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Mayhem Hall
26-04-2013, 10:22 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
It's interesting that sims have learned to avoid the murder beds. Have they gained artificial intelligence while at university?

Someone should dance with Bobert - let's go, Bobert!

Listeningtomusic Listeningtomusic
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27-04-2013, 05:59 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
I have discovered that drinking "bumbleleaf" tea (what?!) makes sims fire-proof. This might be our best option if we want to continue living in a dorm with pyroMinty!
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06-05-2013, 08:57 PM (This post was last modified: 22-05-2013 08:16 PM by Minty.)
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Day 5 - Thursday (Part 1)

This will have to be split as there's been some game affecting changes I'll outline.

[Image: 139231.jpg]

Ahmed’s hot day turned out to be a wet one, meeting Zoie Jarvis out in the rain. He did discover she doesn’t like to flirt and is artistic, but he also discovered she doesn’t share her umbrella.

[Image: 139232.jpg]

Bobert meanwhile was strutting his funky stuff in the weights room while everyone else was in bed or sleeping on the couches in Ollie & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese’s cases.

[Image: 139233.jpg]

Apart from Jeremiah. I’m not as sure Broadway beckons as much as the Turner Prize for him. After twice running off to the toilets to throw up, he came out with a big smile, went straight to the nearest canvas & got himself painted up a skill level. How Damien Hirst!

[Image: 139234.jpg]

Breebree’s choice of breakfast was a bit unusual.

“Yummy! Last night’s left over anchovies that Minty made & never put back in the fridge! My favourite!

“Yummy yummy! Eating left over anchovies at a table full of unwashed plates of anchovies from last night! My favourite!”


[Image: 139235.jpg]

Did Breebree clean all those plates left lying around? Did she dicky bird! She left them for Ahmed when he returned from his soggy date.

He was SO happy! Biggrin

[Image: 139236.jpg]

“Hey Ahmed, friend, as you’ll be finished anchovy breakfast first, I’ll let you clean all those plates up.”

“Hey Steven, friend, did I ever tell you what an unwiped bunghole you are?’

Wub you too!” Tongue

[Image: 139237.jpg]

A moment I missed from coming halfway into events was this exchange between Caspin & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese? Had they both been wanting to use the computers to do online dating, only to start arguing over eating brains? Maybe that zombie hatching outside days earlier did affect some of them?

[Image: 139238.jpg]

Cassie spent a few hours nerding on the net before going running to her class - even though it wasn't due to start for another two hours. Keen!

(Mmmm, think Cassie's eyes need made bigger. I got the shape right, not the size)

[Image: 139239.jpg]

Jeremiah was the latest one I caught turning on the music in the deadly bed room, but a look at his moodlets showed he'd got the Murphy bed Clinophobia from having been twatted by the same bed when trying to make it that got Cassie before. This again makes me suspect that anyone that’s been hurt by the bed will do everything to put people off using it. Maybe Bobert got clobbered by the beds when I wasn’t looking – it would explain why he keeps entering this room only to turn the music on & leave.

This made me decide it was time for some more changes.

Another reason for some changes came from it being Leisure Day (although some still had classes). Ahmed, Breebree, Bobert, Cassie, Caspin, Jeremiah, Minty, Ollie, [removed], Steven & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese ALL now wanted that morning to throw a pool party. Caspin also wanted a hot tub. This was going to result in a massive mood & lifetime points hit if taken up.

[Image: 139240.jpg]

I sold both of the deadly beds for §527 each. No one was using them, no point in keeping them. It had become a room that was never being used.

I went for broke & sold off all the beds, replacing them with eight comfy Due Dreamer ones to improve everyone’s waking hours. With university time at a premium, decent beds are a priority - otherwise the Sim wastes too much extra time having to sleep.

However there's also two sets of bunk beds, so three unlucky simmers now face sleeping in the crappiest beds in town - still better than sleeping on the couch.

I also fitted a small pool with a diving board, a hot tub with an ice cream stand, & a beer keg. A very good few minutes for both Caspin & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese, who got a lot of Lifetime happiness points from all this – Caspin is now sitting on over 8000. There's also a soccer goal.

The next game run should be a lot more interesting now Yahoo

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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07-05-2013, 06:44 AM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Hot tub. Hot tub? Hot tub!!!!

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14-05-2013, 08:35 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
hahaha I love this! very fun to follow this

(12-04-2010 10:57 PM)CassieeBethh Wrote:Toilet seats are just yucky. Like... it's just wrong when you think how many butts have been on it.
Joined SF March 19th 2008
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22-05-2013, 08:51 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Day 5 - Thursday (Part 2)

[Image: 139403.jpg]

With the changes put in place, what effect did this have on the game.

On the plus side, proper sleep meant more time for our Sim selves to do things.

On the negative time, this appears to mean more time to do this -

[Image: 139404.jpg]

A LOT of it! Shocked

[removed] didn't even bother getting dressed before shooting down to try it.

[Image: 139405.jpg]

Biggrin The Juice Keg - Breakfast of Champions! Haveadrink

[Image: 139406.jpg]

Not that Minty Green got much opportunity by the time he got to try it - "what, run out already? We've only had it for an hour!"

[Image: 139407.jpg]

It poured with rain almost all day long, which wasn't good for Bobert, Caspin, Steven & [removed] heading out for some business demonstration practice.

[Image: 139408.jpg]

Caspin's went down well, which encouraged Bobert with his own more radical talk.

[Image: 139409.jpg]

Oh dear. It seems the Young Business Turks of tomorrow really can't handle Bobert's acumen. Don't worry Bobert, there must be a market somewhere for flamethrowers for babies - probably Kentucky.

[Image: 139410.jpg]

Jeremiah's got still his weird toilet habits. If he's not trying to sketch them, he's shooing anyone else that tries to come into the bathroom when he's using the urinal. Of course, he could use one of the cubicles instead but that would be too much like logic. With all the juice everyone's been drinking, it's no surprise he can't find any alone "me-time" for wee time, but this wanting the toilet block all to himself when he does so is taking the piddle - except for him that is!

[Image: 139412.jpg]

The weather finally dried up late at night, & everyone shot out to try the new garden goodies & party, Cassie hitting the springboard and pool before Ollie & [removed] could get there first; Caspin & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese trying the hot tub.

[Image: 139413.jpg]

No idea why Mr Cheezomatic pulled that face & perhaps it's best I didn't find out! Shocked

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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22-05-2013, 09:57 PM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Crumbs! Now I think they are having too much fun - a hot tub at university - imagine!

May I please point out that both of my hands are out of the water. I have no idea why YoWhoAteMyCheese has that expression on his face. My best guess is that he is just really enjoying the bubbles.

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24-05-2013, 09:18 AM
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Oh dear, that face, it's so creepy.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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19-06-2013, 11:16 PM (This post was last modified: 19-06-2013 11:17 PM by Minty.)
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RE: Mayhem Hall
Day 6 - Friday

There was a worrisome start with the Sim selves still out partying in the twilight hours of Friday (Twilight hours, oh dear, makes them sound like they were all going to turn into sparkly vampires)

[Image: 139735.jpg]

[removed] challenged Ahmed to a holding breath underwater competition. Both of them now had colds (Sommie going through her second bout of it!), both their energy levels were getting low, & with this being one of Grimmy's favourite times to harvest, I feared the worst, but apart from Ahmed being a bad loser nothing bad happened.

[Image: 139736.jpg]

Ollie, BroadwayBeckons & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese decided to head off bowling, getting in an hour's worth of Jocking it up before chuck out time.

[Image: 139737.jpg]

Afterwards, Ollie & Mr Cheezomatic kept watch while playing keepie up as Jeremiah nipped round the back to artistically enhance the local landscape of The Town With No Name.

[Image: 139738.jpg]

I wondered if El Chedder Prima would have been so keen to help if he knew our budding artist was thinking about telling the cops that he'd done the Banksy on the Bowling Alley if questioned? Shame on you Jeremy!

This however was the least of my worries.

[Image: 139739.jpg]

There was an outbreak of severe wardrobe malfunctioning amongst the members, & with mares hanging around the place front & back I was worried how long before it hit the local scandal columns. Tongue

Caspin's sim self really sailed close to disaster.

[Image: 139740.jpg]

Wellies the juice keg for breakfast, before going outside & right in front of that mare has a good old thought balloon pervy at Bobert coming out of the hot tub in his emperor's new clothes! Shocked

Moving swiftly on as Angus Deayton would say, it was exam day, & with everyone now trying to throw off colds, I feared the worst, although all went in putting in their best effort.

[Image: 139741.jpg]

Ahmed & Yo!WhoAteMyCheese had their exams first, neither being in the best of shapes, yet both passed, as did everyone else - Breebree711, Caspin, Cassie & Minty even getting on the Dean's list. Caspin was no surprise, but BroadwayBeckons I thought was a dead cert Dean's lister having a near perfect study record all week. Cassie proved the dark horse, while Minty's unimpressive stats for the week may have been tempered by him going to a cookery class immediately before going to do the exam perhaps (something to bear in mind perhaps when playing this, get them doing a skill up class linked to their subject before taking the exam).

Jeremiah & Bobert however did leave their exams early due to hunger & toilet needs (Bobert piddling right outside the exam hall door), so although neither got the failed exam moodlet, they didn't get the pass one either.

[Image: 139742.jpg]

There was however one outright disaster, [removed] failed. Her mood bar was badly hit with a combination of her continued illness & stressing herself out over her failing grades, which is a real vicious circle. I continually tried to get her to study on the day (she was due to sit hers in the evening, long after everyone else) & work on her business plan, but she wasn't having it. The resultant fail has crashed her mood bar further. I'm going to intervene & skill the bum off her over the next two days in rabbit hole classes, otherwise I can see an imminent dropout.

She drowned her sorrows in chocolate cake in the coffee bar across the road after. At least it wasn't any more keg juice!

[Image: 139743.jpg]

Everyone hit the same coffee house after so at least Sommie wasn't alone - Ahmed & Bobert fancying their chances with the same girl & shaking their bootee on the floor to impress her. Caspin meanwhile went off later to try cross-eyed ten pin bowling. Not sure if it boosted her score any better!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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20-06-2013, 12:34 PM
Post: #30
RE: Mayhem Hall
Yay Minty Minty Minty Minty - an update! Clapping

I am glad that most of us passed the exams. Poor [removed], though! Sad That really won't do. I hope that some interventions will get her grades back to where they should be. Maybe we can tutor her or something.

How nice to see everyone relaxing. After all, your uni years should be fun! Looks as though Ollie would beat me at bowling any day. I BeatingHeart bowling shoes.

Alas, I am not surprised to be found hitting up the juice keg and then wandering around the garden in my summer PJs. My apologies to Bobert for ogling him. Mind you, if you are going to go skinny dipping in a communal tub, I guess you are OK with being ogled!

That horse looks huge! Wonder why it is in the garden. Can we ride it to lectures?
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