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Rolling The Dice
23-03-2015, 03:23 PM (This post was last modified: 23-03-2015 03:24 PM by Wandarine.)
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Those traits seem to be a really big deal in TS3. I dice for my sims as well, but in TS2 you can only choose the aspiration and turn-ons/turn-offs. As far as I can see, that doesn't alter the behaviour of the sims too much.
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24-03-2015, 10:52 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Some of the traits have more of an effect than others. The traits I picked for my own sim seem to have been spot on - sometimes it's alarming how much she acts like me, in my own game at least. Some are useful - like the ones that give you a boost in certain skill areas such as "natural cook" but others are pointless or annoying. I do have a habit of always picking pleasant traits, so sticking to my resolve to let the game throw up random combinations is an interesting experiment and has yielded a few odd sims! In TS2 I did really like the turn-ons/offs and kind of wish they had that in TS3 - you can pick a favourite colour, music and food but that doesn't do much either to be honest.
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26-04-2015, 04:54 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
The Aftermath

Styles' unfortunate and slightly untimely demise left the Valentine household with one or two problems that would require careful attention. But everyone was too exhausted to deal with anything else that night. Leaving the gravestone under those fateful trees, surrounded by still-smoking heaps of deadly leaves, they went up to bed.

Vanessa stretched out in the otherwise empty bed. She did not often get to sleep alone and enjoyed having all that space to herself. But after falling into a deep, troubled sleep, she spent the final hours of the night struggling with nightmares in which Grim rose up and gravestones were all around.

[Image: Aftermath_01.jpg]

She got out of bed, her heart beating fast.

"It's not that I'll miss him", she thought. "It's not that I feel guilty. It's the fact that it's not quite over. I need to tidy up the loose ends."

[Image: Aftermath_02.jpg]

In the next room, Vicky was plagued by similar dreams and similar thoughts.

[Image: Aftermath_03.jpg]

"Got to tidy up......" she muttered in her sleep. "Got to get away with it."

Vanessa went downstairs and fuelled up for the day ahead.

"Styles would never approve of me eating cookies for breakfast", she mused, gleefully. "He was always such a dick about me eating cake. Sometimes women eat cake for breakfast. He was so clueless! Ha!"

[Image: Aftermath_04.jpg]

Vicky came into the dining room and tucked into a couple of cookies.

Vicky: What's up, Mum? You look worried. I have to go to school, but you have all day to sort out the..... er..... mess in the garden. Right?
Vanessa: Yes, I'll sort it out, don't worry. I just feel uneasy. Like there's a loose end that's going to be difficult to tie up.
Vicky: I have the same feeling. But the important thing is that we continue as normal. Act normal. Say normal things. Do normal things.
Vanessa: You're right. We must not look like psychopathic murderers. We must look like a normal, grieving family.
Vicky: Right.
Vanessa: It's Veronica's birthday - we will throw a party tonight. That is the normal thing to do. Right?
Vicky: Right!

[Image: Aftermath_05.jpg]

Vanessa made some calls, inviting the neighbours over for a dinner that evening in honour of Veronica's birthday. The friends of the family sounded taken aback that Vanessa was holding a party the day after her husband being burnt up in a fire, but agreed that for the children's sake they should carry on as best they could.

The birthday girl woke up from an apparently untroubled slumber, and immediately started screaming her head off and bending her head round like something satanically possessed.

Vanessa: Morning, Chucky! Er, I mean Veronica!
Veronica: FooooooooooOOOOOOD!

[Image: Aftermath_06.jpg]

Vicky handed her little mad sister some porridge and headed out to catch the school bus. "Don't forget the garden!" she yelled to her mother as she dashed through the front door.

[Image: Aftermath_07.jpg]

Vanessa stood under the trees of doom, staring at Styles' grave and trying not to inhale the noxious fumes from the gunpowder and rotting vegetation.

[Image: Aftermath_08.jpg]

It took the best part of the day to bag up the rubbish and drag it to the bins at the front of the house.

[Image: Aftermath_09.jpg]

From the next house, someone stared out of the window, watching her work......

It's All In The Book!

Caspin stared. It was just like the book she'd read. Just like the book she'd described to Vanessa. Just like the plot that Vicky had insisted she write out for her. In great detail. All those piles of leaves...... poor Styles!

[Image: Neighbours_01.jpg]

Caspin ran into the kitchen.

Caspin: Minty Minty Minty Minty Minty!
Minty: What is it?
Caspin: I think Vanessa is a murderess!
Minty: And I think you have an overactive imagination and read too many cheap crime dramas.
Caspin: No, really! The death of Styles is just like the book I read!
Minty: Which book?
Caspin: I can't remember. I have so many.... I think I donated it to the library!

Ollie ambled in.

Ollie: What is happening here? Caspin's hair has gone all frizzy. She's overexcited!
Minty: She thinks that there has been a murder because the neighbour's death resembles a plot in a book.
Ollie: Which book?
Caspin: I can't remember! It's in the library! Let's go there at once!

Minty and Ollie sighed. "OK, get the car then." "Yes, let's go."

[Image: Neighbours_02.jpg]

They read dozens of books in the crime drama section. Hours passed by, with Caspin's hair growing more and more out of control. "I know it's here. Please keep reading!" The boys' patience was slightly stretched, but they could see that something was genuinely wrong.

[Image: Neighbours_03.jpg]

Suddenly Minty threw down a book on the table. "It's this one."

They all stared at the volume on the desk. "The Case of the Crispy Husband"

[Image: Neighbours_04.jpg]

Ollie skimmed through it quickly. "OMG, it's just like the death of Styles. Caspin, Vanessa is a murderess! What will we do?!"

[Image: Neighbours_05.jpg]

Minty: Shall we call the police?
Ollie: I guess so.
Caspin: I don't know if that will help. The police in this town are so incompetent. Remember when we were burgled and they watched the burglar leave and then fined us for calling them?
Minty: Crap. True.
Ollie: But she's dangerous!
Caspin: And she knows that I know about the book. Because I told her about the book.
Ollie: Arrgh!
Minty: We must act normal. Stay calm.

[Image: Neighbours_06.jpg]

Caspin tried to act normal. It was hard.

[Image: Neighbours_07.jpg]

Minty suggested that they go home and eat pancakes until normality was restored. But as they were leaving, Caspin's phone started ringing.

[Image: Neighbours_08.jpg]

Caspin: Oh no, it's her!
Ollie: What an awful ringtone, Caspin!
Caspin: Focus, Ollie!
Ollie: Sorry!
Minty: Answer it and act normal.

[Image: Neighbours_09.jpg]

Caspin cowered in a corner of the library, attempting to have a normal conversation with her nemesis.

Caspin: We're invited to her little girl's party! I had to act normal so I agreed we'd go.
Minty: A party? Her husband just died!
Ollie: None of this seems normal.
Caspin: We can do this, guys! We just go and act like we don't suspect anything, then maybe we'll be safe.

Minty: OK, let's go home and cook some nice things to take with us.
Ollie: Calm down. Think of your hair.
Caspin: Oh yes, sorry about the static.

[Image: Neighbours_10.jpg]

Veronica's Very Normal Party

Vanessa was just finishing up clearing the garden when guests started to arrive for the birthday party. Peggy was first through the door, bring gifts and a smile for Vicky.

[Image: Veronica_party_01.jpg]

They embraced and started the dancing. "I think I'm in love!" thought Vicky, genuinely amazed that she had non-murderous feelings for someone.

[Image: Veronica_party_02.jpg]

Caspin watched Vanessa load the last of the bags into the bin. It appeared to contain an enormous streichholzschachtel. She tried to adjust her face into that of a concerned friend.

Caspin: How are you feeling, Vanessa?
Vanessa: Fine, great, looking forward to dinner! Peggy brought loads of food!
Caspin: Erm. I meant about your husband's recent, agonising death.

[Image: Veronica_party_03.jpg]

Vanessa: Oh yeah.

She immediately collapsed into Caspin's arms, pretending to bawl her eyes out. Caspin patted her back and felt increasingly sure that there had been some foul play here.

[Image: Veronica_party_04.jpg]

Minty arrived at the party, bringing an unnaturally cheesy plate of naan bread and an unnaturally cheesy grin.

Minty: Hi Vanessa! Everything is completely normal here!
Vanessa: Er, yes! Totally normal!

They grinned at each other like lunatics.

[Image: Veronica_party_05.jpg]

Vanessa: Hi, Ollie, thanks for coming to see Veronica's age up.
Oliver: Er, that's all right. It's the normal thing to do.
Vanessa: Quite.

Ollie worked hard to look unconcerned.

[Image: Veronica_party_06.jpg]

Caspin: Minty, why are you grinning like a maniac? And Ollie, what is going on with your face?
Ollie: I thought it looked normal.
Minty: Me too! It's my best effort.
Caspin: Oh dear gods. Vanessa looks suspicious. I will endeavour to participate in some normal party behaviour to distract her.
Ollie: OK, what will you do?
Caspin: I will dance!
Minty: Oh my word, there's no need for that, Caspin! Such drastic measures are surely not yet needed!
Caspin: Don't worry, I've got this. I learned to throw shapes in the 1990s.
Minty: Yes, but which shapes?!
Ollie: Normal ones I hope.

Caspin headed over to the stereo, where Vidkid was already dancing or skipping, it was hard to tell which.

[Image: Veronica_party_07.jpg]

Ollie and Minty looked on as Caspin got groovy.

Minty: Be careful, Caspin - your back!
Ollie: Yeah, you're not as young as you were!
Caspin: Thanks.

[Image: Veronica_party_08.jpg]

Fortunately at that point the birthday girl started yelling for food again, so the family and guests moved into the dining room for dinner. Minty cleared the plates to make way for the birthday cake, still struggling to control his goggling eyeballs.

[Image: Veronica_party_09.jpg]

And so, without further death or ado, Veronica aged up from an obnoxious little crapping toddler into precocious brat of a child.

[Image: Veronica_party_10.jpg]

Vanessa: Party's over, thanks for coming. Everyone out!
Caspin: Thanks for the party, terrific fun. Superbly normal. (Ollie, for heaven's sake, act normal!)
Vanessa: Yeah, thanks for coming over. I'll be seeing you soon. Very soon.

She stared hard at Caspin, who could not now help but look worried (that's my worried face, right there).

[Image: Veronica_party_11.jpg]

Caspin: Let's get out of here.
Ollie: Crap, yeah - run from the pscyho!
Minty: Already running.......!

Vanessa watched them dashing off down the road. Something would have to be done. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and started dialling.

"Hello, is that the police station? Yes, I need to report a murder. I think my neighbour killed my husband."

[Image: Veronica_party_12.jpg]


An aside:

In case there was any doubt that Veronica is the most awful sim I've ever had the misfortune of the game creating for me: these are now her traits!

[Image: Veronica_child_trait.jpg]
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29-04-2015, 06:05 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Your sim-self/sim-character interactions are so meta Big Grin
...and a bit scary, too. You won't get Caspin and the guys in trouble, will you?

Little Veronica seems adorable. Not.
And I have to admit, she reminds me about Veronica from work, who gets bullied by everyone ... meh. Let's hope your sim will have more luck in life!
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03-05-2015, 02:23 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Ah yes, I am so meta. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing!

Veronica is my nightmare sim and she's not even got all her traits yet. I thought when I started rolling the dice that some sims would end up with a mixture of desirable and undesirable traits, but she seems to be heading towards 100% obnoxious, alas.
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09-05-2015, 12:45 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Oooo, interesting.

I'm too young to go to prison!!!

I like how it written out in a screenplay style. So far it is reminding me of Macbeth (which just so happen to be what we've been studying in English right now), just without the whole feudal system in place. Tongue

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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10-05-2015, 04:00 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Ollie's desire for feudalism is duly noted Tongue
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02-08-2015, 03:08 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
The Safe House

Caspin, Minty and Ollie were too scared to stay in their house after the party.

Ollie: She might set our house alight in the night!
Caspin: Well she killed her husband, so anything is possible.
Minty: We will go to the safe house.
Ollie: We have a safe house?
Minty: Yes, my Great Aunt Griselda left me some old dilapidated wreck of a house in her will. It's not fantastic but nobody really knows about it, so we should be safe there.
Caspin: Let's go!

The safe house was in dire need of repair, but the chances of being firebombed in their sleep were greatly reduced. In the morning, Minty set about trying to make some basic repairs.

[Image: SafeHouse_01.jpg]

Poor Ollie. He had a stack of homework in his backpack but was afraid to go to school in case he saw Victoria there. He decided to write up his work and send it in to the school.

Caspin: I'll call the school and say you have a contagious disease so you'll be staying home.
Ollie: Well that does sound more plausible than me having a murderous neighbour who wishes to burn us in our beds.

[Image: SafeHouse_02.jpg]

Caspin: Do you really think we are safe here?
Minty: For a little while. We will obviously need to devise a more permanent solution.
Caspin: That's impossible just now. I can't think while I'm hungry. I'm going to make waffles using this antiquated stove that has been in disuse for some time and smells as though it is leaking gas.
Minty: Great, I'm starving!

[Image: SafeHouse_03.jpg]

Ollie: Oh for heaven's sake, Caspin, now you've gone and set the safe house on fire! Who needs an arsonist neighbour when we've got you!
Caspin: I'm so sorry!
Minty: Call the fire station!

[Image: SafeHouse_04.jpg]

Minty: Caspin, quit flirting with the firemen!
Caspin: Very sorry about this, Fireman Sam......
Sam: No problem. No problem at all.

[Image: SafeHouse_05.jpg]

They were still hungry so made a cold salad and settled down to a peaceful meal among the charred remains of the safe house kitchen.

[Image: SafeHouse_06.jpg]



She stormed around the house. How dare they disappear in the night! She needed someone to frame for Styles' murder. It would be unacceptable for the case to remain open. She needed it closed so that she and her girls could move on with their lives. Where could they possibly be?

Fortunately for Vanessa, she had friends everywhere. In high places and in low places. In particular, she shared with Caspin a fondness for uniforms. Indeed, Vanessa was somewhat partial to the odd fireman, or firewoman, herself. She started phoning around the neighbourhood, pretending to be concerned for her neighbour's safety and whereabouts.

[Image: Corruption_06.jpg]

Her familiarity with the fireman's pole was about to come in very handy.

[Image: Corruption_07.jpg]

Later that afternoon, Fireman Sam sent a messenger round to Vanessa's with some good news.

[Image: Corruption_08.jpg]

Messenger: Sam asked me to pop round, Vanessa, to stop you from worrying about your missing neighbours. They must be taking a bit of a vacation - they're staying up in that old house in the woods. Goodness knows why. It's in a terrible state. Caspin set the kitchen on fire this morning! Anyway, don't worry - they are fine.
Vanessa: Really? That is great news. Thank you so much! WHAT A RELIEF!

[Image: Corruption_09.jpg]

Vanessa: Hahahaha! Gotcha!

Her love of uniforms was not restricted to the fire department. As soon as the messenger had gone, she got police chief Hank on the line.

Vanessa: Hank! So good to hear your voice. Yes, I've missed your handcuffs. We must get together some time!

[Image: Corruption_10.jpg]

Vanessa: But before that, I need something from you, Hank. I need JUSTICE! Justice for my crispy husband. Yes, I have located the suspect and can tell you her location.

[Image: Corruption_11.jpg]


Police chief Hank was keen to impress Vanessa and wasted no time in dispatching a unit to pick up the chief murder suspect. The fact that she and her friends had fled and gone into hiding seemed to add weight to Vanessa's accusation.

Ollie: There's a police car coming up the hill!
Caspin: OOOhh goody!
Minty: For heaven's sake, you are insatiable!
Caspin: Don't be silly, I just like the flashing lights.
Minty: Hmmm.
Ollie: Erm, they are stopping here.
Caspin: I will go and say hello!

[Image: SafeHouse_07.jpg]

Caspin: Hello! Nice lights!
Officer: You are under arrest for murder. I will now read you your rights.
Caspin: No way. I'm innocent!
Officer: That's what they all say. Get in the car.
Caspin: I really am! Vanessa killed Styles. Honestly, I can explain everything!

[Image: SafeHouse_09.jpg]

Officer: I'm going to have to handcuff you.
Caspin: Gosh, well, I don't mind.
Ollie: FOCUS, Caspin!
Minty: Oh dear god. Now she's losing her temper.
Caspin: I AM INNOCENT! I will not go down for that psycho's crimes!

[Image: SafeHouse_08.jpg]

Officer: Er, yes. You will.

And so Caspin was arrested and taken to the police station.


Ollie: What are we going to do?
Minty: We will find evidence for Caspin's defence!
Ollie: Excellent! Wait, where will we find evidence?
Minty: In the bin!

They waited until after dark, then drove to Vanessa's house.

Ollie: That bin looks very full and very smelly. You take that one. I will look through the relatively clean and neatly organised recycling box.
Minty: Great.

[Image: Corruption_02.jpg]

Ollie: Wow there are lot of leaves!
Minty: Yeah, and they smell a bit gunpowdery don't they!
Ollie: But is that evidence? I mean, there were fireworks. It was a party. It's hardly surprising is it.
Minty: True. But wait. Look at this!

[Image: Corruption_03.jpg]

Minty: It's the notebook in which Caspin wrote out the plot of "The Case of the Crispy Husband" for Vicky. This is a blueprint for the murder.... in the murderer's bin!
Ollie: Yay! That's evidence, right?!

Just then, the lights came on and Vanessa appeared at the door. "What are you doing in my bins?"

[Image: Corruption_01.jpg]

Minty: We know it was YOU who killed Styles!
Vanessa: Oh really? Caspin's been arrested by our top quality police force, so I think you'll find that it must have been her.

[Image: Corruption_05.jpg]

Ollie: Yes, we have evidence!
Vanessa: Evidence? That book? Hahahahaha!
Ollie: Why are you laughing?! Wasn't it a bit careless of you to leave a murder plan in your bin?
Vanessa: Well, given that it's written in Caspin's handwriting and now has her friends' fingerprints all over it, no not really. I think it makes great evidence for the prosecution actually. I've got Police Chief Hank upstairs and I think he's going to find this discovery quite useful.

[Image: Corruption_04.jpg]

Ollie: Aarrrrghhh!
Minty: Oh crap.

Vanessa laughed delightedly as the guys left, deflated.


Everyone turned up at the court house for Caspin's trial.

[Image: SafeHouse_10.jpg]

[Image: Corruption_12.jpg]

As expected, she was comprehensively framed by Vanessa's top legal team and given a long prison sentence. Minty and Ollie waved sadly as Caspin was led away and delivered into the 'care' of Prison Governor Flora.

Minty: Don't worry, we'll come to visit you!
Ollie: Yes and we will bring cake!
Caspin: That'll be nice. I hope they have wifi!
Ollie: I don't think she's fully grasped the situation.
Minty: Er, no.

Vanessa chuckled gleefully.

No Wifi

[Image: SafeHouse_11.jpg]

Governor Flora: Keep walking, Prisoner.
Caspin: Wow, these corridors are very long and dark. You should paint them or something, governor.
Governor Flora: No talking.
Caspin: No talking? Oh dear.

[Image: SafeHouse_12.jpg]

Governor Flora: This will be your cell.
Caspin: Oh..... how nice. I won't be here long due to my innocence.
Governor Flora: You keep telling yourself that, Prisoner.
Caspin: Mmm. Can I please have the password for the wifi?
Governor Flora: Hahahaha! There's no wifi for you!
Caspin: Really? Oh no. No wifi. I need to get out of here!
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05-08-2015, 12:58 AM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Omg No Caspin! Great stuff! And I love the loser/slob/no sense of humour combo there. Poor girl.
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09-08-2015, 02:54 PM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2015 05:21 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Yes the dice were truly against me on that kid!

My game does keep me entertained. Half the time I cannot believe what I'm seeing on the screen. I should possibly have done a better job on my prison outfit but that's what happens when you mess around in CAS while drinking.


Since Caspin's incarceration, Vanessa felt truly free. She has actually got away with murder! It was quite the power trip.

Unfortunately, her joy vanished at the realisation of her daughters' misery. Vicky and Veronica moped about the house, with Vicky frequently bursting into tears. For a while Vanessa tried to tell herself that Vicky was beset by the turmoil of teenage hormones and that Veronica was simply cursed by her godawful traits, but then she overheard their whispered conversation at the dining table as she passed by one morning. She had to face the facts - the girls were miserable, filled with guilt and regret. They were not sufficiently psychopathic. "Damned non-psycho genes they've inherited from their father", Vanessa thought.

She went into the dining room and sat down to have a frank discussion.

[Image: Guilt_01.jpg]

Vicky: Waaaaaaaaagh!
Veronica: .........

Vicky continued to weep intermittently and Veronica maintained her stony silence.

Vanessa: OK, you two. I can see that you are both miserable. I understand that you feel guilty about your dad. But we cannot go back in time. What can I do to make things better?
Vicky: I don't feel guilty about Dad! He was very old. It was nearly time for Grim to take him anyway. I feel bad because we framed an innocent person. Also I am now failing Biology because you had my tutor incarcerated!
Vanessa: What can I do?
Vicky: We could start by giving Dad a proper burial. It makes me feel sick when I look out of my window and see his grave covered in leaves. He was so fussy about the garden and he'd hate it!
Vanessa: OK, we will sort that out today.
Vicky: And you have to get Caspin out of jail.
Vanessa: That's not happening, Vicky. I'll get you a new Biology tutor. But I am not going to confess to the crime. I wouldn't last long in jail. Didn't you hear that they don't have wifi?

Vanessa: What about you, Veronica?
Veronica: ........
Vanessa: Come on. Out with it.
Veronica: I hate it here. You have too many parties and boyfriends. I'm a loner - it's a nightmare for me when the house is full of people. I just want to paint. By myself. I want you to send me to art school in France.

Vanessa was stunned. Her daughter wanted to leave. But what choice did she have - make her stay and see her miserable?

[Image: Guilt_02.jpg]

Vanessa: I'm heartbroken! But if that is really what you want....
Veronica: Yup.

That very afternoon, Veronica started work on a huge canvas, ready to be submitted for the entrance exam. Despite her horrific personality and face the shape of a turnip, she did possess some artistic talent.

[Image: Guilt_03.jpg]

Vanessa sat down at the computer and filled out the application for Le Fromage School of Art. It was quite expensive but Styles had at least left some money and this seemed a reasonable use for it.

[Image: Guilt_04.jpg]

She spent the rest of the afternoon raking up the leaves in the garden. She made everything as neat as possible, then popped her husband's gravestone into her pocket, as only a sim can, and set off to the graveyard with Vicky.

[Image: Guilt_05.jpg]

Vanessa: This is a good spot, Vicky. We'll put him here by this bush.
Vicky: Yes OK. I think we'd better do some crying, in case people are watching.

Vanessa turned on the taps immediately. Vicky stared at her. She was starting to wonder whether her mother had any feelings at all. Did she really love her and her sister, or was that all an act too? The thought was frightening and Vicky started to cry.

Vanessa: Well done, dear. Good tear-flow!

[Image: Guilt_06.jpg]

Peggy To The Rescue?

They got home in time to wave Veronica off to art school, since her application had been instantly accepted due to the marvels of the internet. The taxi arrived to take her to the airport, then without a backward glance she was gone.

With her sister gone, Vicky was lonely and still very sad. She stared at her science homework, bewildered. She gave up and went to bed, where she had nightmares about the cemetery, filled with ghosts rising up and deathfish filling the pond.

[Image: Guilt_07.jpg]

The next day she made a decision. She need someone to talk to, but her sister was gone, her father was dead and her mother was mad. The only person she had left was Peggy.

[Image: Guilt_08.jpg]

Peggy listened to the entire story, apparently unperturbed.

Vicky: So, you see, I'm an accessory to murder. And I unwittingly facilitated the framing of Caspin by carelessly throwing the notebook into the bin! Do you hate me? Are you shocked?
Peggy: No, no. Don't be silly. These things happen.
Vicky: They do?
Peggy: Certainly. You know most of my family are from Monte Vista, where my uncle runs a crime syndicate. My grandmother runs a horse ranch out in the country. We had to get our own ranch just to keep up with the supply of horse heads to leave in people's beds! That's why my parents left Monte Vista after they'd had me. So I'd have a chance to live a life free from the mob!
Vicky: Oh. But now I've dragged you into this!
Peggy: Seems pretty tame to me. I'll help you fix it!

[Image: Guilt_09.jpg]

Peggy hugged Vicky.

Peggy: Honestly, give me a day or two and I will come up with a plan!
Vicky: OK!

She still couldn't stop crying, but she felt a lot better and that night she had a peaceful sleep.

[Image: Guilt_10.jpg]
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