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The Black Lady (Shortstory)
15-03-2015, 04:42 PM
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The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Hey guys, so here's a pointless little story I wrote. Pictures are taken from TS2, sometimes edited with Gimp. Enjoy!

The Black Lady

[Image: o0doBeN.jpg]

The Black Lady was scared. As she left her bedroom for her regular walk around the house, she looked back over her shoulder, but only to discover that no one was here. But they were there somewhere, she did not need to see them to know. They were here, they were inside her house, and they wanted to kill her.
[Image: VhewGdQ.jpg]

Around the corner and down the stairs she went, just like she did every night. When she saw two of them waiting for her at the end of the hall, starring at her across the dining room, her heart stopped, but only for a second. They couldn't hurt her as long as there were two of them, she remembered, for none of them would try to kill her in front of witnesses. As long as she was seen, she was save.
[Image: EzkLYoz.jpg]

The Black Lady left the hall with the staircase and entered the Butler's Room. Although no Butler had stayed here for over 30 years, leaving the room empty, she still secretly called it that in her head, remembering the good old times when she had still been a little girl playing around her parents' house. But her parents were long gone, vanished without a trace, and the Lady owned the old scary house on her own now.
[Image: u8WjjQ7.jpg]

It didn't really scare her, though. Not at day, at least. The Black Lady had grown up here, knew every corner and every step of the building better than anyone ever had. But still, the nights... the nights were different. At night, THEY came.
[Image: QLlef2Q.jpg]

She stepped out a back door into the fresh, cold air of the night and took the direct path through the hedge maze towards the front door. Though she felt save there between all the dark greens, she knew she couldn't stay. She had to finish her walk around the house. One round, at least, just to make sure everything was all right.
[Image: njTKn9c.jpg]

As the Lady left the maze, she glimpsed one of them across the yard, waiting for her in the greenhouse.
[Image: xolhKty.jpg]

It was the scary kid, she realised, and he had seen her too, but as soon as he stepped out into the yard she was save behind the front door.
[Image: x4raW9A.jpg]

In the entrance hall, she gave herself some time to stop and have a rest. That was a mistake. One of them, the red one, had been waiting here for her, a knife in his hand.
[Image: u0MpYOW.jpg]

A scream stuck in the Lady's throat, but just as she thought her time had come, another one of them entered the dining room. Across the hall, the eyes of the two assassins met, leaving the red one cursing. The Black Lady was saved for once, but she knew it wouldn't last long. None of them ment her good, and even if they saved her from each other some times, it was only because every one of them wanted to be the very one to kill her.
[Image: 5uQoDR3.jpg]

Still, she could use their rivalry to her advantage. Though the Lady knew they were only playing false on her when pretending to help her, they didn't need to know that she knew. When the fourth of them called her from the hall with the second staircase, promising not to harm her, she walked right towards him, smiling, just to slip through the kitchen door right when he thought he'd tricked her to follow him.
[Image: zn14heb.jpg]

From her save place in the kitchen, she watched him leave in frustration...
[Image: 3qM9frt.jpg]

...just to realise her save place wasn't so save after all. The red one was back. It seemed like he had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. How did he manage to get here so fast?
[Image: 9GmQ51v.jpg]

It didn't really matter any more. "What kind of person dresses all in red?", she wondered, but that didn't really matter now either. None of it mattered now, actually, nothing but the knife in his hand, her last desperate scream and the sudden darkness all around her.
[Image: FbFebwW.png]

[Image: oP53aBu.jpg]

"Dammit, Dave won again!" Trisha called out in frustration, scattering her cards all over the floor. "Stupid teleport cards", Johnny complained. "Why do YOU always have them, anyway?" Dave just smiled, picked up his sister's cards from the floor, and rearranged the board for a new round.
[Image: 7Ody5Le.jpg]

"May I join you guys?" Libby asked as she entered the room. "I love 'The Black Lady!'" "Sure, you can be the white one", Phil said, pointing at the only pawn left in the box. "Bah, I hate that color", Libby complained, but she sat down anyway.
[Image: KrxJHNg.jpg]

The Lady woke up to find herself not in her bedroom, but on the small corridor that looked down on the dining room.
[Image: G49yH3b.jpg]

"Actually, white is not a color, it's a shade", a voice whispered in her head, like a memory from a dream half forgotten. How did she get here? Had she been walking in her sleep again? Was she asleep even now, dreaming? But when she looked down the dining room and the entrance hall all the way to the front door, she saw them, and knew she wasn't dreaming. This was real, and they were coming to get her.
[Image: ikWIyfi.jpg]
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15-03-2015, 04:52 PM (This post was last modified: 15-03-2015 06:15 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Blimey, Wanda, that's good! The scary kid in the greenhouse really did look frightening. It's a really good idea. Imagine if every time we played Sims, say, in an alternate universe actual people had to go through what we make our sims do! Mine would be in dire straits. Biggrin

Do you watch Dr Who? The assassins' need to be unseen by others in order to kill her reminds me a bit of the stone angel statues in Dr Who, where they can't move or get to you as long as someone's looking at them. After watching the first episode with those angels I actually practised blinking one eye at a time, just in case I ever encountered one.

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15-03-2015, 05:13 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Hehe, I'm glad you liked it!
Oh yes, I wouldn't want to be one of my Sims! Like, I never allow them to go on maternity leave. Or vacation.

I never watched Dr Who. Although I thought more than once that maybe I should.
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15-03-2015, 06:21 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Aw, I'm quite nice to my sims, except the ones I murder of course. Actually Minty's sim gets a raw deal in my game because he foolishly made him with good cooking and handiness traits so he is always my chef/gardener. Biggrin

I really enjoyed your story. Seeing the kids sitting round the table makes me want to play Cluedo, although I don't have a board game here, they're all at my brother's house. What is that board game within TS2 that they are playing? I don't remember it. Is it CC?
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15-03-2015, 07:02 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Caspin Wrote:What is that board game within TS2 that they are playing? I don't remember it. Is it CC?
I bet you don't Tongue
The game the kids are actually playing is the one with the Llama. It's base game, I think. The board you're seeing, however, is of a game called "Kill Dr. Lucky", which was the inspiration to this story. I photoshopped it in Big Grin (Or, more like, gimped it in, for you have to be officially made out of money to use photoshop.)
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16-03-2015, 02:47 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
There was a base game children's game with a llama? Blimey, I don't even remember that, although to be fair it's a while since I played TS2. Good job with your gimperisation of the "Kill Dr Lucky" board (and the box in the background). I haven't actually heard of that game but have just read about it. It sounds good fun - we definitely need one of those in the SimsForums living room. Yes
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16-03-2015, 03:55 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Actually, I have no idea if it was base game or some extention pack (probably freetime?) I got the ultimate collection so that's pretty much all the same thing for me.
Anyway, it looks like this:
[Image: TLlikUd.jpg]

I think the players try to place the sticks on the llama. Kind of like reverse-micado?
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20-03-2015, 12:46 AM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Brilliant work Wandarine! I thought it was going to be something like "The Others", but that was a surreal twist. Clapping

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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20-03-2015, 03:42 PM
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RE: The Black Lady (Shortstory)
Thanks, Minty. I haven't seen "The Others", but I think I stumbled over it while reading about that illness the kids have (if we are talking about the same movie here.)
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