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Monroe Legacy (Sims 3)
23-12-2013, 07:52 PM
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Monroe Legacy (Sims 3)
You can find the legacy website by clicking HERE.

You can find the Chapters by clicking HERE.

Jordan Monroe was a quiet, shy boy from Riverview, from the craziest family in town. He moved to Sunset Valley in hopes of finding fame and fortune a long lost family member promised way back when.

The story details Jordan's struggle to the top, his encounters with the good people, the bad people and the ugly people. It is written by a semi-professional writer who is also a Sims lover. Yes, a family will come when it comes.

I hope you guys can find time to read it and give me feedback!


While I was driving, I’d sometimes look back. I was paranoid my family would drag me back. I was paranoid my home was drifting away in the distance, until it seemed like it was miles of miles away. Where could I go from here? What if no one liked my work ethic and I didn’t get a job? What if I couldn’t pay the bills? What if I had no friends? (not like I wasn’t used to being alone.) But when I found the note, buried under hundreds of books and papers, I had to move from Riverview to somewhere new and exciting, Sunset Valley. But the main reason for escaping was much more than trying to escape my crazy family (but that was one of the reasons, too). Enclosed in the note was my great (or great, great) grandfather’s writing. He promised riches in Sunset Valley- lots, and lots of riches. Money, and fame too. If you lived my sort of life, trust me, you’d jump to the chance.
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27-12-2013, 12:14 AM
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RE: Monroe Legacy (Sims 3)
Hello, just so you know, I am not ignoring your story, I am just waiting to read on my proper computer, as I only have an iPad Mini over the holidays and sometimes it's a bit, well, mini! Smile
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27-12-2013, 08:49 PM
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RE: Monroe Legacy (Sims 3)
If all you are going to do is post links to your story & not bother talking to anyone else here, don't be too surprised if you find we're not going to bother giving feedback or even bother reading it.

Sorry, but if you treat us as a free advertising hoarding, don't expect us to care. You'd get the same response at Boolprop or about anywhere else. That you've not even returned here any time in the four days hence about says it all.


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28-12-2013, 05:27 PM
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RE: Monroe Legacy (Sims 3)
Well, yes, there is that too.
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