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(release) littleton island
06-06-2013, 05:28 AM (This post was last modified: 20-06-2013 07:50 PM by Minty.)
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(release) littleton island
"Welcome to Littleton Island, an island 200 miles off the coast of Sunset Valley! Littleton is just waiting to be filled with happy sims, and has all the things you need to survive on its main street! A wonderful and beautiful island, all at your fingertips. How will your littleton thrive?"

Littleton is a town i made myself in CAW. Its my very first CAW world, so go easy on me. Tongue All routing data is built property and double checked with the rebuild tool. The town was built with 1 thing in mind: Performance. Littleton is a SMALL island, but great for about 6 families! It has everything you need to let your sims live happy lives. The island, being small, is very great with framerate compared to others. So if your looking for a place to call home that will run perfect on your PC, littleton is the place to be! Ive playtested and all works great, looks great, runs great. Fun place to play in. This world is fully complete aside from a flyby. There is no flyby for this world. Please report bugs. Smile

Development shot:
[Image: littisland1.jpg]

Full finished shot:
[Image: Screenshot-17.jpg]

Littleton points of interest:

-The "Swimming Port", where a biodome rests underwater, and a random waterfall with seemingly no source runs free:
[Image: Screenshot-16.jpg]

The beachfront:

[Image: Screenshot-15.jpg]

Main Street:

[Image: Screenshot-14.jpg]

The home that sunk during a hurricane:

[Image: Screenshot-12.jpg]


*please note that because of recording, the quality of the video looks bad. Not my fault and the world quality looks 100 times better than shown in vid.

Quick Q&A:
Q: How big is the island?
A: The size of downtown sunset valley.

Q: What is missing from the world that will cause me to not be able to get that job?
A: There are no stadiums, fires stations, clubs, etc.

Q: Any sims?
A: You make your own. Tongue

Q: Anything else i should know?
A: Deathfish are pretty common in Littleton Island, which is why there is no graveyard. People live very long.

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
70`s,80`s,90`s stuff (No content was used, so you MIGHT be able to run the world without it)
Town Life Stuff

DOWNLOAD: (only 8MB!)

Click here to Download!
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06-06-2013, 11:05 AM
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RE: (release) littleton island

Good idea to start with a little island - they are often smoother to play as well.
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20-06-2013, 09:19 PM
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RE: (release) littleton island
I altered the size of the pictures because they were breaking the page - please people, don't make pictures bigger than 717 in width - ideally 500 for a good picture to text ratio.

My apologies for not commenting on this one sooner, but to be honest I only spotted it yesterday! I've no idea how this slipped past my attention.

Here's my review.

First of all, the island is tiny, & the loading time is practically non-existent, all good! Smile

There are seven empty homes (no pre-occupied), & only one of them cost more than a new single Sim could buy. The largest is on 37x24, the smallest on 24x11. All homes are unfurnished from the start.

[Image: 139746.jpg]

1 Rotten Road has the beach stretching out into the water like a big bit of paper. I've no idea if that was intentional, but it looks messy & needs resculptured in some way to blend in better with the rest of the island.

[Image: 139747.jpg]

Similarly there's a number of homes on cliff edges where it all looks too severe & need to be sculpted better.

That roof at 6 Stone Avenue is ghastly, & needs lowered. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

[Image: 139749.jpg]

The Commonwealth Court from Supernatural has been used (combines Political, Military & Law career rabbitholes), along with Steve's Business Complex & Restaurant (business, journalism & restaurant), helping to cram in all the basic game rabbit holes into a tiny island.

[Image: 139750.jpg]

Despite the lumpy part on the road, driving is fine.

I would be tempted to replace many of the big building rabbitholes with those from the likes of Sunlit Tides. You wouldn't get huge concrete carbuncles on a little island like this. You probably get away with Commonwealth Court as it's in the centre, but
those big buildings on the shortline feel a bit too much & would
replace with smaller rabbitholes.

All in all, a lovely first attempt, & anyone wanting to keep playing the Sims 3 with all their EPs on an underpowered rig may find this a real gem.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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