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Rating The Expansion Packs
15-03-2013, 09:57 AM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2014 03:58 AM by Ollie.)
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Rating The Expansion Packs
With the worlds that I am/will be making for The Sims 3 I am wondering who has which expansions, I also thought it would be interesting to know which expansion packs people like, so why not combine it?

So out of the expansion packs you have rate them in order from the one that you like the best to the one that you find the worst (preferable including all the expansion packs that you have).

  1. Seasons (best)
  2. Ambitions
  3. Late Night
  4. World adventures
  5. university life
  6. Generations (worst, it's not necessarily a bad game, it's just the EP that I find to be the worst so far)

Also If you could update the list whenever you've gotten your hands on a new Expansion (not saying you have to, i'm just saying that it would be nice to see which expansion packs to buy before the others).

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15-03-2013, 10:01 AM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2014 12:09 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
OK, Ollie, these are the EPs that I have, in order of preference...

1. Seasons
My favourite by far, because without different types of weather the game was too, you know, sunny! Also I like all the new activities that came with it. Essential if you like to play a fairly 'realistic' game.

2. Island Paradise
Because I really like the boats!

3. Pets
Because the cats are just too cute!

4. University Life
As with the Sims 2 version, I expect Uni to get a little tiresome after a while, but the town is nice and it does add something significant to the game. Some sims will be sent to uni, some will not. I love all the other stuff that came with it - coffee shops (serving teas - yay!) etc. I have to score this EP highly because, as Minty identified in his Mayhem Hall experiment, I'm just such a girly swot. Tongue

5. Late Night
Having always lived in cities, and being overly fond of cocktails, LN is great for me. I know Bridgeport is very laggy but it was great to get some urban areas. I don't hate vampires.

6. World Adventures
The tasks and adventures themselves are all right, I suppose, although they can be a bit repetitive. I liked a lot of the stuff that came with WA. Like... nectar-making machinery ... and my sim's hair!

7. JOINT Ambitions and Into The Future
Some of the professions are fun to play but once I've done them a few times I get a little tired of it. Some of them are buggy too. Ambitions is OK though. ITF is interesting but it would be too complicated to keep visiting too often.

8. JOINT Supernatural and Generations
The SN sims are interesting to dabble with but I have them switched off in most games. Since I'm not using most of the content very often, I guess this EP has to come last. I like a lot of the furniture and stuff that came with this, as well as the plants and things. Generations is OK - some of the things that were added, such as teens learning to drive cars are fine - but some of it gets annoying after a while - like too many pranks or midlife crises!

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04-04-2013, 07:43 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
I don't have all of them but:
1. Supernatural
2. Seasons
3. Late night
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05-04-2013, 07:55 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
I must say, putting them in best to worst was actually kind of hard. It wasn't until after I did mine that I realised how good they are (Well not really good, but whatever). It was difficult to choose one to put last. I don't know how to explain it, I don't necessarily like the expanisions (I think they need more), but at the same time I think that they're somewhat good.

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05-04-2013, 11:10 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
1. Seasons
2. Pets
3. World Adventures
4. Ambitions
5. University Life
6. Late Night
7. Supernatural
8. Generations
9. Showtime

About the only one there which I thought a stinker was Showtime. Very overrated. All of the other ones added to the game no matter how you liked to play it, but Showtime was strictly for those with X Factor fantasies or very bad dress sense.

The first four on my list bar Pets I'd say are "must haves" for any Sim player wanting to enjoy the game to the max. The others are down to preference.

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05-04-2013, 02:50 PM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
Yup I'm glad I skipped Showtime!

Has anyone actually played Uni Life yet? It seems that there are a lot of bugs in it (no kidding - bugs in an EA game - no really!). I've got a copy now (at least I think I do, I've been feeling my birthday presents to deduce the contents but I'll leave them wrapped up until the right day rolls round) and am looking forward to sending sims to uni.
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06-04-2013, 01:44 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
Outside of uni in uni life, there really isn't much to do. Maybe I am expecting too much from expansion packs, but I feel that they all need something more to do. Maybe it's just the fact that they are over-hyped.

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06-04-2013, 11:11 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
They are over-hyped but I still want them (or some of them at least) - the base game alone would seem pretty dull in comparison. I've become more picky about EPs and SPs though - for Sims 2 I bought anything and everything that they ported for Mac without giving it a moment's thought. Sims 3 is so much buggier that I think carefully about whether I want them at all. With Sims 2 they only ever added more content and fun, with Sims 3 you have to balance your wish for new content against the headaches of the new bugs that will come with it.
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05-05-2013, 02:08 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
I edited University life in to mine.
Recently I have gotten a prominent craving for Pets. I even had a dream about buying it last night. :/

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05-05-2013, 09:10 AM
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RE: Expansion packs best to worst
I have updated my list as well to include SN and Uni Life.

Pets is a good EP - you could make a pug!

Is your birthday anytime soon?
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