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Rolling The Dice
22-02-2015, 04:38 PM
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Rolling The Dice
I've been playing this legacy game for a while now but I haven't taken any pictures until today because it took me a loooooooong time to get the founder established. I have three aims:

1. To recreate my Sims 2 legacy in which my favourite sim, Vanessa Valentine, was immortal and had a massively multi-generation family with a family tree that would scramble the brains of the best genealogists.

2. To be extremely strict with myself and only ever roll the dice to let the game choose the traits of the children. The temptation to engineer "nice" sims or ones with useful traits is very strong in me, so this is hard work! But rolling the dice does result in some interesting personalities and if I hate the way the kids turn out I can always kick them out, right? Diablo

3. To have fun and not worry about the story going in any particular direction. I just see how it goes.

She's very familiar to me but perhaps unknown to you, so may I introduce you to the lovely Vanessa.

[Image: Intro_Vanessa.jpg]

In TS2 Vanessa was addicted to that green drink you got in a water cooler-type dispenser as a lifetime reward and that is how she remained immortal while many generations of her family grew old and died. It was a slightly dark tale of drug addiction but never mind! In TS3 I keep her going by making ambrosia and eating life fruits - so she's still an addict but now it all seems a lot more wholesome, being fuelled by sparkly quiche and fresh fruit.

Her traits are as follows.

[Image: Traits_Vanessa.png]

She's essentially a rock chick and a man-magnet, which happily makes it relatively straightforward to keep the offspring springing off. Her normal career is in music but at the moment I have temporarily shifted her into culinary so she can get that super fridge that I always covet.

So far she has had two children and yes I rolled the dice for their traits so they can turn out any way the game decides.

The oldest became a teen just yesterday and here she is: the slightly gawky (she will grow out of it) and spud-faced (she may not grow out of that) Victoria.

[Image: Intro_Victoria.jpg]

Her traits so far are, I think, utterly ridiculous.

[Image: Traits_Victoria.png]

Being "disciplined" is not particularly useful unless you are going to practise martial arts, which is just terrific (I can tell you from personal experience!) when combined with being "clumsy". Ah, the impressiveness of the bruises that may be collected! The trouble with being a disciplined sim is that it is otherwise useless and, as far as I can judge, being clumsy just makes them stumble occasionally or get stuck trying to open a drawer. There should be a lot more falling over!

"Natural cook" is much more useful and makes her take after her mother and "eccentric" I can live with as I don't often play inventor sims so that will give me an opportunity to check that out a bit more.

What I did find surprising was that as soon as she aged up to teen, Victoria immediately expressed her attraction to some other girls. This is interesting to me because the first daughter of Vanessa in my TS2 game was also gay. Weird coincidence.

Last weekend I finally had Vanessa get married to Victoria's dad, Styles (what kind of name?) after they'd been seeing each other for some time. Vanessa tends to sleep around so it took a while to persuade Styles that she was serious. The wedding was chaotic, with guests behaving oddly and an alien abduction (of poor Styles). When he finally managed to return to the planet after his probing, I noticed that he was moments away from becoming an elder, so I had to get Vanessa to hound him for woohoo and get knocked up super-fast. Fortunately she was up to the challenge, and presumably he was so probed he no longer cared, with the result that a baby bump quickly followed.

The baby turned out to be another girl, Veronica, and she rolled highly undesirable traits.

[Image: Intro_Veronica.jpg]

[Image: Traits_Veronica.png]

A loner and a slob? Great! Well I certainly never would have picked those. She is going to be utterly delightful isn't she. Jeez.

At the moment the family pretty much live on cake, given how many weddings and birthdays occurred in close succession. Cake, cake, cake. It's not so bad really.

[Image: Endless_cake.jpg]

Plotting The Demise Of Styles

We have a slight problem with Styles. He is very grumpy and really dull. While Vanessa runs around looking after the kids and earning money, he just flops about the house and plays his stupid video games. He is a real waste of space. He also is a "rebel" (really?) and so keeps pulling out that annoying soapbox and giving everyone a lecture. And so he will have to die.

[Image: Intro_Styles.jpg]

He's served his baby-making purpose now anyhow. I considered just letting him die of old age, but he's got a high athletic score so I think he'll keep going for some time......

Vanessa is on the case though. While fixing the bathtub that he'd broken, she thought of ways to cave in his skull with a hammer.

[Image: Death_by_hammer.jpg]

And while fixing the laptop he'd broken she pondered the usefulness of the screwdriver in ending Styles.

[Image: Death_by_screwdriver.jpg]

Make a terrible mess though wouldn't it.

Pool with walls round it? A small house fire (has the bonus of attracting firefighters)? Hold out hope for a meteor strike?

I will think of something.
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22-02-2015, 08:06 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Why won't he die?

Victoria: He is starting to get suspicious, Mum.
Vanessa: Do you think so? Then we had better act more quickly.
Victoria: Don't worry, I am reading a lot of murder mysteries for new ideas.
Vanessa: OK, but we must make sure it looks like an accident.....

[Image: Plotting_01.jpg]

Styles was starting to wonder exactly why there was so much cake in the house. It was all they ever seemed to eat. They wouldn't..... be trying to..... poison me, would they? Surely not. Death by chocolate?

[Image: Plotting_02.jpg]

He crept down the stairs to see if he could sneak something to eat out of the garden.

Vanessa: Darling, great news - a new cake for breakfast! Take a seat, I'm just icing it now!

What?! More cake. This is just too suspicious now.

[Image: Plotting_03.jpg]

But wait.... it was just a birthday cake to celebrate the small, obnoxious, smelly baby Veronica becoming a small, obnoxious, even smellier toddler. Look at her! Crawling across the floor as though she's going to kill, kill, kill!

[Image: Plotting_04.jpg]

Styles cautiously ate the latest cake, feeling a strong sense that we was now surrounded by murderous Valentine females, all awaiting his demise.

[Image: Plotting_05.jpg]

Styles ambled outside to escape the atmosphere of imminent death and the stench of Veronica's grubby socks. A nice swing in the fresh air!

Vanessa: I'll push you, darling!
Styles: No, that's all right, don't worry dear!
Vanessa: No really - I'll give you a great big shove!

[Image: Plotting_06.jpg]

Styles: Arrrrrrgh! Too fast! Too hiiiiiiiigh!
Vanessa hesitated, but then a police car rolled by and the neighbour, Ollie, walking his pug and raising his hand in greeting came into view. Too many bloody witnesses.

[Image: Plotting_07.jpg]

I give up, thought Vanessa. Over to you, Vicky, with your murder mystery books full of deathly ideas.

Right! Over to me! Victoria spent several days reading murder mysteries while at her part-time job at the bookstore. Everyone just shops online these days so she had plenty of time and opportunity for swatting up on her gruesome topic.

"TRAPS!" I shall set traps all over the house and father will surely be caught by one. Aha!

[Image: Plotting_08.jpg]

[Image: Plotting_09.jpg]

[Image: Plotting_10.jpg]

Victoria: Mum, avoid the upstairs bathroom and the study. I have set a series of traps!
Vanessa: Deadly traps?!
Victoria: Oh.
Vanessa: What is it?!
Victoria: I forgot about the deadly party.
Vanessa: Damn. Oh well - perhaps he will simply die of fright!

[Image: Plotting_11.jpg]

[Image: Plotting_12.jpg]

[Image: Plotting_13.jpg]

But no. Styles is made of tougher stuff than we had anticipated. Not even bright yellow hair or the image of a yeti on the computer could shock him into Grim's arms.

[Image: Plotting_14.jpg]

[Image: Plotting_15.jpg]

Back to the drawing board, ladies.

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23-02-2015, 07:43 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
This ist so much fun to read Big Grin
You... you can't actually make your sims murder each other in TS3, can you?
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28-02-2015, 12:51 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
(23-02-2015 07:43 PM)Wandarine Wrote:  This ist so much fun to read Big Grin
You... you can't actually make your sims murder each other in TS3, can you?

Glad you are enjoying it, Wanda! Biggrin

Murder can certainly occur but only with a bit of guidance and imagination!
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01-03-2015, 05:05 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
The Plot Thickens

Styles made the bed and tidied the house the next morning, a bright day full of the last sunshine of summer, wondering whether he was overreacting to recent events. Of course his lovely young wife and daughters didn't want him dead! What was he thinking!

[Image: MorePlotting_01.jpg]

It was just pure coincidence that all of the plumbing had failed last night, nearly drowning him in the bathroom, that the computer had nearly given him a heart attack and that there was barely a functioning appliance left in the house! Absurd to suspect his girls of attempting to do away with him. Silly old Styles!

[Image: MorePlotting_02.jpg]

He went downstairs to find that his charming toddler Veronica had left him yet more toxic poop to clean up. What a little sweetheart she is, thought Styles!

[Image: MorePlotting_03.jpg]

Vanessa and Victoria exchanged glances - time to start the next attempt!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Victoria: Dad!
Styles: Oh lord, what?!
Victoria: Don't look so worried Dad. I was just wondering whether you'd teach me to drive? Everyone at school is learning and it would be great if I could take the car to the prom next week. What do you say?
Styles: .........
Victoria: Hello?
Styles: You want me to get into the car with you? And teach you how to drive? Put my life in your hands ahahahaha! Erm ....... OK. This afternoon. What could possibly go wrong?
Victoria: Great - thanks!

[Image: MorePlotting_04.jpg]

Styles fretted about the driving lesson all morning. She's going to kill me in the car ..... no, that can't be right. She'd risk killing herself too. Besides, I've decided to set aside all these silly notions. On with the driving!

Styles: Jeez, Victoria, slow down!
Victoria: What? It's a fast car. This is no sloppy jalopy.
Styles: Yes, but ARRRRRGH! Watch out for the cat!
Victoria: Rather tense aren't you? You should relax. Stress is a killer you know. What does this button do?
Styles: What did she say..... stress ....... killer .......

[Image: MorePlotting_05.jpg]

Styles: Stop the car!
Victoria: But I'm starting to get good!
Styles: No, you are starting to get fast! That is not the same thing. It's going dark - this is not an appropriate time of day for a driving lesson. We're going home and I'm driving! Swap seats!

[Image: MorePlotting_06.jpg]

Victoria: Fine!

[Image: MorePlotting_07.jpg]

They arrived home in one piece. Vanessa frowned as Styles walked through the door, slower than usual and clutching his chest. He was very pale but still alive. "Good try, Vicky", she whispered as her daughter marched up the stairs to her room.

And so the baton passed back to Vanessa. She was going to have to improvise.

Vanessa: Darling, come up here!
Styles: Er, OK.


Styles: Arrrgh, what's happening!
Vanessa: Just a little playful pillow fight, dear!

Vanessa whacked him again and again with the pillow, while Styles giggled helplessly.

Vanessa: What. Is. So. Funny?

She rushed at him and tried to smother him with the pillow but Styles just giggled and pushed her away. I should have put a brick in the pillowcase, Vanessa realised, too late.

[Image: MorePlotting_08.jpg]

Vanessa: Oh this is ridiculous!
Styles: That was fun!

[Image: MorePlotting_09.jpg]

The Unwitting Accomplice

The next day the late summer festival came to town. Vanessa and Victoria headed to the park, leaving Styles at home to look after Veronica the toxic poop machine.

Victoria: Why you are wearing that outfit, Mum?
Vanessa: For tennis?
Victoria: Nope, no tennis, just football.
Vanessa: Oh. Hey look, there's Caspin!

[Image: MorePlotting_10.jpg]

They played football for a while, with Vanessa performing quite well for someone in such a recklessly short dress and Caspin displaying the kind of goalkeeping skills that could easily earn her a place in the first team at Marine.

[Image: MorePlotting_11.jpg]

Vanessa: So, Caspin, Vicky tells me you are always coming into the bookshop to buy more murder mysteries. And I thought she was a fan!
Caspin: Oh yes, I love them. They are my guilty pleasure!

[Image: MorePlotting_12.jpg]

Vanessa: Great! And have you read any good plots recently? Any surprising deaths in a suburban setting? Tales of domestic disaster? Simple solutions to silencing a spouse?

[Image: MorePlotting_13.jpg]

Caspin: Oh - yeah! Actually I did read quite a good one last week....
Vanessa: Tell me all of the details while Vicky writes notes and draws a schematic diagram.
Caspin: Erm, OK.

[Image: MorePlotting_14.jpg]

Victoria: This could work. This could totally work!

[Image: MorePlotting_15.jpg]

(Could you look a bit more evil and gleeful?)

Back home, Styles was puzzled when a van from the garden centre pulled up, delivering a large number of small trees, which Vanessa planted in the back yard with great enthusiasm. What is she up to now, he wondered.

[Image: MorePlotting_16.jpg]

Back indoors, Vanessa ramped up her efforts to teach Veronica to walk.

Victoria: What is the point, Mum? She's just a poop-producing horror until her next birthday.
Vanessa: Oh no, dear. She is our Secret Weapon!

[Image: MorePlotting_17.jpg]

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07-03-2015, 02:42 AM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Oooo, I can't wait to see how Mr. Styles will die-if he ever does, that is!

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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08-03-2015, 06:22 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Oh he will die, Ollie, don't you worry. Diablo

Finalising The Plan

After a long discuss with involuntary murder consultant Caspin, Vanessa and Victoria felt that they finally had a plan that could work. It would be staged as a tragic domestic accident. Nobody would ever know the truth.

[Image: FinalisingPlans_01.jpg]

Vicky went over her notes carefully and then handed them to her mother.

Victoria: I am not sure I can spend too much more time on this, Mum. I have a lot of homework to write, skills to build, a part-time job to attend and I need to get a date for the prom so that I don't become a social outcast.
Vanessa: No worries, dear, I think Veronica and I can take it from here. You crack on with your everyday business. Just do one more thing for me.
Victoria: OK, what?
Vanessa: Swing by the general store and pick up the rest of the things we need to put this plan into action. If everything goes to plan, we can finish this business on Veronica's birthday. It will be perfect.
Victoria: Good plan. Then we can celebrate with more cake.
Vanessa: Please gods, no more cake! Oh and try to keep your father busy so he doesn't have too much time to get suspicious while I set up his demise.
Victoria: Easy.

Neat Freak

Styles was starting to become annoyed with his girls. They were so messy! His neat freak traits were constantly offended and he was kept busy from dawn till dusk, tidying up after them. Slovenly wenches!

Why could they not make their own beds?

[Image: FinalisingPlans_02.jpg]

Couldn't someone else take a turn at weeding the garden?

[Image: FinalisingPlans_03.jpg]

Surely it was not so difficult to collect up the plates and put them into the dishwasher?

[Image: FinalisingPlans_04.jpg]

Good food going to waste - didn't they know that there were children going hungry in Strangetown? It was not so difficult to put the leftovers away and yet he was always the one who had to act.

[Image: FinalisingPlans_05.jpg]

And as for that stinky Veronica! Sure, she'd learned quickly enough how to use the potty but if only she could be taught how to empty it herself too!

[Image: FinalisingPlans_06.jpg]

Bags of rubbish left around the place - the council had made sure that there are more wheelie bins than people and yet these women cannot be bothered to tidy up! Urggh! BangHead

[Image: FinalisingPlans_07.jpg]

I swear every time I finish putting away these away, someone tips them all out again - all over my nice clean floor! Budo

[Image: FinalisingPlans_08.jpg]

Enough faffing, let's get this murder on the go!

Vanessa: Got the stuff yet, Vicky?
Victoria: I'll get it this afternoon, after school - I'll be passing by on my way to work anyhow. Are you absolutely sure that Veronica is going to be able to do this?
Vanessa: Oh yes! She might be a diabolical poop machine, but she's quite smart. I will explain it all to her in clear terms.

[Image: FinalisingPlans_09.jpg]

It had been raining all day. Summer was nearly over and Autumn was approaching fast.

Victoria went to the store as soon as her classes finished and picked up the required items. She felt relieved that her part in this was over. After all, it was not exactly a pleasant business and she felt glad that she could now get on with finding a date and driving around in the car. When mother has murdered father, that car will be mine! she thought cheerfully, like all the best psychopaths.

[Image: FinalisingPlans_10.jpg]

Vanessa: OK, Veronica, let's go over this one more time. Are you sure you understood about the trees?
Veronica: Tweeeees!
Vanessa: Good enough. Let's do this!

[Image: FinalisingPlans_11.jpg]

Death will follow. Hopefully nobody will be too afraid.
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22-03-2015, 05:38 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice

It was with some horror that Vanessa realised that she had been married to Styles for a whole year. A year! It felt like forever. He was an old man now but just as nagging and grumpy as the day they'd met. Always giving sanctimonious speeches and muttering about how untidy the house was. Of course it was untidy - they had a toddler and a teenager!

[Image: Autumn_01.png]

Vanessa couldn't take it any longer. "Urgh, he's got to go", she muttered. "I can't wait for Veronica's birthday party. This ends now."

Styles was livid that Vanessa had planted so many trees in the back yard. Now that Autumn had arrived they were dropping leaves all over the place. He had filled dozens of bin bags full of the damned things but more and more kept appearing. He was starting to suspect that Vicky was driving around the neighbourhood collecting leaves and then dumping them in the yard when he wasn't looking. He even found a few leaves in the back of the car! But why would she do that? Surely she knew how annoying that would be?

[Image: Autumn_02.jpg]

"I'm going to sweep up the whole lot", Styles said. "Then I'm going to cut those bloody trees down!"

Veronica: Twees!
Styles: Er, yes, dear. Eat your breakfast.

Styles started early that morning, raking and raking for hours.

[Image: Autumn_03.jpg]

Vanessa: But darling - it's our anniversary! We should do something together. I will help you rake up the leaves.
Styles: Excellent! Grab a rake.

[Image: Autumn_04.jpg]

Before long they had formed several enormous piles of leaves. It started raining, then hail fell, but still they raked.

[Image: Autumn_05.jpg]

Even after darkness fell and Vanessa went in to make dinner, Styles could not stop raking. He was so close to achieving a tidy garden!

[Image: Autumn_06.jpg]

The heaps of leaves grew enormous. Styles raked feverishly through the night and continued the next morning. He lost all sense of reason and the just raked the piles randomly all over the garden. The neighbours walked by, commenting on his hard work and looking worried at his exhausted face, but Styles ignored them and kept on and on, making ever bigger heaps of leaves.

[Image: Autumn_07.jpg]

Vanessa watched from the house. "That should do it", she murmured.

[Image: Autumn_08.jpg]

Going quietly to Vicky's room, she collected the fireworks that her daughter had bought in the local store. Vicky had made sure everyone in the shop heard her mention that it was her sister's birthday party soon and that an extravaganza was planned. Vanessa crept around the garden, carefully placing them into the heaps of leaves (checking for hedgehogs and shooing them out first).

Next up: alibis. Vanessa didn't want any mistakes. Vanessa rang up Vicky's girlfriend and invited her over for dinner. Peggy turned up (slightly overdressed) and enjoyed a meal with the Valentines.

[Image: Autumn_09.jpg]

Peggy: What a lot of leaves your husband has raked up, Mrs Valentine!
Vanessa: Yes he's big on tidiness. Obsessive, really.

Vanessa: Be sure to be well clear of the scene, Vicky.
Vicky: Don't worry, I'm rather busy here.
Vanessa: Er, yes, I see that.

[Image: Autumn_10.jpg]

Vanessa prepared Veronica, whisking her into her new coat, which just so happened to be highly fire-retardant.

[Image: Autumn_11.jpg]

Vanessa: Do you like your new outfit, Veronica? Would you like to go into the garden and play under the trees with your new toy box?
Veronica: Twees!
Vanessa: Yes, that's right. Just like we discussed before. Go on.

[Image: Autumn_12.jpg]

Vanessa set Veronica down with her box of matches, or streichholzschächtelchen as some might say. [Obviously I am not condoning toddlers playing with matches, but this is merely a simulation.]

Vanessa: Go!

Veronica set off, trying to ignite the leaf piles as she crawled around the garden. Weaving in and out of all those heaps, she moved unnoticed by Styles. But all that rain had soaked the leaves and the fireworks within so it was difficult for her to set them on fire.

"Too slow!", Vanessa screamed inside her head. "I'll have to help".

[Image: Autumn_13.jpg]

Styles: Where's your rake, woman! Those trees keep throwing down more leaves! It's intolerable!
Vanessa: Well take a break and have a look at these delightful fireworks. I thought we could test a few ahead of Veronica's birthday party!

[Image: Autumn_14.jpg]

Styles: I don't think that's a good idea with all these leaves around!
Vanessa: What's that dear, I can't hear you over the immense noise of these fireworks!

[Image: Autumn_15.jpg]

"FIRE!" shouted Styles. "Stop lighting fireworks!"

[Image: Autumn_16.jpg]

Things quickly escalated out of control, with several heaps of leaves now catching alight. The neighbours saw the blaze and came rushing across.

[Ollie, what are you wearing?]

[Image: Autumn_17.jpg]

As large numbers of people arrived on the scene, Vicky and Peggy came running outside. Vanessa realised they needed to be seen to do something, so she began pretending to extinguish one of the smaller fires.

[Image: Autumn_18.jpg]

The neighbours continued to react helpfully, with Ollie and Minty fanning the flames with their arms. Vanessa carefully sprayed the neighbours with her extinguisher, while the flames grew hotter around Styles.

[Image: Autumn_19.jpg]

Vicky stood there, staring coldly as the moment came.

[Image: Autumn_20.jpg]

Grim appeared and Styles was no more.

[Image: Autumn_21.jpg]

Vicky: Well, that went well. I'm going to drive Peggy home.
Vanessa: Yes ...... all done ......

[Image: Autumn_22.jpg]

Vanessa felt strangely sad. "Damn, I'll have to rake up all this mess myself now", she realised.
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22-03-2015, 07:18 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
So Styles finally is no more. (Or Stiles? What kind of a name is that, anyway?) And all thanks to Streichholzschächtelchen. Congrats, Caspin! 1 German word learned, like, 999,999 to go! Big Grin
Peggy's cute. I wasn't aware Vicky had a girlfriend. But I think they make a great couple. Maybe we'll hear more of them now that the Styles-story is over?
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23-03-2015, 09:50 AM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
I know, I was so pleased when I realised I could get streichholzschächtelchen in there! And it is a great relief to be rid of Styles. He was one of the most annoying sims I've ever had in a household! He was just some guy from the town that Vanessa met at work. How I ended up with them married and having children I'm not now sure, but never mind, that's over now.

Yes Peggy seems quite nice. She's a random sim as well - Vicky just met her at school. I haven't checked her traits yet but she is non-annoying from what I've seen so far and will therefore not need to be murdered. Lucky Peggy! Hopefully she'll stick around. Maybe she and Vicky can go to university together or something.

My next terror is what horrendous traits the game will give Veronica as she will be aging up soon.
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