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Smilies are returned!
05-05-2014, 12:16 PM
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Big Grin Smilies are returned!
Yay, the bigger list of smilies have come back!

Hoorah! Let us celebrate with excessive use of smilies!




It still says 'get more' on the smilie box, but doesn't give more if you click to get more, but not to worry.

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05-05-2014, 10:20 PM (This post was last modified: 05-05-2014 10:32 PM by Minty.)
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RE: Smilies are returned!
Yeah, I did what I could to extend the smilies available. I asked Matt ages ago about it but have given up on him getting back to me on it so did the best I could to restore some of them.

The problem is with the formatting for the posting messages template, but there no logical naming to them & it took me a fair bit of searching & trial & error just to get this. It looks a mess, but is better than nowt. If I do more than 34 smilies they start spilling over to the right.

I need to find the way to extend the Smilies box and the Your Message box to make it look neater, but I've a feeling I'll be needing to discover this myself. PissedOff

The get more is meant to operate a Javascript box but I think the required software for it hasn't been uploaded for it to work or the coding's bugged.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

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06-05-2014, 10:29 AM
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RE: Smilies are returned!
It's a very good effort, Minty. Thank you!

I noticed that the 'new reply' box had gone a bit funny-looking a few days ago - it looked stretched out strangely - but I thought it was because I was using an iPad. Then later when I looked on the computer the reply box was still streched and then I realised that the smilies were back! Better to have a bigger reply box and have the extra smilies.

I like this one. It looks like me!

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10-05-2014, 01:25 PM
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RE: Smilies are returned!

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10-05-2014, 04:44 PM
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RE: Smilies are returned!
Gosh, Ollie! Now I feel that someone should devise a story using those emoticons in sequence. Looks like there is a drink towards the end and it culminates with a sword fight - could be good!
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