e4c9acdf-cf63-4d74-a215-7bf0b11d12b8_zps04c5198f.jpg]
After selling some of the scrap I found in the bin earlier, I finally bought a brand spanking new tent.
[Image: 5d622164-c7dc-4b88-be28-8788761551eb_zps91e5f37c.jpg]
As a new day began with my trees going taller. I felt a little happy.
[Image: 0bd62e32-45fe-40ba-8226-69a4e65ede56_zps592582d0.jpg]
Later in the day I went a competed in amateur Olympics, unfortunately I won nothing.
[Image: 6c68dfb8-7e03-49c7-9228-a4e1df171d1e_zps87b15430.jpg]
Outside the stadium I met a very attractive Lady named Jamie Jolina. *insert wolf whistle here* BeatingHeart
[Image: 5a748b12-0242-46fc-8924-3b8815140e63_zps41e490f6.jpg]
After a couple of minutes of chatting I ask a simple question of wether or not she was single. Guess what answer was, she was free for the taking.
[Image: 2f078cab-f860-4860-874f-64c311c9f0f1_zps36741263.jpg]
Seeing as she was single I started to make a move.
[Image: 340c490a-7398-46b3-801a-56308ce7c4bd_zpse8c8b635.jpg]
After some more chatting the conversation ended with her passing out.
[Image: b11d577b-4d43-459c-8420-407e5f7f81fb_zpsb14ea731.jpg]
A day or two later I received a lovely letter from Jamie. It was filled with inside jokes and personal stuff, so it's best we don't go into detail as to what had been said.
[Image: 28891612-11c9-4ef2-85c8-8cb564493e97_zps3de5ddc2.jpg]
Also what the hell was I doing with my tongue?
[Image: 2fdf5db3-d1fd-4d00-82a2-5101e3f17b54_zps80e6897f.jpg]
Later in the night I went out and saw an adventurous movie with my new found love.
[Image: 3170747c-6e2d-4cd3-8ec1-52eba280b612_zps756ad3da.jpg]
Whilst on the date I handed her some romantic flowers.
[Image: 31938282-7cf6-4a83-ac73-b41b6db7d2f1_zps36b28e89.jpg]
We ended the date with a delightful dinner.
[Image: 7fb084c1-bfea-4df1-9100-3c6ca0cf4f24_zps15555fa5.jpg]
It was very scrumptious indeed.
[Image: edf06224-e4d8-4fdb-968f-6ce4b1669bb3_zps1cd0b812.jpg]
Finally my apples were ready to harvest, yum yum.
[Image: 42587dc5-403e-4f57-a9e7-f0d0ff0840a3_zps6b2f8173.jpg]
While at the festival I made a love letter for Jamie.
[Image: 0f01a1df-cd6e-49ab-84b5-4fbed6ebb713_zps81a810a6.jpg]
It just so happened that Jamie was at the festival too.
[Image: 5bfb3ee7-0496-433e-8a6a-f5ca6e1375d5_zps3f54d528.jpg]
I went ito that scary house, something touched me while I was in there, so I came running out straight away!
[Image: 474542ec-34f7-4a3b-b00a-5d4cb6dbfbfe_zps08391abf.jpg]
Jamie and I entered a pie eating contest.
[Image: aef9054f-43dc-44fd-b5aa-db98e72e5a53_zpsbcc2573f.jpg]
In the end she won with gunk all over her face.
[Image: 3a79367b-a048-48d3-a8e4-6dd76bdce35c_zpsb0dafc4c.jpg]
Unfortunately the pie made me feel a little ill.
[Image: edfa533d-7a5f-455e-bc93-07e829ea8ca2_zps49fdbb61.jpg]
Jamie then fixed me up with some *cough*WooHoo*cough*
[Image: dd301068-e670-4052-a8f2-2f55f5be1d57_zps6b282680.jpg]
Ahh What a lovely thing that Jamie sent me.
[Image: 3405a539-5a3a-4b47-874f-d2bb74b00194_zpsda5bfd9a.jpg]
While at the gym taking a shower I decided to do some exercise.
[Image: 6de654bc-bb6c-4cdf-8662-72c1990d2f61_zpsf03e32d9.jpg]
Ahh, I was living the good life.
[Image: 1555ec76-2cfb-49d5-9ab3-9c9efb514ea1_zps991993e8.jpg]
A very good life.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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