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The Holiday Feast and Family Challenge
20-11-2014, 12:23 PM
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The Holiday Feast and Family Challenge
The Holiday Feast and Family Challenge – Holiday Edition

Can you pull of the Ultimate Christmas Party? Will your Holiday Dinner be a Success or a Festive Blunder? You are the Host for the Holiday/Thanksgiving Season and Connoisseur for Delectable Delights Do it today!

There is a Whole Pile of Exchange Items and Free Store sets that can be used for the purpose of this Challenge

This is a One-Two Generation Challenge with Only Minor differences. No Cheats or Boolprop allowed. The Aging off Cheat is Not Allowed. It all comes down to timing! So do it Right and you will Photos to Keep for Good Exposure and Camaraderie from your fellow simmers.

There is 2 Aspects of this Challenge.

- Playing the Generational Game
- Creating your Holiday Thanksgiving/Christmas House

Part 1: The Generational Game

Start off with a newly created Male or Female (Young Adult) in a New Neighbourhood

* No Specific Rules for Creating this Sim, give it any Aspiration that you epitomizes Family life (possibly the Raise 3 Teenager Aspiration)
* you will need to embark on the Photography Skill and Maximize it, in order to give great photographic results by the time the Thanksgiving Journey ends

Starting Life as an Adult

* Upon Graduation - Move this Sim into a House of your Choice in your Base Neighborhood
* Start Getting an Entry Position into the Artist Career Track
Finding a Partner
* Find another Family type Sim Partner in Any Way Possible
* you will have 5 Kids with this Partner

What you Have to Do

To Get the End Result it all comes down to timing. Carefully spread out the baby’s age, as you need to get each of the 5 Children at Different Age Stages - 1 Adult, 1 Y/ Adult, 1 Teen, 1 Child and 1 Baby
this is your Goal. Once you have gotten to this Moment when you have all Age Groups Represented. It is recommended to do part 2 first of this Challenge, as the Holiday House is needed before you move your Sim in.

No cheats are allowed to change the Ageing dynamics.

Part 2: The Holiday House

This is what you Need in Your Holiday Party House:
• A Big Kitchen
• Large Lounge and Dining Room as this has to be Big Enough to Keep all Your Sims together
• A Buffet Table with Large Dining Table to Encompass a Large Family of 8 Sims. This will represent all the Age Groups. Don’t forget by the time Your Founder Sim has got to this Point He or She will be an Elder alongside with Partner. So there will be 2 Elders and One of Each Age Group alongside the others.
• Holiday type Items (Thanksgiving or Christmas themed) that have been given for free through The Sims 3 Store
• Enough Bedrooms for the Family

Part 3: The Big Event

• Move your Family to into the Holiday Party House
• Every one needs to home for the Party, don’t forget this is scored about how well the party fared, in this case it’s a Thanksgiving Party, but you don’t have to make it that themed you can make it Christmas themed
Part 4: The Three Photos
1. All Sims around the Dinner Table with the Traditional Thanksgiving turkey as the Centerpiece
2. You need all Sims around the Fire Place doing a Goofy Pose
3. You need all Sims sitting on a couch in Classic Family Mode preferably in a cuddly mood.
Game play will paused at moments of time to get the Right Photo, so you can Show them off to your Other Simmers for the Ultimate Holiday Photo
And it doesn’t stop there folks, if it’s Not Thanksgiving you are into …. Do a Christmas one or an Easter One or a New Year One! These just parties Rules to get you into the Christmas Spirit just change the theme of your objects to suit the occasion, and I hope you will have a good Happy Holiday!

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29-11-2014, 12:06 PM
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RE: The Holiday Feast and Family Challenge
Nice idea! I like making my sims celebrate Christmas way more than I like it myself in RL, so I may give this a go Biggrin
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