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Post Release Wish List for the next edition to TS4
07-11-2014, 05:49 PM
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Post Release Wish List for the next edition to TS4
The was a topic on a forum I occasionally go on, before I found this one and was told the Developers of TS by EA mod and frequent this site. I thought If they are looking they might get some suggestions from us for what would be nice to see in whats to come or desperately miss from past editions. I know for one there are something from 3 that I miss and one thing from TS2 I miss.


- Camera angles in TS3 there was an angle you could do with your mouse that would allow you move the camera up and down when you were zoomed in. I found with TS4 I couldn't do that when I needed it when building.

- I hope you bring the into the future and island paradise idea into future expansions really loved it.

- Miss the supernaturals.

-Miss having a car and being able to go places without having a loading screens, it's almost like its reverting back to TS and TS2.

-Miss having more lots to build on.

-Miss some of the old careers


- Making magic had witches helpers like growing a dragon, I know in TS3 it was brought into play with a world, but I loved it being apart of the expansion itself.

- Open for business you can create and run a restaurant that was something i loved and wished had carried over to TS3. I love now that the culinary career has a catering kitchen for a reward. I would be awesome to expand on that and make it a in home business or purchase a community lot that you can create a restaurant, bakery, or catering company on. Or even with the gardening skill let them be able to run a grocer where you can actually interact in.

- Closet loved the closet options instead of the dresser

Other suggestions

-Make the maid service better the scheduled maid doesn't clean well or doesn't come but once in a blue moon.

-Bring back the family tree please.

-Maybe create a career like clothing designer like " Sims Runway"

I was leery of getting the game, I had no idea what to expect, but finding I love a few things.

Love the wedding part being able to plan and hire a catering, music and mixologist and select from friends. Defiantly like the build mode.

I the developers decided to brings pets back maybe add a vet career.

Anyone else have any suggestions they would like to add. [/b]
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08-11-2014, 06:25 PM
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RE: Post Release Wish List for the next edition to TS4

I suppose it's possible that the developers might read simming sites for ideas. At the moment, though, most of the things people are desperately hoping for are things that are already available in previous versions of the game, rather than new ideas. I would miss all the things I have in TS3, thus I play TS3. Feel free to chat away about your ideas for TS4, though. You never know - they might happen!

More careers are definitely needed, although I understand they plan to provide a few more of those before Christmas. Any game that starts out without scientists gets a bad mark in my book! A veterinary career is a nice idea, particularly if they tied it in with a pets expansion. Perhaps they could also have something at a lower level like dog-walking job for teenagers.
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