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Ther Internet Sims 2 Exchange & Meet Up Challenges
26-10-2014, 02:05 AM
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Ther Internet Sims 2 Exchange & Meet Up Challenges
The Internet Sims 2 Exchange & Meet Up Challenge


A New way of Meeting and Living your Life via finding friends through the Internet !
This is an Internet Challenge by Relying on Internet Usage !

What you have to do to start this Challenge:

* You can either start in a Pre-Made Neighbourhood or one of your Own Created Neighbourhood
* Make your First Family from CAS consisting of Male/Female and 2 Children of any Age.
* Download 5 Lots with Families from any of the Internet communities that has Sim Downloads like, etc

This is not a real hard challenge but there is a challenge aspect there for fun and good times ahead.

This is a Non Points Scoring Challenge

Step by Step Guide:

1. Move your Pre Made Family into Any Lot Size. You must buy the Computer for this Challenge to work.

2. Insert your 5 Lots from the Exchange into your Neighbourhood, make sure each Family has a Computer.

3. The next part is to Live your Life as you would in Real Life, the object of this part is you can only make friends by the Computer. You can Invite them Over once they are on your Phone Book. All Communication with the Sims around must be done by Internet Chats. Townies and NPC’s are allowed providing you have contacted them by Internet first, but Preferably by one of the Families you have Inserted from the Exchange. (This is a way of getting to know of the Other Families that people have Created for your Viewing Pleasure over the Sims 2 Exchange, and to have fun and have the pleasure of enjoying other peoples creations.)

4. You can continue the process into Generations if you like, it gives it the added bonus of Creating an Extensive Family Tree for your Sims. Continue the Process by Downloading 5 more Lots with Families from the Exchange after every 2 - 3 Generations for more families by having fun with ! (But you must remember All Acquaintances must be made by Chatting Online)

5. As an Added Feature to this Challenge, with the Stories you have Created by this Challenge, Create a Story Blog to Upload so every one can view some of your Success Stories to the Exchange Forum.

Note: The BoolProp or Money Cheat is Not Allowed !

Have Fun and Happing Simming !
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