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Happy Holiday Mini Challenge
14-12-2014, 07:54 AM
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Happy Holiday Mini Challenge
Happy Holiday Mini Challenge

The holidays are about peace, love and goodwill towards others. So no matter what you celebrate this season get your sims in the holiday spirit as well. To complete this challenge you will want to start with an existing family.

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate! This will be really easy if you have the Happy Holiday Stuff pack. If you don’t there are a few items for download on the exchange and if you’re creative enough you can find other ways to get your house ready.

Create a Family in Create a Sim or play an already established family in game.

Next you will want to take the family on a shopping trip to buy gifts. Let each one pick out what they really want and buy it for them. Or you can make each other gifts from one of the work benches (especially kids toys!!). Be sure to keep all of the items in inventory until you are ready to give out the gifts.

The rest of this challenge is in three parts

Have your sims made an enemy’s? Well now is the time to repair those relationships. To forgive those who have wronged your sims and to ask for forgiveness of those your sims may have wronged. Be sure to get the relationship to at least a friendly level but best friends is even better. To complete this part your sims must forgive all relationships, even that scoundral who robbed them.

Love comes in many different forms. First and foremost during this season you will want to make sure you have great relationships with the most important people of all, your family. Don’t forget those family members who have moved out or gone to college. The other form of love is a bit more decadent…Have your sims had a dream date lately? One sim in your family must go on a dream date, who knows they might even get a gift! Don’t forget about your Teenagers. Have they found their first love? Had their first kiss?

This part of the challenge will require your sims to take in a less fortunate NPC and welcome them into your family. The best way to make someone feel welcome is to give them a place to stay; build them a nice room in which to sleep. This sim must become friends with everyone in the household. Don’t forget to help them out with finding and job and building some skills as well. You can move this sim out after the holidays knowing you helped them get a fresh start.

When all is completed get the family together for a wonderful holiday meal. You can use the buffet table or have your sims cook a meal. As long as everyone is together it doesn’t matter. Don’t forget to get a family picture to remember your great holiday spirit!
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