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20-11-2015, 08:45 PM (This post was last modified: 20-11-2015 08:46 PM by Fraroc.)
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RE: Fury
Could it be....yes....the wait is over...This is post is not an's a CHAPTER! YahooClappingNyancatListeningtomusic Anyways, this semester in college has been absolutley horrible for me. For once, I'm not under a ton of stress so I decided to stop beating around the bush and finally take the pictures for Chapter 36 of Fury....I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Chapter Thirty-Six

[Image: Screenshot_811.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_812.jpg]

The weeks and months following the passing of the jumping exam were filled with nothing but rigorous practice and training for Kevin, Jason and Jennifer…With the competition drawing nigh at a little more than a month away, everyone at the stables, even those not involved were on edge….One afternoon, about four weeks before the competition, Jack called everybody into the dining room for yet another meeting….

“As you probably are all aware, the teams are going to be six people each. Jason, Kevin and Jennifer are obviously half the team, so you’re going to be paired up with three riders from another stable and today, they're planning on stopping over by here to get acquainted with their teammates, so I'd like you to all be kind enough to give them a big Six Gable Stables welcome!”

With almost planned timing, the doorbell to Jack’s house had rang.

“Ah, that’s probably them right now!”

[Image: Screenshot_813.jpg]

Jack walked outside to answer the door. He recognized the middle aged woman as the owner and proprietor of another horse stable in the Crystal Falls region….As soon as Jennifer reached the edge of the patio, she found herself reunited with someone she would have never expected she would ever see again…..


[Image: Screenshot_814.jpg]

Likewise, Melanie Gauthier and Sarah Sherwood, the two female riders that accompanied the middle aged woman had similar reactions…

“We haven’t hung out since before we all went to college!!!! This is awesome, I can’t believe it! You guys were interested in riding too?”
“Yeah, we’ve always been!!!”
"Oh my GOD!! How come we never knew?!"
"I guess we just never got around to it!"

Karilla, having graduated high school in 2012 while Marissa and Jennifer graduated in 2009, wasn't quite sure why her two best friends were suddenly freaking out over the two female riders on their team. She sheepishly walked over to her friends in the hopes that they could give her some level of clarity. Thankfully, Marissa was more than happy to introduce her to Sarah and Melanie.

“By the way, this is Karilla. She also went to the same high school as all of us, but I didn’t meet her until I started riding here.”

To her surprise, Melanie knew who she was.

“I think I remember you, Karilla.....I knew that you had an interest in horses, but because you were a freshman while all four of us were all seniors, we never really talked in high school……In that case, it’s nice to officially meet you!”
“It’s nice to meet you too!”
“I’m Sarah, nice to meet you!”

[Image: Screenshot_815.jpg]

After the girls all gave their introductions, it was the guys’ turn…Mike, Jason, and Kevin all walked down to the edge of the patio to introduce themselves to Marissa and Jennifer’s friends.

“And these…are the stable’s cowboy hunks! This is Michael, Karilla’s boyfriend. This is Jason, Mike’s best friend. And this is Kevin, Mike’s brother. Jason and Kevin are the ones on our team. Mike, Karilla, and Marissa aren’t a part of this. ”

Jennifer wasted no time introducing the guys to their friends. The boys all exchanged their handshakes and hellos to Sarah and Melanie.

“I’m surprised to see there is a good amount of men riding here…and….some pretty good lookin’ men to boot!”
“Thank you, you’d be surprised how much we get that….”Mike replied to Melanie.
“By the way, wasn’t there supposed to be three riders coming?” Jason asked.
“Yeah…he’s going to be coming soon……..unfortunatley.” said Sarah.

[Image: Screenshot_816.jpg]

Within five minutes, an exuberantly expensive SUV pulled up to the front of the house…The driver side door swings open….and a brutally handsome, muscular man wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a white polo shirt walked out...While the six friends from Six Gable Stables were looking forward to meeting the third rider, Sarah and Melanie both scoffed in disgust.

“And THAT….is Giuliano Balducci, the third rider from our stable….He’s my ex-boyfriend….You guys are probably not going to like him.” Sarah explained.
“Why not? We don’t even know him yet. I think we should give him a chance before we meet pass any brash judgment on the guy.” Said Mike, playing the role of peacekeeper.
“Let’s just say ….he tends to get on people’s nerves.”

[Image: Screenshot_817.jpg]

Giuliano walked up to the group in a haughty “I’m too good for everyone”-esque manner…However, Mike was willing to give him the benefit of a doubt by introducing himself…

“Hey man! I’m Mike!”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“Okay…..not the talkative type, I see…”

[Image: Screenshot_818.jpg]

While first appearing to be uninterested in meeting anyone, Giuliano’s eyes lit up as they focused on their target…

“Hey...Red.” Giuliano beckoned to Karilla.
“What’s your name, gorgeous?”
“I’m Giuliano…I really gotta say Karilla…you’re pretty damn hot…..You know if you ever need someone to give you some company, I’m here….you interested?”
“Yeah, I’m aware that I’m pretty damn hot…..I’m pretty damn spoken for too…”

[Image: Screenshot_819.jpg]

“In case you didn’t know, Karilla is my girlfriend….”
“Oh…sh*t….sorry, man….But you gotta admit, your girlfriend’s fine!”

[Image: Screenshot_820.jpg]

Giuliano slinked stealthily away from Karilla and Mike in record time….

“Okay Sarah was totally right, I only talked to the guy for two seconds and I already don’t f***ing like him.” Karilla told her boyfriend.
“AGREED. I already know what it’s gonna be like having him around here….not pleasant.”

[Image: Screenshot_821.jpg]

Later in that same afternoon, Sarah and Melanie made the decision that it would be best to introduce their best animal friends to their human friends…

“The Appaloosa is my horse, Pepper! I know, it’s such a cliché name…”
“Names aren’t important, Sarah…All that matters is that you love your horse and your horse loves you! By the way, she sure is beautiful!”
“The yellow dun horse is mine, her name is Blossom!” Melanie spoke up.
“She looks a lot like Raven, my old horse!”
“Isn’t Raven Kevin’s horse?”
“She is now, but she used to be mine before I got Princess….Blossom really is a very pretty girl!”

[Image: Screenshot_822.jpg]

Mike, Kevin and Jason took turns petting Blossom and Pepper with the girls…However, at that moment Giuliano showed up…much to everybody’s chagrin.

“What’s up, bros?!”
“Nothing much Giuliano, just making some new friends, that’s all.” said Kevin.
“Well, if you guys want to see what a REAL horse looks like, come follow me.”

[Image: Screenshot_823.jpg]

Jason and Mike shrugged their shoulders and followed Giuliano, almost as if they didn’t really have a choice in the matter….Giuliano lead the two men to the other end of the paddock, where Giuliano’s beautiful black horse stands.

“That right there, is my horse. His name is Hercules...”
“Pretty fitting title for a horse like him!”
“He really is very beautiful, Giuliano…” Jason interjected.
“Trust me, I know. I’ve heard it all before...Obviously being a Percheron, he was worth a lot of money, but he was worth it in the end…He’s helped me a great deal, especially with the ladies if you know what I mean…”
“What do you mean?” Mike asked.
“Oh come on, you mean you can’t figure it out? A stud like me riding a beautiful black horse? Man, the chicks are ALL OVER me! Heh, why do you think I even got into riding in the first place?"

[Image: Screenshot_824.jpg]

“What?” Jason asked with an angry tone.
“Yeah, man. Riding horses? You’d be surprised how many chicks are into that! Anyway, I gotta run.”

[Image: Screenshot_825.jpg]

Jason looked at Mike with an angered expression on his face, clearly he did not enjoy what he just heard Giuliano say.

“Is this guy for f***ing real? He literally ONLY got interested in horses just because girls like guys who ride and that’s the ONLY reason?! God out of all the reasons…..and another thing, you don’t f***ing treat a horse like it’s a goddamn sports car. It’s a LIVING. THING.”
“Ugh…tell me about it bro….I’m gonna say the same thing I told Karilla a few hours ago….Having him among us is NOT going to be pleasant.”

As much as I don't want to admit it...I feel like we're coming into the homestretch of Fury and this current storyline might be one of the last before I conclude the story Sad It's been a great three years since I've started this web series, and be assured, so long as this site is around and people are willing to give my writing skills a chance, I might try and write different stories, maybe using The Sims 2 sometimes! Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated!
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21-11-2015, 05:54 PM
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RE: Fury
Aha a chapter! Clapping

Sorry to hear that college has been a little taxing. Hope that improves for you.

Clearly there are going to be some personality clashes at the stables for the duration of the competition. Jack should hold some more meetings about it. Yes

Giuliano is a complete tosser but his horse looks very nice. Hopefully none of the girls are going to succumb to his questionable charms.
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08-03-2016, 11:24 PM (This post was last modified: 08-03-2016 11:25 PM by Fraroc.)
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RE: Fury
SURPRISE Smile New chapter!

Chapter Thirty-Seven

[Image: Screenshot_841.jpg]

Three years after its inception, Karilla and Mike’s romantic relationship was still going as strong as ever. To Jennifer, Marissa, and the two newest female riders Sarah and Melanie, their relationship was a textbook fairy tale romance. Mike and Karilla never once had a fight, they’ve only had minor disagreements in the past and in addition, are always seen holding hands, hugging and kissing….A major topic of discussion amongst the friends was when Mike and Karilla were planning on taking the relationship to the next level….in the form of Mike asking for Karilla’s hand in holy matrimony…The couple had shown no prior sign that they were ready for such a commitment, however it wasn’t totally out of the cards…

[Image: Screenshot_842.jpg]

Karilla and Mike arrived at the stable on a beautiful, warm afternoon after spending the day cruising around town…

“Just another day in paradise, am I right?”
“You can say that again, sweetie….”
“Hey, I see Jason coming towards us…It looks like something’s bothering him…”

[Image: Screenshot_843.jpg]

“What’s up, J.?”
“Have you seen Giuliano around? I need to have a word with him.” Jason asked in a flustered manner.
“Yeah, he said he was going to hit the gym.”
“The gym….that son of a bitch!”
“What? You’re upset he went without you?” Karilla quipped.
“Just come and look at what he did.”

[Image: Screenshot_844.jpg]

Karilla and Mike followed Jason to find a good reason why Jason was upset…

“He did it AGAIN. He left Hercules completely unattended with his tack still on for the third goddamn time since he’s been here. I can only assume Giuliano took him out for a ride at some point today.”
“Oh my God…Again with this B.S, Giuliano?”

[Image: Screenshot_845.jpg]

Jason stormed angrily into the paddock in order to retrieve Hercules and bring him back in…

“God, he’s such a beautiful, well-trained, and loyal animal…Any rider would kill for a horse like Hercules…It’s too bad your owner doesn’t give too much of a sh*t about you, but we’re here for you, boy…”

Hercules happily reciprocated Jason’s loving proposition by nuzzling his neck.

[Image: Screenshot_846.jpg]

“I know I shouldn’t get too angry about this…but Giuliano, and the way he treats Hercules just pisses me off so much. The arrogance, I can deal with, the fake tough-guy machismo act, I can tolerate, but the sheer amount of blatant irresponsibility with Hercules is what really grinds my gears.”
“I know, man….He pisses me off too.”
“I might come from a wealthy family, but goddamn it, he makes me hate rich kids.”

[Image: Screenshot_847.jpg]

About twenty minutes later, a very sweaty Giuliano arrived back at the stable. Jason wasted no time approaching him about the issue at hand.

“Hey Giuliano, have a good workout?”
“Uhh…yeah, I guess. What’s it to you?”
“Too bad the thought of putting Hercules back in his stall after you were done riding him didn’t cross your mind, for the third time I might add.”
Tsch…whatever, man. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

[Image: Screenshot_848.jpg]

“Seriously?! That’s all you can say for yourself is “whatever”?”
“It’s no big deal, man! That’s what you guys are here for!”

That last comment was as much as Karilla could tolerate from Giuliano….

“ExCUSE ME?! We’re not here to be your personal f**ing assistants! Hercules is YOUR horse, start taking better care of him!” Karilla yelled.
“Yeah! You know what? I don’t think you really care about him at all. All I’ve seen is you taking that animal for granted.” Mike added.
“Obviously I care about him, he’s MY horse! I wouldn’t have picked him out if I didn’t care about him!”

[Image: Screenshot_849.jpg]

“Saying that you care about him and showing that you care are two COMPLETLEY different things! So far, I haven’t seen you pull your weight at all around here, nor have I really been seeing you giving Hercules his exercise! Most of the time he’s just standing around in his stall waiting for you!”
“Don’t give me that sh*t! I ride him all the damn time! You just don’t see me do it!”
“Bullsh*t! I have RARELY seen you on that animal’s back!”

[Image: Screenshot_850.jpg]

Jason suddenly stepped up and stood inches away from Giuliano’s face.

“You know what? I don’t think you’re a horseman at all. You’re just a f***ing spoiled arrogant rich kid with a sh*tty attitude who bought a horse just to make yourself look good to other people. You’re an absolute disgrace to this sport and I should wipe that cocky grin of your face.”
“Oh, is THAT what you think about me? What are you gonna do about it? Hit me? You’ll be disqualified from the competition before you can even blink!”
“Trust me, I’m pretty damn willing to give it up on the account of you!”
“Oh yeah?! Come on, hit me with your best shot, you little bitch!”

[Image: Screenshot_851.jpg]

Mike, playing the role as the peacekeeper, broke up any potential fight before it could happen.

“Alright, alright, alright, ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY JUST CALM THE HELL DOWN!!! Jason, Giuliano, whatever beef is between you is not worth being disqualified from the competition so both of you need to calm yourselves down! ”

With that said, Jason and Giuliano begrudgingly took their leave…

[Image: Screenshot_852.jpg]

Later that night, Karilla walked upstairs to retrieve a book she was reading earlier to put it back in Jack’s bookcase. In her travels, she ran into Sarah Sherwood, one of the new riders in the jumping competition.

“Hey Karilla!”
“Hi, Sarah!”
“So I understand that Jason and my ex had a little bit of a spat this afternoon?
“Ugh….sister, you wouldn’t believe it. Jason was literally THIS close to just flat-out decking Giuliano in the face. I never really saw Jason get that mad before….According to Mike, he has a short fuse when it comes to people not treating horses right, but I guess this was the first time I ever saw him get mad firsthand…”
“What was it about?”
“Jason got really pissed off at the fact that Giuliano left Hercules in the paddock with his saddle on while he went out to the gym.”

[Image: Screenshot_853.jpg]

“…He used to pull that sort of sh*t all the time back in Blackwood Ranch...Dumping his responsibilities on other people. He rarely groomed Hercules, he almost never mucked out his stall, and more often than not, Rusty, one of the ranch hands, needed to do all of those things AND give Hercules his exercise….I’ve seen Rusty ride Hercules way more than Giuliano….In case you haven’t guessed, He really isn’t liked by that many people, none of the ranch hands could stand him, none of the regular riders could stand him, Maria, the owner of the ranch couldn’t stand him….And if it wasn’t for the fact that Giuliano and his family would pitch a major fit, Maria would have shown him the door a LONG time ago.”
“Wow….He sounds like a major f***ing class-act bona fide jackass….If it’s true that he did all of that…how the hell could you stand him enough to go out with him?!”

[Image: Screenshot_854.jpg]

“(sighs)….Because he has completely different side to him…One of his more positive personality traits is that he can be quite charming and lovey-dovey when he wants to be….And there was a time where I thought that he genuinely loved me and I fell flat on my face in love with him….At the time, Giuliano was my dream man…He was hot, he rode horses….He used to spoil me so much using his family’s money, buying me fancy clothes, fancy jewelry, taking me out to fancy restaurants….Now I realize he was only trying to win me over so that I felt “dependent” on him….and not that he actually loved me….We used to get into so many disagreements and verbal altercations that I just couldn’t take his bullsh*t anymore….You know what happened? I caught him flirting with another girl in a bar on the SAME EXACT DAY I was planning on breaking up with him…..”
“Oh my GOD!!”
“Yep, it was a quick “arrivederci” and I don’t regret a thing. The best part is that all I need to do is be in his general vicinity and it makes him SO uncomfortable! Anyway, as much as I really would prefer it if Giuliano jumped into a ditch and never came back out, I don’t think he’s worth Jason or Kevin getting disqualified from the competition.”
“True…but as I said before, Jason is very passionate about horses being treated right…He once beat the living crap out of a guy who was physically abusing his horses.”
“Really? I had no idea he was that passionate about horses.”

[Image: Screenshot_855.jpg]

Karilla was about to walk downstairs, but Sarah had one last thing to say in regards to her former relationship with Giuliano…

“You know Karilla, I don’t miss being Giuliano’s girlfriend/human vanity project AT ALL…But talking about our relationship really makes me want to point out the fact that the relationship you and Mike Schaefer have is really something else…It’s like the most perfect romance novel-like relationship I have ever seen in my life…”
“Thank you, Mike really is a wonderful and chivalrous man and I’m lucky to have a guy like him in my life...He wasn’t always that way though….he had a little bit of a rough past. He fell into the wrong crowd when he was in high school, did some things he regretted, but working with horses really brought out the kind and gentle soul inside Mike.”
“I don’t know if I’m out of line for saying this…but are you planning on…putting a ring on that?”
“You know…I’ve thought of the possibility of Mike and I getting married one day...But I really don’t think that either of us is ready for “til’ death do us part” just yet…Being married and having a marriage work is a huge responsibility that requires mutual cooperation from both spouses…”

[Image: Screenshot_856.jpg]

The next morning, Mike emerged from Jack’s home, refreshed from a good night’s sleep and ready to start the day. However, trouble began before he could even pick up a single pitchfork…The sound of men yelling at each other echoed throughout the stable and it was plainly clear what was going on.

“Oh GOD….not again.”

[Image: Screenshot_857.jpg]

Mike burst open the barn doors to find Jason and Giuliano going head to head for the second time in a row…He noticed that Jason was holding a horseshoe in his hand…
“What’s going on here?!”
“I am exerting EXTREME self-control by not hurling this piece of solid cast iron at his cranium.”

[Image: Screenshot_858.jpg]

“You won’t, no balls!”
“Man, You really are pathetic. All you do is sit around talking sh*t about other people and when someone wants to challenge you, all you do is throw a bunch of empty threats like a pussy-ass little coward!”

[Image: Screenshot_859.jpg]

Mike instinctively intervened to keep Jason and Giuliano to from killing each other.

ENOUGH! STOP. THE. FIGHTING! I can’t take it anymore, and you’re both beginning to bother the horses! So you either take it outside or you both shut up and stop trying to kill each other!!!”

[Image: Screenshot_860.jpg]

Soon enough, Mike learned that Giuliano’s rudeness was not designed specifically for Jason…

“What are you going to do about it, man?! The last time I checked, you’re not even a part of this competition, so you have NO right to boss me around. Just stay the f*** off my case!”
“I might not be a part of this competition, but I’ve been riding at this stable for a hell of a longer time than you! In fact, I work here! This is what I do for a living, so yeah, I think I have the right to boss you around!”
Giuliano responded by violently shoving Mike backwards and getting in his face.
“I don’t have to take any sh*t from you! I can probably waste you with one hand tied behind my back, you ain’t a part of this competition, I can beat the sh*t out of you and still compete!”
“Oh yeah, you don’t have the balls to hit someone who’s been practicing MMA for fifteen years! I’d like to see you try, motherf***er!”
“I’m going to shove my boot so far up your-“

[Image: Screenshot_861.jpg]

At that exact moment when Giuliano threatened his owner, Fury had gone absolutely berserk. He reared up and started to destroy the wooden door of the stall in order to break out…Once he was out, the Arabian stallion went straight on the offensive towards Giuliano, violently knocking him off his feet with one kick and following the attack with an attempt to stomp Giuliano to death.


[Image: Screenshot_862.jpg]

Jason managed to accost Fury by the reins (while avoiding being attacked himself) while Mike grabbed Giuliano by the shoulders and hauled him to safety.

[Image: Screenshot_863.jpg]

WHAT THE F***ING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, MIKE?! Are you some kind of psycho who trained his horse to ATTACK PEOPLE?!

With that said, a shocked, but otherwise uninjured Giuliano ran out of the stable.

[Image: Screenshot_864.jpg]

Mike approached Fury after the attack, clearly bothered by what just happened.

“FURY! You know better than that!!!! Look, I get it! I don’t like Giuliano either, but you can’t just go crazy and wail on him like that! Do you want people to still think you’re a vicious animal?!”

Fury responded by holding his head down low and gently nuzzling Mike’s chest.

“I know you were only looking out for me..…but still…not good.”

[Image: Screenshot_865.jpg]

Mike exited the stable to find Jason sitting down on the ground and holding his head, deeply perturbed by the entire situation.

“What’s wrong, J.? Talk to me….”
“I just…..Part of me thinks that doing this whole jumping thing was a complete mistake. At first I was really looking forward to it….Ever since meeting that f***ing scumbag, I just…I don’t know how I’m going to co-exist with him on a professional level….Heh…even Fury hates him.”
“Fury just freaked out because he thought Giuliano was going to throw a punch. He did the same thing with Roy Peterson back when you started working here. Remember that?”
“Yeah, how he thought Dante was killing his horses…and he put me through hell because I thought I was going to lose him? Yeah…those were some good times..” Jason said sarcastically.

[Image: Screenshot_866.jpg]

“But when it comes to Giuliano, I don’t know how I’m going to deal with him…I don’t think I have ever met a rider who gives less of a f*** about horseback riding than him…”
“I know, man…It’s going to be a challenge having him around…The best we can do is just teach him how to be better with Hercules and hope that he’ll listen, even if we have to proverbially drill it in his brain.”
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10-03-2016, 08:06 PM
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RE: Fury
A drill to the brain seems a reasonable way to deal with those who neglect animals.

That was a punch up and a half, that chapter! Too much testosterone I guess.

Yes, it is about time Mike and Karilla (autocorrect makes this "gorilla", alas) should get married. Then they can stop making the others puke with their lovey dovey ways and settle down to bitter regret and slow bubbling resentment. Biggrin
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12-03-2016, 03:52 PM
Post: #195
RE: Fury
I'd say Giuliano had it coming. I was expecting Fury to trample him to bits. Wonderful chapter as always. And yeah, Mike and Karilla should get married. Maybe while they're riding he could lean in close and hand her the ring. Does that sound trite?
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12-03-2016, 05:59 PM
Post: #196
RE: Fury
(12-03-2016 03:52 PM)simspeaker4 Wrote:  I'd say Giuliano had it coming. I was expecting Fury to trample him to bits. Wonderful chapter as always. And yeah, Mike and Karilla should get married. Maybe while they're riding he could lean in close and hand her the ring. Does that sound trite?

Super cheesy Tongue

I always think it's terrific to chuck the ring into a glass of champagne, thus maximising the chance of your beloved choking to death during the proposal. Biggrin
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