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Mayhem Hall
15-04-2013, 04:25 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Don't leave us in suspense for too long. I'll go crackers!

I hope those evil beds didn't finish off any sims already. It's only Day 1.

Has anyone every slept on one of those Murphy beds in RL? If I had to, I would sleep with my feet at the top, so that if it folded up, I would at least be trapped standing the right way up! Also I think it would be much better to have two people sharing, so the extra weight would hold the bed down more effectively. So those sims should all make good friends with each other and double-up - safety first!

Oh and we should definitely get a juice keg.
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16-04-2013, 06:30 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Day 2 - Monday

[Image: 139039.jpg]

Cassie survived being flattened by the deadly bed, but with a negative moodlet for the next six hours. She spent the morning studying with her feet sticking through the floorboards, while the bed Minty had been on put itself up without anyone touching it & retracted again without anyone touching it in the evening. Spooky.

That weird glow you can see is because Monday night proved to be a full moon.

[Image: 139040.jpg]

Four others headed out for their first classes first thing (all rabbithole sessions). Steven had only time for a nap & having eaten one of those Nougat bars for breakfast was feeling yuk, Ollie, Ahmed & Jeremiah all slept well but headed out on empty stomachs.

This was to be a familiar theme of the day even with those whose classes were much later - and Ollie, Jeremiah (Broadway Beckons), Bobert, Cassie, [removed] & Steven all had to hit the sack the moment they got back - Ollie however will only catnap, & Sommie is doing the same because she's hitting the coffee too much.

[Image: 139041.jpg]

Only Breebree, Cassie & Minty attended their respective classes well fed & with enough energy to be in a good mood. Caspin however didn't go to her class at all! She studied at home in the morning, slept through the afternoon, & home studied again in the evening.

[Image: 139045.jpg]

Of major concern was Yo!WhoMovedMyCheese. He spent the entire morning diving in the pool of the house where he'd crashed out on the sunbeds the night before, even though he was dog tired & looking a good candidate for drowning. He switched however to building a bigger & bigger bonfire by throwing test-tubes into it.

[Image: 139043.jpg]

Yo kipped down on a bench where Esther Atkins played with her model skeleton, but got up after only a few minutes to start chatting up Patty Hong & play frisbee with her until it was very late - blowing his Dumpster Diver opportunity as it timed out. Local zombie Shane Scroggins burst out of the ground as he finally headed home, but he got home safely & finally got something to eat - Cassie's leftover hotdogs from lunch!

[Image: 139044.jpg]

Lack of sleep caught up with him however as he passed out right afterwards, as Breebree opted for an early night - in the deadly bed!

Ahmed was too late to get any of the others, and so got the self raising one that had been Minty's.

However, they turned out not to be any more at risk than any of the other occupants that night from an early grave due to events below them.

[Image: 139046.jpg]

[removed]'s habit of running on caffeine & catnaps since arrival finally caught up with her. Forced back awake to the kitchen by hunger while tired and irascible, she set fire to the kitchen in seconds.

[Image: 139047.jpg]

This was the cue for everyone in the building to come running in & act like they were starting a rave.

[Image: 139048.jpg]

The fire brigade came in, but with everyone getting in their way, it was near impossible for them to tackle the fire - which spread to the microwave, & also to Minty!

Are we about to see our first fatality or even fatalities as the action hots up? Shocked

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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16-04-2013, 06:51 PM (This post was last modified: 16-04-2013 06:58 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Nooooooooooo! I missed my class? Nooooooooooooo!

So the sims survived the deadly beds but now are going to be burnt up in a housefire instead? This is a frightening scenario. Why isn't someone extinguishing Minty? Run the to the shower!

I just can't take this! I mean..... I missed my class!

Here is something strange that I noticed in UL. You can drink all these fancy herbal infusions, so my sim went and chose lavender tea, which I thought would be relaxing. Turns out lavender tea gets you wired. I thought this weird.
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18-04-2013, 09:40 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Day 3 - Tuesday


[Image: 139078.jpg]

Nobody - not for want of trying. Minty burned forever while the fire fighters kept changing their minds whether to put him out first or the stove, microwave, table units and trash compactor.

Minty got singed (& despite the dangers of that moodlet ran outside when it was all over to light a bonfire!), everyone else though was OK - even Ahmed, who was shoved into the flames twice by the fire fighters as they tried to put out Minty.

The insurance was about §650, the damage put together would cost about §1500 to put right. I decided to leave it until the kitchen was going to be clear before putting it right.

[Image: 139079.jpg]

Come the dawn, Minty was still looking singed as he had breakfast on a table with two discarded juice cartons, one left by a smelly Steven heading for first class, the other by a still dog tired Yo!WhoMovedMyCheese.

[removed] was now in the kitchen, at the point of passing out tired, at the point of peeing the floor bursting, & at the point of supermodel malnutrition levels. What does she do? Heads for the coffee maker!

When a minute later Cassie was so lalalala from hunger she went the wrong way at first as she ran to catch her class on time, while a still singed Minty & Yo! went off to play computer games (Minty also not bothering to clear up), I decided enough was enough & some intervention was required over & above fixing the kitchen.

[Image: 139080.jpg]

Yo! was forced to go to bed & sleep (not nap as he tried to do - twice!), Minty was forced to shower, & [removed] had her coffee cancelled right out of her hand & forced to have yoghurt instead before being sent to the toilet & straight to bed. She looked so pleased! Biggrin However, it turned out that [removed] fell ill an hour later (not surprising) & will be contagious for the next two days.

Poor Caspin along with Ollie got the job of tidying up the dining room & kitchen as the only ones that had it all together. I'll make it up to them later.

The stove, trash compactor, microwave and two kitchen units had to be replaced. I gave them the Streamlined stove, as it was self cleaning & had a hunger rating of 10 (up from the 4 of the SimmerChar Dual-State). I also sold off the Anson Hot Beverage Maker which I think is the source of all their troubles - too many of them running on caffeine bursts, not sleeping or eating properly.

[Image: 139081.jpg]

Steven had a good practical session with the radio transmitter, once he stopped using it to rap "Yo suckers, the name's Serp, & am reaching to ma crips!" & instead began shockjocking why did anyone think we'd find life on Mars the Solar System when they couldn't even find life in Mars, Pennsylvania.

YeGangnam tried to get his attention while he skilled up on logic with the chess, but he ignored her - either that or his lack of a shower deterred her. Could be it was a deliberate tactic to ensure a day of total uninterrupted academic achievement, for after skilling up the logic, he was straight to studying. He's quite the swotty pants on the quiet.

[Image: 139082.jpg]

This is more than can be said for Cassie, who fell asleep in class! Lucky for her that their lecturer never turned up, although that didn't stop students putting their hands in the air to ask questions to no-one. Unless the lecturer is one of those other students' imaginary friends & I couldn't see them.

[Image: 139083.jpg]

Afterwards, I forced her to go to the Toasted Beans coffee shop to get something to eat at once since it was nearer than Malen Hall. As she couldn't get a sausage roll, she had to make do with a Cheese Danish. Isn't she Miss La Di Dah with her knife & fork instead of eating it in her hands like the rest of us? Tongue

[Image: 139084.jpg]

Breebree got more out of studying at home than she got out of the day's lecture. She & Minty looked SO happy Biggrin

The only reason Jeremiah's looking so pleased is he finally turned up at the lecture with 2 minutes of it to go. He also paints at home - for all of a few minutes at a time! BangHead

[Image: 139085.jpg]

Chaos ensured when I had to wake Ahmed, Caspin, Ollie, Yo! & an ill [removed] all to attend their lectures on time (all were sleeping or napping). Perhaps Bobert ought to have done the same judging by the way his eyes glazed over in his class with a lecturer that looked a total bunny boiler. He was however the first to use the new oven & blender, but wasn't happy with the stains on the floor that wouldn't wash out (will go back to fix this!).

However, after this everyone at last began to act more normally & more to some semblence of a routine & sociability. [removed] & Yo! were eating & sleeping properly, there was even Ollie, Bobert, Caspin & Ahmed having a group discussion in the lounge after studying together. Yo!WhoMovedMyCheese also became the first to get some social standing on campus, in this instance online with the Nerds.

[Image: 139086.jpg]

There was one final curious part to the third day. After returning from class & gossiping with Cassie, Breebree went upstairs & made to pull down the deadly bed which again had gone up of its own accord. Nothing happened thankfully, but she thought better of it & went to sleep in one of the singles. Later on, Steven & Jeremiah chose to sleep on the couch & an outside bench (!) respectively rather than chance the deadly beds, while [removed] practiced trick shots waiting for Breebree to finish sleeping & take a prewarmed bed.

(Yo!WhoMovedMyCheese was also caught out trying to establish ownership of a bed - detagged!)

If tomorrow no one sleeps in the Murphy beds, it could be everyone has learned to avoid them, as I saw a couple of them talking about them earlier. It's not the case of avoidance because they're a double bed - there's often a race for the normal double bed in the room across the way (today won by Bobert, much to Steven & [removed]'s annoyance.)

That brings day three to a close, for once without any dramas! Clapping

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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19-04-2013, 07:17 PM
Post: #15
RE: Mayhem Hall
Phew, we are doing OK so far at staying alive.

What happened to Minty Green's arm in that first picture - it looks as though he's had an arm burnt off?!

I am glad that I helped clean up the kitchen after it got trashed. Always nice to see a bit of realism in sims.
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19-04-2013, 11:49 PM
Post: #16
RE: Mayhem Hall
Perfect post is perfect <3

[Image: BreeBree711.png]
Insufficiency Revealed
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20-04-2013, 01:59 AM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
BreeBree, hello! Big Grin

Mayhem hall is quite dramatic, I must say.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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20-04-2013, 12:29 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Hello Breebree, nice to meet you!

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21-04-2013, 12:43 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
nice to meet you too! it's been a very long time! Tongue school, career, personal life XP I actually had a horrendous fisrt time with university for ts3. my sim died before she could attend her first class by that wretched Murphy Bed! >Sad

but anywho, my computer is currently out of commission, and im doing all this via phone Tongue lol

[Image: BreeBree711.png]
Insufficiency Revealed
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26-04-2013, 09:41 PM
Post: #20
RE: Mayhem Hall
Welcome back Breebree! We've missed you. :smiley-hug002:

Day 4 - Wednesday

[Image: 139162.jpg]

Matters began with some concern over Breebree's eating habits still being difficult, but at breakfast she did have a proper meal, so panic over. Minty's pyromaniac dreams were also noted.

[Image: 139163.jpg]

Another matter needing cleared up was Minty & especially Cassie's continued wardrobe malfunctions at breakfast. For the sake of decency and TMN headline avoidance, I utilised Master Controller to get them showing a bit more dignity & a bit less of themselves. Funny enough, Cassie began at last to clean away her plates after meals at this point. Not sure if that was correlated to getting a dressing gown or not.

[Image: 139164.jpg]

Jeremiah made what was without a doubt the most radical fashion statement of the day with his pink bunny slippers at breakfast. He proved to be in a very working mood that morning, getting straight down to some hard sketching practice after getting showered & changed.

Steven however was not amused by his choice of venue.

[Image: 139165.jpg]

"Hey, stop sketching in the toilets you pervert! Who do you think you are, Andy Warhol?"

Minty made a pile of pancakes, which meant that Ollie,
Bobert, Ahmed and [removed] didn't have to waste time making a meal. Every second
saved counts. More to the point, it meant they were filled properly for the day ahead, making for less time suffering negative moodlets for hunger.

Yes Cassie, there will be words with Bobert over his own wardrobe malfunction later.

[Image: 139166.jpg]

Minty wants to speak to him first over that leak that happened after he'd taken a leak but left someone else to fix it & mop it up! Sick

[Image: 139167.jpg]

Bobert did however prove the key to solving one of the enduring mysteries of the last few days - or so it was thought. Who was going around switching on all the music players?

[Image: 139168.jpg]

It turned out with an almost religious fervour, Bobert would make it his business to go all around the house, make sure each & every music centre was switched on, strut his funky stuff for ten minutes before leaving them still playing.

DancingAlien Switch any of them off, he'd rectify this at once & shake his booty on the floor a bit more. DancingAlien

No matter what he was doing, he'd always get up to get down. Dunno

I was beginning to think this was the reason why no one was sleeping in the deadly beds any longer, but later events proved this not to be the case. Even after turning them all off, the household members would still stay on a bench or couch rather than touch them.

[Image: 139169.jpg]

[removed] got stuck into her business plan even though she was still feeling blue with the flu, which she'd now given to Minty & Caspin (how sweet of her - share & share alike!).

Ollie & Minty went off to learn the handiness skill in their spare time before class, & Minty even got in some dumpster diving time, meaning his unfortunate classmates being stuck with a smelly Mint.

[Image: 139170.jpg]

Breebree also did some skilling up, deciding she wanted to learn to play bass. I rewarded her with one for doing so (she'd cleaned that black spot in the kitchen after I'd moved the furniture to allow it), which she proceeded to play in the middle of the street. Is this what they call a "happening"?

[Image: 139171.jpg]

The other major mystery of the day also concerned Bobert. Who is plaguing him constantly with nuisance calls? Is it Zoie Jarvis, who later asked Ahmed out on a date? Or was it Nicholas Albright after Minty slapped him during an after class interview, perhaps for asking if it was true that the Malen Hall dorm had the smelliest soap dodging students on campus? Biggrin

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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