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Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
09-06-2015, 08:17 AM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
I take back saying "can't wait for next week".

That was one of the most horrible, upsetting moments of TV I've ever endured. Fair play to Kerry Ingram, if the intent was to leave viewers so shocked that even this week's obligatory Danys plot twist (which are getting old, tbh) was second best, she succeeded. I'm still hearing her screams in my head 24 hours later.

Any shred of sympathy I had for Stannis, his priestess concubine or his whole army are right out of the window - congratulations on being bigger shines than Ramsey Bolton. The only question now is whether Ser Davos (who will go MENTAL when he finds out), Brianne or Gilly are going to be the ones destined for the biggest cheer in the show when they cut out his heart from his still living body & shows it to their faces so they can see how black it is before he dies.

But if Danys has now left her loyal followers in the lurch - she's a close second.

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09-06-2015, 02:47 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Looks like someone will have to return his "father of the year"-award.
And he should probably start looking for a new wife to give him sons or his rightful heir is gonna be... Dany? I think?
I have to admit that I could somehow see that coming. Though I thought Stannis would, at least now, show some feelings. Maybe next episode? There are still like 60 minutes left for him to regret before the season is over.
Why do you think Brienne will kill Stannis? Aren't they on the same side somehow? Okay, maybe that's not a good point, but she doesn't seem like the type for emotional revenge killing.

What disturbed me even more are Ser Meryn's sexual preferences. I'm hoping against hope Arya somehow found a way of killing him before he could hurt that poor child.

With Dany gone, who will reign in Mereen? I'd say her husband is next, but Hizdar looked a little bit too dead for that job...
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09-06-2015, 09:09 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Stannis's loopy wife encouraged her husband to shag the Red Priestess to give him a male heir (season 3), but he refused, apart from one bonkers time to produce those smoke demons sent out later to kill Remly in season 2.

Brianne has vowed to kill Stannis for killing Remly Baratheon, his gay brother who would have been attacking King's Landing with a massive army, the two best swords in Westeros (the Knight of the Flowers & Big Brianne), & probably enough support inside the city to take it since the Tyrells run the "bread basket" of Westeros (unlike Stannis, already known as a headcase with a bad habit of burning endless lists of "blasphemers" if the Red Priestess demanded it - & thus never going to command any support). Brianne had loved Remly all her life for kindness he'd shown her in childhood.

I had said last year that Shireen has sussed out the Red Priestess for what she truly is, which always left her in danger without Ser Davos Seaworth (the Onion Knight) to protect her, especially as they thought the same.

This business will probably finish Stannis, once word gets out, who's going to back a king like that? Certainly no one would want to accept an invite to any Royal barbeques. All that Bravaas gold is only going to give him a mercenary army, no one else will rally to his cause, except perhaps the Ironborn who everyone else despises anyway.

I'm getting a horrible creeping feeling Littlefinger's position is looking stronger by the way - although my money's partly on the White Walkers rendering everything north of the Crown Lands uninhabitable unless Bran turns out to be part of some sort of masterstroke.

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09-06-2015, 10:09 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Right, Renly, I almost forgot about that guy. Yes, that would make sense.

btw, today someone told me that one of the little Stark boys is dead, that was "said somewhere" ...?
Since it can't really be Brandon, did they ever something happened to Rickon? Sure, we haven't seen him in forever, but that he died was new to me.
Well, maybe she just confused him with Jojen.

It was a popular tin foil hat theory that Shireen was going to be burned for her royal blood, but a) against Stannis' will and b) to bring back the murdered Jon Snow. But, surprise surprise, Shireen is dead and Jon Snow is still walking.

The Ironborn were planning a new rebellion as far as I remember, so even if they back Stannis as king of Westeros, he'd have to fight them anyway.

Littlefinger's position is indeed very mighty. I've become horribly aware of that when I learned he, not the Lannisters, had killed Jon Arryn. Based on that, you could speculate that Ned Stark's death had been plotted by Petyr all the time Omg
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15-06-2015, 06:17 PM (This post was last modified: 15-06-2015 06:19 PM by Wandarine.)
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Well well well... what do we have here.

First of all, I'm pleased with the scenes in Braavos. Leaving Arya blind was one of the cliffhangers I had hoped for, and they did it Smile

Killing Myrcella was just rude. Like the last nail to the coffin of the whole Dorne-plot. The sandsnakes were horribly done anyway.

Characters they could have left out for all I care:
No. 1: Robert Strong
Seriously. I don't want this undead-Clegane-stuff.

And the "previously on..."-part, of course. Probably the most wicked thing the series ever did. Well done, b*stards. Well done.
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15-06-2015, 11:18 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Season end shocker...
... Arya & Brianne do something USEFUL! Biggrin

Jon Snow was expected - but although he claims that's him out, I did notice his IMDb log shows he's not pencilled in for shooting anything else this year other than GOT - compare that to Charles Dance who had three films, two mini series ready & voiceovering The Witcher to keep him occupied once he'd croaked.

There's a theory the Red Priestess lied to Stannis, & Shireen was really sacrificed because she foresaw Jon's murder, & that he will now rise from the flames when they try to burn him. That she cut & ran BEFORE the battle does seem to indicate a double cross.

Amazed she ran to Castle Black considering Davos was going to be there.

Another shot in the dark considering how much GOT rips off ancient Greek myths is last episode's Stiff Of The Week, Shireen, who got to be an unwilling Iphigenia for daddy's Siege of Troy. The twist is that the dead Iphigenia is transformed by the God she was meant to appease into Hecate -goddess of the undead. Even though she's a big pile of ash, could this be another one for the White Walkers?

Stannis got what he deserved - even though this is a major departure from the books & the taster chapter Martin had already leaked. In case you don't know, Stannis takes Winterfell when the Ironborn do the "cavalry arrives in the nick of time" routine - bye bye Boltons, & bye bye Theon who is sentenced to death with his sister's blessing. It also makes little sense half his army deserted him in disgust when they were sell-swords on Braavas Bank gold.

(This also leaves the Braavas bank WELL out of pocket now - betting on Stannis & losing)

I did like the change done with Theon & Sansa - road trip north beckons, with Brianne ever chasing after them calling "Come back!" Biggrin

Barbie Lannister is dead. The way Nell Tiger Free acts, could anyone tell the difference? Don't even talk to me about the whole stupid Cersei Gets Her Kit Out walk - yes, we guessed once freed she's going to go on another of her revenge rampages as ever.

But at least we got a happy ending - Tyrion & Varys back where they belong, in charge of a city. Meereen, you really aren't gonna know what's hit you! Yahoo

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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19-07-2015, 02:22 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
I've caught up, following a Thrones binge-watch requiring extreme dedication to the cause. Tongue

There were a few dull episodes in that series, but also some cracking battles. All those poor wildlings who couldn't make it to the ships becoming undead was very exciting and those extremely freaky undead children looked amazing!

People seem to have got very upset about Sansa's wedding night with Ramsey but I'm not sure it's worth being outraged about that when you've got little girls being burned at the stake by their fathers or battered by sadists visiting brothels.

Stannis IS dead, right? I want to see the back of him. What a complete dick. And what about poor old worthy Jon Snow. Et tu, Ollie? I wonder who gets his sword?

I am told that some characters have been merged and others are now in the wrong locations, but it seems to have worked out quite well. And not a single bit of news about Bran in his tree? Or from Theon's sister? I thought she had potential to be a great character and was disappointed that she wasn't featured. They need more females who are not either flimsy or psychopaths.

I was very relieved to see Tyrion and Varys arrive (eventually) in Mereen and be reunited. They should make that part of the story much more amusing than it has been of late. If nothing else they will at least raise the IQ of that group.

I know a lot of people were unimpressed with Dorne but I really liked it. I might be biased, though, as I love the Alcazar in Seville. But what's not to love about a place with great gardens and nice wine! The sandsnake chicks were a bit silly and not overly convincing as warriors but at least they saved Bron from poisoning. I like Bron.

Do you think that the winter reaches Dorne?

Arya is quite the killing machine now isn't she. I liked the place with the black and white door and all those statues of the gods. A sort of euthanasia drop-in centre. The huge chamber with all the faces was stomach-churning. Not as stomach-churning as the Mountain. I don't think we want to see what's going on under that armour!
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19-07-2015, 04:39 PM
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RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
My downstairs neighbour is listening to "Songs of Praise" on full volume right now, which reminds me of one of my favourite things in the last episode- the nun with the bell, following Cersei round the streets shouting "shame" with such glee. The naked stroll might have been absurd but the nun was hilarious!
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19-07-2015, 06:42 PM
Post: #79
RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
Finally, someone who likes Dorne! Strange.
Sure, the idea sounds great, but the pictures just don't live up to it. And about the sandsnakes... aren't they supposed to have completely different personalities or something? Number 3, I think her name was Tyene or something, I guess that'll be the short haired one. The nun's daughter. Yeah. Exactly how I had imagined the "most innocent and sweet girl there ever was" O.o

I'm still kind of sad that they left out Penny, the dwarf girl. But that was to be expected.

I don't get the outrage about Sansa's wedding night, either. I imagine the average medieval wedding night to be not that different.
(except for Theon, of course.)

There was talking that Robert Strong's eyes looked so blue and swollen because Quburn (wasn't that his name?) used the mountains body for him, but Joffrey's head. Makes sense, since Dorne demanded Gregor's head as a proof he was dead. Can you imagine a 2.5-meter Joffrey? *panic*

And yes, there will be snow in Dorne. Hehe. Smile
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19-07-2015, 09:17 PM
Post: #80
RE: Game Of Thrones (since season four) Thread - Everything in HERE!
It's true, I like Dorne. I confess! I CONFESS! (Sorry, that bell-ringing shame nun is still having an effect)

Thanks for the vision of mountainous Joffrey. That's not at all disturbing.
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