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Rolling The Dice
09-08-2015, 05:59 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Any plans to show Caspin's life behind bars? And getting one daughter out of the picture... I wonder if she'll end up stabbing her mom in the back? Figuratively.
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12-08-2015, 03:10 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Yes, it's a bit of a cheat but it was nice to send Veronica away for a while. I'll put up with her when she becomes a teenager but thought I'd spare myself while she's a child!

Well here is the next instalment!

Prison Life

Caspin slept quite well on her first night in prison, although she did have repetitive nightmares about the lack of wifi.

[Image: Prison_01.jpg]

The next day she was assigned to work in the kitchen in the morning, making bread and preparing that day’s meals for the prisoners and the guards.

“This isn’t so bad”, she thought. It was quite a good oven and she enjoyed baking, although there didn’t seem to be much variety on the menu and the thought of eating the same meals over and over again was slightly depressing.

[Image: Prison_02.jpg]

In the afternoons she worked in the prison library, which had a surprisingly good collection of true crime and historical novels, although she had read most of these already.

[Image: Prison_03.jpg]

It was fun to stamp books for the other prisoners and tidy up the shelves. For a while.

Once a day the prisoners were taken out to the exercise yard, where Governor Flora supervised them walking in circles.

[Image: Prison_04.jpg]

Caspin marched round and round until the whistle was blown and it was time to go back inside.

Prison life was not so very terrible, she decided. Although she did live in constant fear of dropping the soap.

[Image: Prison_05.jpg]

The weeks went by with unvaried routine. Bake, tidy books, walk in a circle, take a fearful shower. She became bored and lonely. But then, a happy day arrived! Visitation Day!

The Visitors

Ollie and Minty arrived very early on the morning of the visiting day, passing through the triple gates of the prison with trepidation.

Ollie: It’s so dark!
Minty: It’s 6.00 am, of course it’s dark.
Ollie: No, I mean it’s dark indoors.
Minty: It is. But Caspin doesn’t like bright light. Maybe she likes it.
Ollie: Hmmm. I’m not sure.

[Image: TheVisitors_01.jpg]

They went into the visiting room and found Caspin already waiting for them.

Caspin: Hello! Hello!
Ollie: Crumbs, Caspin, what on earth are you wearing?
Minty: Hahahahaha I didn’t realise it was fancy dress!
Caspin: Jeez, how funny you are!
Ollie: Sorry, but you look like a clown!

[Image: TheVisitors_02.jpg]

Ollie: So, how is prison life?
Caspin: It’s fine. I cook and clean and take walks and read books. It’s very similar to being at home.
Minty: Oh dear! You’ve become institutionalised!
Caspin: Not really. I’m just trying to look on the bright side.
Ollie: That must be difficult with this decor.
Minty: You can’t stay here. You’re already starting to go mad and they are making you wear dungarees!
Caspin: Yes, well, feel free to rescue me at your convenience.

[Image: TheVisitors_03.jpg]

Governor Flora came in and announced that the morning visiting hours were over.

Caspin: I have to go back to work. It’s laundry day. I will be washing dozens of stupid stripy onesies.

She disappeared off down a long dark corridor.

Ollie: We really do need to take action here, you know.

Minty: Yes, this will not do.
Ollie: I wish we could all run away to somewhere sunny and fun.
Minty: I have an idea. But we are going to need help.

[Image: TheVisitors_04.jpg]

Back at home, Minty outlined his plan and Ollie listened carefully.

Ollie: Are you sure this will work?
Minty: I think so. I read about it in a book. Also, I saw it in a film.
Ollie: Well, if it has been detailed in a book, what can possibly go wrong?

[Image: TheVisitors_05.jpg]

Minty: It will look suspicious if we return to visit again today. We will call Vidkid. She will help.

[Image: TheVisitors_06.jpg]

Minty made the call and arranged that they would meet Vidkid at a park on the road to the prison. A few hours later they met, loitered in a bush, then agreed the plan. Vidkid set off towards the prison, carrying a package that Minty and Ollie had provided.

[Image: TheVisitors_07.jpg]

Caspin: Wow, Vidkid, thank you for coming to visit me! You got me out of laundry duty!
Vidkid: Happy to help! Rather bright outfit for you, that, isn’t it?
Caspin: Yeah I know. I can’t look down because my own clothes make me dizzy.

[Image: TheVisitors_08.jpg]

Governor Flora supervised the visit, observing all of the prisoners and their guests carefully.

Vidkid: I brought you a gift!
Caspin: Wow, thank you but I doubt I am allowed a gift.
Vidkid: No, it’s fine. Governor Flora has inspected it.

The Governor nodded and Caspin excitedly accepted the box.

[Image: TheVisitors_09.jpg]

Later on Caspin opened up the box. It was a massive pie!

[Image: TheVisitors_10.jpg]

“Oh thank goodness! Something tasty. Mmmmmmmmm!”

[Image: TheVisitors_11.jpg]

She scoffed the lot. In doing so, she discovered that a variety of tools had been baked into the pie. Caspin stared at them. She could have broken a tooth! What was she supposed to do with these?

[Image: TheVisitors_12.jpg]

“Crikey, I bet Minty has been watching some kind of cartoon movie in which someone gets out of jail by filing through the bars of a window or something! Like that would work in real life. What a nutter!”

Caspin chuckled and lay down on the floor, too full of delicious pie to move.

As soon as she’d left the prison, Vidkid had realised the flaw in this otherwise foolproof plan. She stared up at the high, blank walls as she left. There were no windows!

[Image: TheVisitors_13.jpg]

Vidkid drove over to the safe house to deliver the bad news.

[Image: TheVisitors_14.jpg]

Minty: Oh. But I’m sure I saw windows when we visited this morning!
Ollie: Yes, but they are all internal. Caspin could break through the window of her cell but then she’d just be in the yard.
Vidkid: I’m afraid that’s right. Sorry, guys.
Minty: Fudge.
Ollie: I reckon she will have enjoyed the pie, at least.

They stared glumly at each other. Caspin was just going to have to stay in prison.
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16-08-2015, 04:38 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Drugs Are Bad

With Veronica away, Vicky had a lot more time in the house alone with her mother. Careful observation revealed what she had started to suspect - Vanessa was unhinged.

She walked around in a sleeveless top no matter how snowy and cold the day. She spent hours eating cakes but never seemed to gain any weight. And she talked to herself constantly in the mirror, often gesticulating wildly and making no sense at all. Vicky could see that her mother was delusional, sometimes paranoid and at others seemed to think herself invincible.

[Image: Drugs_01.jpg]

Vicky started to wonder - was her mother always like this? She had vague memories of a much calmer figure from her childhood. And wasn't it odd that her mother had such perfect skin at her age - not a wrinkle in sight. Not one grey hair, although Vicky had never seen her buy or use hair dye.

One day, while Vanessa was out partying with some of the guys from her rock band, Vicky was tidying a cabinet in the living room. She came across some old photo albums, from years, no DECADES, ago. She stared in amazement. Vanessa had looked just the same then as she did now. And who were all these people? All these children, clinging to her mother as though she were theirs. Her mother was not a vampire, so how had she lived so long and stayed so perfect?

Vicky rang her oldest living relative, great-aunt Violet. She demanded answers.

[Image: Drugs_02.jpg]

After a long pause, Violet told Vicky the truth.

Violet: You are old enough now to hear this, Victoria. Your mother has an ambrosia addiction. She started taking it as soon as she became a young adult. She has outlived many generations of children and grandchildren. Years ago she moved away from Midnight Hollow and went to live in Sunset Valley. I heard that she'd started a new life and had more children, but she didn't keep in touch and I was glad she was gone. She was not a good influence. I am sorry that she hasn't managed to get over those old habits. I dabbled in life fruits a little bit myself, hence am still around to tell you this sad tale, but fortunately I was able to stop before I mastered the catching of deathfish.

Vicky had a long chat with Violet. She learned about the incredible age-defying properties of ambrosia. Afterwards she looked on the internet for more information.

Vicky: Side-effects of long-term use of ambrosia include psychosis, murderous tendencies ...... oh dear.

She went to the fridge and hunted around in the salad drawer, where nobody ever really looks. She found plate after plate of the sparkling quiche that she had occasionally seen her mother eating but had never tried for herself. It smelled revolting. Vicky arranged the plates on the table. When her mum came home, she sat her down and confronted her with her habit.

[Image: Drugs_03.jpg]

Vanessa: What's going on? Have you been meddling with my quiche?!
Vicky: No. I would like you to stop eating this ambrosia, Mum. It's sending you mad and murderous.
Vanessa: That is nonsense. It's good for my skin, that's all!

Vicky handed her a print-out of the information she has found online. Vanessa stared at it. There was no escaping the facts. In her quest for glossy hair and eternal youth, she had turned into a heartless killer. And now her daughters hated her.

Vicky: If you keep eating it, the side effects will become more extreme. You will lose your mind and you will probably kill again. Maybe you will kill me! You must stop this or I am leaving.
Vanessa: I will eat one more plate. Just one. Then I will try to live one normal life. I will live it to the full! Then I will give up ambrosia. I am the only one in this family who has ever learned the recipe, so then it will be over for all of us.
Vicky: And then?
Vanessa: Then I will diminish and go into the west and remain Vanessa.
Vicky: Sorry, what?
Vanessa: Apologies, dear. I mean that I will die, hopefully a natural death.
Vicky: OK, what about all the rest of the quiche? There's at least five portions.
Vanessa: It will make spectacularly sparkly compost.
Vicky: Promise?
Vanessa: Promise.

[Image: Drugs_04.jpg]

Vanessa tucked in to her final plate of ambrosia. It was really disgusting but very filling. She felt the magic work and youth was restored to her for the final time.

[Image: Drugs_05.jpg]

She bagged up the remainder of her stash and took it out to the composter. She thought that she would feel angry, upset, resentful - something negative at any rate. But she actually felt hugely relieved. The stuff had turned her into a killer - preying on some poor old guy who only had days before Grim would have taken him anyway. She had felt sanity slipping away and now it was time to take it back.

[Image: Drugs_06.jpg]


Vanessa stayed home for several days, trying to come to terms with the prospect of mortality. She had to make things up to Vicky. She made good use of her handiness skill, fixing up a laptop for her daughter.

[Image: BetterMum_01.jpg]

When Vicky came home from school one night, she was amazed to find her room transformed from the messy jungle that she had shared with her little sister, to a grown-up room just for her. She had a new bed and relaxed there often, enjoying the peace and quiet.

[Image: BetterMum_02.jpg]

Vanessa made an effort to play a more useful role in Vicky's life, helping her with her homework each night. She took up Caspin's role of Biology tutor.

Vanessa: I've been alive so long I've amassed quite considerable knowledge, you know. My head feels too full - maybe this is how the madness starts. As I get old, perhaps I'll start to forget things.

[Image: BetterMum_03.jpg]

Peggy often came over in the evening. She seemed a nice girl and Vanessa was pleased to see her daughter so happy. They studied quite a lot, often comparing books.

[Image: BetterMum_04.jpg]

Vanessa made an effort to get to know Peggy. She was shocked when she heard that Peggy was homeless. When her parents fled their mob connections in Monte Vista, they had arrived in Sunset Valley penniless and unable to afford even the cheapest of homes. Her mum and and lived out of their car. Peggy herself was currently living in a squat with twelve other teenaged sims, but often just slept at school or some other public venue with access to showers. She always looked clean and neat but secretly lived in frightening circumstances. She was studying hard in the hope that she would win a scholarship to university and perhaps be able to drag herself and her family out of poverty.

After careful thought, Vanessa decided to ask Peggy to move in. Vicky was getting older and was bound to end up living with her girlfriend before too long anyway. If Peggy moved in, then Vicky might not move out, and Vanessa would at least keep one daughter with her while she faced her fear of ageing.

[Image: BetterMum_05.jpg]

Peggy was amazed and delighted and immediately accepted the kind offer.

[Image: BetterMum_06.jpg]

Aw, sweet!
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20-09-2015, 06:35 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Great news - you get a break from that overly colourful jumpsuit today! Clapping

A Shaky Start

With Peggy now living in the Valentine household, things became a little ..... messy. It is fortunate that Vanessa had already killed super-tidy Styles, or he may have had to kill himself. A quick glance at Peggy's traits, now that she is under my control, reveals the problem.

[Image: Peggy_teen_traits.jpg]

Yup, I've managed to pick up a kleptomaniac slob. Yay!

Vanessa found that there was a particular problem with plates. Peggy enjoyed leaving plates lying around all over the house - on tables, counters, the floor - wherever she found a plate-sized space, Peggy would deposit a plate there. Preferably a dirty plate. When they ran out of clean plates, little miss klepto would steal some more from the diner. When these were also dirty, she would lick plates clean. It was surprisingly disgusting behaviour from such an otherwise neat young sim.

[Image: Peggy_01.jpg]

In an attempt to distract her from theft and mess-making, Vanessa volunteered to teach Peggy to drive. Styles had left Vicky his car and, since Peggy apparently loved vehicles, this seemed the perfect way to keep her occupied in a plate-free environment. Don't they both look cheery?

[Image: Peggy_02.jpg]

Unfortunately, teenage angst and extreme mood swings did not mix well with driving lessons. After a few hours both driver and student were stressed out and arguing over every detail. They got out of the car to cool off.

[Image: Peggy_03.jpg]

Vanessa wondered whether she had made a terrible mistake in asking Peggy to move in. But no - she made Vicky so happy and surely things would settle down after these initial hiccups. They were all still getting used to being under the same roof.

Vicky, unlike her mother, was in heaven. She was doing well at school, she had Peggy living at her house and she was making great advances with her art. Veronica would sometimes phone from Art School in France to tell her about the latest techniques, which Vicky tried to emulate.

She certainly made great strides in painting every day objects, including windows.

[Image: Peggy_04.jpg]

Although Peggy had a lot of survival skills from her years of living rough, she maintained a determination to go to university and for this she knew she would need formal qualifications and skills. She and Vicky spent a lot of time on the sofa, reading skill books and finding recipes on the cookery channel. They were becoming quite good at baking and talked of opening a cafe with an attached gallery to display Vicky's pictures.

[Image: Peggy_05.jpg]

Vanessa saw how happy they were and tried hard not to fight with Peggy. She bought many boxes of extra plates and ran the dishwasher more frequently. But she could never quite keep up. One night she found Peggy sneaking back into the house after she had been out after curfew, drunk and with bizarre face-paint from the autumn festival, the pockets of her coat stuffed with cups and saucers from the bistro.

Vanessa: Peggy, what are you doing? Do you want to be arrested?!
Peggy: No..... I just thought we needed some new saucers.
Vanessa: We can buy some!
Peggy: I keep forgetting that we have money....
Vanessa: What happened to your face?
Peggy: I stole some nectar and drank it with the face-painting guy in the park. After that the face-painting didn't work out too well. This is meant to be a clown face and there's a load of kids gone home crying because they asked to look like tigers but just got painted green.

[Image: Peggy_06.jpg]

Vanessa sighed. She grounded Peggy, hoping that keeping her indoors for a few days might help her calm down.

Peggy fumed and sulked. She tried to get a grip on her temper and emotions.

[Image: Peggy_07.jpg]

I just need some air! She marched outside and walked round the house. If I don't leave the garden, then I'm complying with my grounding, she thought, stomping back and forth.

Peggy: Wait, what are those lights? Arrgggh! Omg

[Image: Peggy_08.jpg]

Hours later, Peggy was deposited on the road outside her house, dusty and shocked after being probed by creepy elderly aliens in jodhpurs [sorry, I don't know where this game is going at the moment but everything is really weird!].

[Image: Peggy_09.jpg]

She ran back into the house, repentant and fearful. It was dangerous out there and she had to make an effort to fit in or risk being kicked back out onto the streets.

Peggy: I'm sorry, Vanessa! I'll get a grip on my hormones! I won't stay out after curfew and I'll pay attention to my driving lessons.
Vanessa: OK. What about the plates?
Peggy: I will try not to steal plates.

Vanessa was satisfied. The rest of the mess, she could deal with. She hired herself an attractive maid. It was a little disturbing to see him out in the garden, raking leaves as Styles had done, but at least all of Peggy's untidiness was now taken care of.

[Image: Peggy_10.jpg]

Doing What She Does Best

With the ambrosia leaving her system, Vanessa became more and more like her old self. She had fun at work and enjoyed singing with her band. She put on a little weight and started to feel the cold again as autumn set in. With only one more lifetime left to live, she pondered on how to spend the time.

She did, of course, still have a thing for uniforms. That was not caused by ambrosia. She continued to see Police Chief Hank, meeting in the hay for a roll.

[Image: Baby_machine_01.jpg]

Before too long, the inevitable occurred. This is it! Vanessa was overjoyed - I've popped out dozens of babies, this is what I do best! I will have one last child.

[Image: Baby_machine_02.jpg]

Vanessa: Vicky, you are going to have a little brother or sister! Do you remember where we packed up the teddy bears?
Vicky: How exciting! I hope that the baby will have more desirable traits than poor Veronica.

[Image: Baby_machine_03.jpg]

Peggy was incredibly thrilled. Her only useful trait was that she was family-oriented and she couldn't wait for the baby to be born so that she could help out.

Vanessa: Great! Instant baby-sitter.

Finally Peggy had something to focus on, a distraction from the urge to steal plates. Perhaps harmony would be achieved in this house at last.

[Image: Baby_machine_04.jpg]

Nine imaginary months later, baby William was born [I grew weary of V-names].

His traits are not great, but there's still time for him to get some better ones I hope!

[Image: William_baby_traits.jpg]
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21-09-2015, 03:42 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Baby! Yay!
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27-09-2015, 02:46 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
(21-09-2015 03:42 PM)Wandarine Wrote:  Baby! Yay!

I thought you'd be pleased. Yes

I was happy that it was a boy, as there are enough women in that household now. I seem to be having bad luck with this business of rolling the dice for traits, though. And soon it will be time for the little horror that is Veronica to return from boarding school, so the proportion of grumpy loners is about to rise!
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27-09-2015, 05:47 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
Poop Central

Ah, babies. Aren't they delightful! With their immense capacity to spray their excrement all over their surroundings, including their loved ones, should they be standing within range.

Vicky and Peggy went to prom, an American school event for teenagers to maximise their social awkwardness. Fortunately they didn't have to find dates, since they were already together. The photos they brought home suggested that they had a good time and didn't take it or themselves too seriously, which is always best, I find.

[Image: PromNight_01.jpg]

They needed a night off from looking after William. He seems to fill his nappy at a faster rate than most sim babies. Why oh why?!

Peggy did the lion's share of the childcare. She seemed to enjoy it, apart from the occasional projectile poo situation at the changing table (the horror!) and the screaming and the constant demands.

[Image: William_birthday_01.jpg]

There were fun moments as well - like holding William aloft immediately after feeding time, thus running the risk of being puked on as well as shat upon. Good times! Clapping

[Image: William_birthday_02.jpg]

She's brave, is our Peggy. But at last it was time for William's birthday! Vicky made good use of her creative skills in the kitchen, whipping up a massive celebratory cake.

[Image: William_birthday_03.jpg]

They threw a small party, at which Vanessa moved from guest to guest, flirting relentlessly. Half the town is in love with her at the moment. It's exhausting.

[Image: William_birthday_04.jpg]

Why so happy, Hank? Best not to ask.

[Image: William_birthday_05.jpg]

William aged up without further ado and EA dressed him in a delightful pink top that clashed wonderfully with his loverly ginger hair [please note this is not sarcasm - I like red hair]. It makes a nice change from all the black hair in the household.

[Image: William_birthday_06.jpg]

Poor Peggy continued being the primary influence in his life, teaching him to talk and other essential activities.

[Image: William_birthday_07.jpg]

Her patience at the potty is commendable. But why must toddlers take a crap on a bear's head? Even William does not look impressed with this plan.

[Image: William_birthday_08.jpg]

Return of Veronica

The very same night, Veronica came home from Art School in France, all grown up. I am sure her painting must have improved but nothing else has. I must have done something very naughty in a previous simming life, as the game has decided that, as though her traits were not already irritating enough, that she would be awarded the dramatic trait from her time away at school. Yes, good, thank you! Why not add just one more extra-melodramatic teen to this household, bringing me to a total of three! Budo

[Image: Veronica_drama.jpg]

I think I may have to hold some more birthdays as I don't think I can tolerate a trio of teens!

A Gift From The Mob?

After an exhausting day of shagging guests at her baby son's birthday, ditching all childcare responsibilities onto her oldest daughter's live-in girlfriend and having her most difficult child return to her in a terrible mood and with a new propensity for high drama, Vanessa decided to get to bed and catch up on some sleep.

But what was this?

[Image: HorseHead.jpg]

Vanessa: There is a horse's head. In my bed.

She placed in on the table and stared at it. What could it mean?
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25-10-2015, 04:16 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
On with the show!

A Winter of Parties

William turned into a charming kid. Being a loner, he was quite happy playing on his own most of the time, chewing the head off dolls that weirdly looked like him.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_01.jpg]

Vanessa thoroughly enjoyed having a child in the house again and did not miss ambrosia one bit.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_02.jpg]

When Veronica had returned from boarding school everyone had been nervous that her horrific personality and the fact that there were now three teenage girls under one roof would send the household into meltdown. Somehow, those fears proved unfounded. The three girls got along quite well (once Veronica had stopped flirting with Peggy at least) and were surprisingly studious.

Peggy: What is this English Lit question even asking?
Vicky: Like, I totally don't know.
Peggy: I know right?
Vicky: It's as though they, like, basically expect us to read the actual, like, book!
Veronica: Ridiculous. I've seen the movie. Why read the book?

[Image: PartyFrenzy_03.jpg]

Winter arrived and with it came an incredibly large amount of snow. Endless snow days were called, the local schools closed and the girls were spared more perplexing homework. Vanessa took a sabbatical from her job at the theatre so that she could stay in the warmth and play Simcity all day.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_04.jpg]

The whole family had fun in the snow, building the same type of snowman again and again using a seemingly endless supply of wonky top hats.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_05.jpg]

[Image: PartyFrenzy_06.jpg]

They visited the winter festival and learned how to skate, although observing the antics of the townies was actually more fun! Is that lady falling, singing, or dancing (or all of the above)? Her skating partner appears to be the supplier of the snowmen's hats.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_07.jpg]

William's next birthday rolled around and Peggy's and Vicky's also appeared on the horizon. They threw one almighty bash to celebrate this triple whammy of cake-eating excess.

Vanessa had been looking forward to seeing Police Chief Hank at his son's party. He turned up looking old, with a cane and a lack of regard for the invitation indicating formal attire. Vanessa immediately turned her attentions to a younger candidate.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_08.jpg]

Peggy helped William with his birthday, everyone leaning towards the cake as though they were going to take a massive bite!

[Image: PartyFrenzy_09.jpg]

Then it was Peggy's turn, along with Vicky's. That's three whole cakes that need eating now. Tuck in, please!

[Image: PartyFrenzy_10.jpg]

Immediately following the triple birthday, Christmas arrived. The family celebrated with traditional waffles for breakfast.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_11.jpg]

They spent the day decorating the house and then held yet another party, at which some of the guests behaved impeccably, enjoying the food and chatting to William about constellations....

[Image: PartyFrenzy_12.jpg]

.... somes guest behaved less well, farting like troopers right beside Vanessa's chair ....

[Image: PartyFrenzy_13.jpg]

.... and some guests became as weary of the party season as I do, choosing instead to go into the front yard and leap into Grim's arms rather than face one more festive tune or eat one more damned pretzel.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_14.jpg]

During the party the now all-grown-up Vicky and Peggy chatted about the future. Please note they are not slapping each other here, they are dancing!

Vicky: We could leave this place now, couldn't we? Start again somewhere else, with fewer freakish memories?
Peggy: We could move to Italy!
Vicky: What about your mob family?
Peggy: Oh don't worry about them.
Vicky: They put a horse head in Mum's bed!
Peggy: No, that was me. I thought it might be good to remind her of my .... connections.
Vicky: Why?! She loves you like family now!
Peggy: Just in case. I worried that she might fall back into old habits and cause trouble when we break Caspin out of jail. I thought this might cause her to pause.
Vicky: Oh yeah, I forgot Caspin was still in jail.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_15.jpg]

Vicky: So you do have a plan then?
Peggy: Oh yes, don't worry!
Vicky: Hey, it's nice now we're both adults and can actually share a bed isn't it!
Peggy: Lovely, although obviously we will remain fully clothed. This is a family show.
Vicky: Yes, we will even keep our coats on.

[Image: PartyFrenzy_16.jpg]

Peggy's Plan

The next day, Peggy and Vicky went to see Minty and Ollie. Vicky had not been convinced that they would even be allowed in the house, but Peggy had cunningly enlisted the support of Milo before attempting the meeting.

Peggy: Hello Milo. Would you like to sniff my hand.
Milo: Sure. Whatever floats your boat.

[Image: ConvincingMilo_01.jpg]

Peggy explained her plan to Minty, who listened attentively.

[Image: ConvincingMilo_02.jpg]

Peggy: What do you think?
Minty: It sounds perfectly plausible! I'm in!

[Image: ConvincingMilo_03.jpg]

Peggy: Great! I will make the majority of the arrangements, but you and Ollie and Vidkid will also need to play your parts.
Minty: No worries!
Peggy: One thing is a little difficult, though. We need somebody on the inside. Obviously Vicky and I cannot participate and you and Ollie are both too well know as visitors to the prison, as is Vidkid. Any thoughts?
Minty: Yes, you could ask our friend who currently works at city hall - she'll help out! Her name is Wanda.
Peggy: Great, I will contact her to see if she can help.

[Image: ConvincingMilo_04.jpg]

And so, after a quick discussion to get approval from his feline overlord, Minty agreed to Peggy's audacious scheme.

[Image: ConvincingMilo_05.jpg]

Enter Wanda, stage right

Peggy had already decided to join the politics career, so had no trouble finding Wanda at city hall. Wanda's job there was to provide training programmes and she was happy to hear from a bright new employee. They got chatting about acquaintances that they had in common and from there it was easy for charming Peggy to introduce the idea of Wanda helping to break Caspin out of prison.

[Image: NewJob_01.jpg]

Wanda: Yes, I'd be happy to help to overturn this gross injustice, but how?
Peggy: Well, we need someone on the inside. Someone not currently known to Governor Flora.
Wanda: Me?
Peggy: Sure. Fancy a change of job?

[Image: NewJob_02.jpg]

Wanda: Hmmmmm. Yes
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25-10-2015, 07:14 PM
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RE: Rolling The Dice
I like the (maid?) hair. Is that in the game or is that a mod? Also, it's great that Wanda's joined the party. Hope she can help Minty, Ollie, and the gang free Caspin at long last. That poor woman needs her wi-fi and better outfits.
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RE: Rolling The Dice
(25-10-2015 04:16 PM)Caspin Wrote:  [Image: PartyFrenzy_13.jpg~original]

That's right grandma, you put out the SMEXXXY there. Omg

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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