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Sims 2 ds items sold by shop
10-09-2013, 12:55 AM
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Sims 2 ds items sold by shop
Does not include Mission items.
Okay I'm trying to make a list of all items sold in the shop on Sims 2 DS.
It'll also include prices and descriptions from the game.

Burgundy Ebony Bed $160
This burgundy bed is just for sleeping in, not showing off.

Burgundy Couch $150
A budget maroon sofa from Sitwell. Slippers sold separately.

White Shower $130
If you won't sing in here, then where? Come on, who's watching?

Powder Blue Toilet $24
If you don't know what a blue toilet is, you probably don't need one.

Porcelain Sink $100
Your basic sink. Hot and cold water. Rubber stopper, Bacteria.

Red Fridge $350
Yes, the light goes out when you shut the door.

Cedar Skies Bed $400
Sleeps one comfortable couple... or two uncomfortable singles.

Brown/Dark Green Deluxe Couch $300
A brown deluxe couch with patented Cat-Off Technology.

Computer $5000
A 2.6 Ghz computer with 2 MB of RAM... truly the abacus of the future.

Ebony Chair $100
You can sit in it or use it to prop open a stubborn door.

Deluxe Sorbet Fridge $350
Made from the metal of 10,000 melted pennies.

Pink Dreams couch $300
A deluxe couch with patented Coin-Capture Technology.

Black couch $150
A budget black sofa from Sitwell. Cozy nap sold separately.

White Fridge $350
Too bad you don't have any magnets or photos to decorate this with.

List to be updated.
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