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That awkward moment when...
16-04-2015, 10:20 PM (This post was last modified: 18-04-2015 08:55 PM by Wandarine.)
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That awkward moment when...
...your half-brother is now your stepdad!

[Image: wn5anTr.jpg]

Sorry the picture doesn't show it clearly, but that poor guy looked really desperate.

Well, that's the downside of when your father is the father of every one in town. I haven't found out about the upside yet.
Anyway, that's him:

[Image: 411BRW9.jpg]
David, father of everyone

He's the oldest son of the family from one of my old Sims 1 games. When I got bored of Sims 1 and moved to Sims 2, I recreated that family - and the rest of the neighbourhood - so I could keep my favourite sims. David is definitely one of my favourites, though I would probably not like him too much in real life...

But let's start with how the story began in TS1. (I'll add the original pictures as soon as I find out how to extract them.)

There was this adorable young couple, Elin and Philip.
[Image: w5Qxv40.jpg]

Elin went to work on her music career while Philip stayed at home and made enough friends so his wife kept getting promotions.
They became pretty rich and didn't have children, so the orphanage (or whoever gives away free kids Dunno ) called twice to convince them of adopting.
They adopted David, then another boy called Tim.
After Tim, they had their first (and last) biological child, a girl called Eva.
Meanwhile, Philip started to get along too well with one of the friends he made. This friend happened to be the neighour's wife, and her name was Bella Goth.
(Well, actually her name was Julia von Spinnweb. Stupid translation.)
Philip and Julia started an affair. He repeatedly asked her to marry him but she kept saying no.
So I drowned her husband.
[Image: 2oldIjS.jpg]

She said yes after that.
Julia and Cassandra moved in. Cassandra and her new step siblings got along great, and after a while, Elin got over it.
[Image: mh02f04.jpg]

Julia and Philip had a girl together, Melissa, making the household full with 3 adults and 5 kids.
[Image: rrzXY0Q.jpg]

Elin found a new love, too. He was called Leroy.
But neither of them could ask the other to marry them, because Leroy's household was also full...
...that was when I moved the entire neighbourhood to TS2.

A lot has happened since then. Cassandra, Tim and Philip are old by now, Julia just died, and Elin has her 17th grandchild on the way. But well. More of that tomorrow.

At the end of this post, enjoy this picture of a murdering snowman:
[Image: XG5vgBz.jpg]

(I hope this thread is okay here. I wasn't sure whether to put it to 'legacies' or just 'general chat and pictures', mostly because I don't know what a legacy is.)
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17-04-2015, 04:50 PM (This post was last modified: 17-04-2015 09:36 PM by Caspin.)
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Half-brother is also step-dad. Hold on and let me ponder that one for a moment! Sometimes I have to draw diagrams for this kind of thing. My family is very small so I don't have examples of greatgrandparents or step-brothers or second cousins twice removed or whatevers. I can't always grasp these relationships until I think about it for a while. When I was at school I went out with a guy who had a similarly complex situation in his family. One of his uncles had married a woman and then another uncle (the first uncle's brother) had married that woman's daughter. There was a small age difference between the uncles but there was quite a big age difference between their wives, not that that really matters. At least I think that's what happened. Never mind.

Bella Goth translates as Julia von Spinnweb? But this is marvellous! What a name! I was reading a magazine earlier today and there was a comment in it from someone called Mr Ghoststone, which I thought was also pretty terrific. I might change my name to something more gothic and interesting. What about Dr Spectral-Cloud? Spookbush? Spidergnome? Leafshadow? Jeez, so many options.

I like that you drowned Julia's husband so that Philip could marry her. It's certainly a solution.

I will look forward to more news from your game!
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17-04-2015, 09:19 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Here's another one for you: "My daughters are cousins as well as half-sisters."
Also from my game, and also David's (and Tim's) fault. But, this will all make a lot more sense after you've heard the story (or at least I hope so).

Maybe you're right and von Spinnweb is actually a good name. My problem is that it doesn't sound "gothy" at all. It sounds old, and noble, but mostly old. When I found out the family is called Goth originally, I felt cheated because the german name doesn't quite communicate that they are supposed to be spooky.

Also, I'm not even sure if it was the death of Mr. von Spinnweb that made Julia marry Philip. But I killed him and she said yes, and post hoc ergo propter hoc, right? Big Grin
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17-04-2015, 10:28 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
All right, we've got a lot of storytelling to go through!
(Storytelling? Story telling? Story-telling? Sto ry-t ell-ing? WhateverIhatespacesanyway.)

These are the families I created for TS2:

[Image: cDQJmXH.jpg]
The main family, Jaennicke (yeah, that's a very German name)
fltr: David, Cassie holding Melissa, Philip and Julia, Eva, Tim, Elin
The other families were mostly created so the Jaennickes had enough friends.
For you can not make half-siblings in CAS, Cassie and Melissa are children of Philip and Julia here while David, Eva and Tim are Elin's fatherless kids. Caspin, write it down, this will be on the test! Tongue

[Image: wtpr5aA.jpg]
The Maiwalds (also a very german name I guess)
fltr: Mara, Max, Mick, Mary and Mike, Mona
I made all those families without a second thought, but in retrospect I think this is what happened:
Mary and Mike could not have children, so they adopted Mara. Later they agreed on some kind of artificial insemination, so they had triplets (no one has triplets naturally, right?) This also explains why, several sim-weeks later, Mary got pregnant with child no. 5: She never thought that was even possible!

[Image: gjsmSuk.jpg]
Here are Mo and Mei Qui.
Just because I thought it would be nice to have asians in my game.

[Image: hhB5ggI.jpg]
Linus Zeiz and his father, John.
John was one of the two sims I did not copy from TS1. I made him up spontaneously because Linus could not live on his own.

[Image: 2td4FBp.jpg]
The other sim I made up (for the same reason): Sibylle Fuchs with her children Laurel and Liz.

[Image: huB63Cl.jpg]
the Adams family.
fltr: Nicky, Michela and Bruce, Dan.
A premade family from TS1, I think they were called Pleasant or something.

[Image: fdTvsgI.jpg]

I called these ones Vegée.They are the "Roomies"-family from TS1. Although their name says otherwise in german as well as in english, I usually ignore that and make them lovers. They adopted two kids in TS1 and another eight in TS2.
fltr: Nadia and Ruth, Kira, Nelly.

[Image: PbXyACM.jpg]
Bob and Betty Neuling from the tutorial Biggrin
And their son, Kevin.

[Image: avF4SnF.jpg]
The Louques family (No, I don't know how to pronounce that. Maybe like Lucas, with the second syllable stressed?)
fltr: Lyra, Lilly, Leandra and Louis, Leroy.
Leroy and Louis are Lilly's sons, Lyra is Louis' and Leandra's daughter.

I had 6 teenagers in my game and there are 6 aspirations. Coincidence? Probably. But, well:
David is the only boy his age, so he's predestined for romance.
Mara's adopted so she probably dreams of her own family.
Liz seems like a typical lazy teenager, only seeking pleasure.
Nicky wore a sports dress in TS1 (and wears one now), so she probably aims for fortune (yes that makes sense).
Cassie goes for knowledge because... she wears glasses?
And Lyra's aspiration is fame. Because that one was left, I guess.
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18-04-2015, 11:58 AM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Oh my goodness, I will have to draw a diagram for sure. But that's OK, carry on! I like a good diagram, so I do.

Yes you have some nice German-sounding names going on there. My middle name is German so at least there is one German word that I can pronounce. Tongue
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18-04-2015, 08:47 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Quote: My middle name is German so at least there is one German word that I can pronounce. [Image: tongue.gif]
Ooooh what is it, what is it!?
I love names. I HAVE to know.

Please draw that diagram. I'd love to see it. When I tried to make a family tree of the neighbourhood, I failed horribly Big Grin
(Yes, the entire neighbourhood is in one family tree now. I wonder how long I can keep it up before there's no one left for my sims to marry because everyone's related.)
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19-04-2015, 01:13 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Ah well, maybe I'll tell you the name someday, but slightly less publicly!

I am totally on the case with the diagram, fear not. I have found a website that tells you the proper symbols to use on a family tree. I will try to keep up. I'm not very good at drawing family trees, though, as there always comes a point at which you realise you've run out of space in one direction or another. There are computer programmes you can use, but that seems a little too technically involved. Let's start with the basics and I'll add other people in as I work out their relationships.

[Image: WandaTree_01.jpg]

You can let me know if I go wrong!
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19-04-2015, 08:59 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Nice family tree!
Pen & paper is usually more practical, that's right. My family made a family tree some years ago, and all computer programms either proofed useless or were expensive. So we ended up recording only ancestors of me (and my siblings). That way, a family tree is actually only a binary tree, so it doesn't show cousins or the like.
Whatever. Back to the story.

Elin was promised a new love, right? I kept my promise and introduced her to Leroy Louques.
[Image: G0OJFrJ.jpg]
The carefully chosen turn-ons did their work. The two of them got along great.
[Image: CNKWVFQ.jpg]
The wedding followed soon after. Eva, say goodbye to mom, she's going to live with her new husband now.
[Image: 7UFN3Wx.jpg]
What a great wedding party! Tired but happy, the couple went to bed. And so, three sim days later...
[Image: Zhe36P4.jpg]
It's a boy! After Gavin was born, the little family moved to a little house of their own.
Elin and Leroy happened to have the same life time wish: Raising 20 puppies. And so...
[Image: BJc3zOX.jpg]
...where other children had siblings, Gavin had dogs.
[Image: AcHMTdr.jpg]

No, Elin, your wish can't be to woohoo the genie!
[Image: oHBehym.jpg]
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20-04-2015, 10:24 AM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Twenty puppies? Mmmm, that's a lot! I foresee a lot of chaos and chewing. The way that the kids and dogs interact is quite sweet.

I will need to expand the tree already to fit in Elin's second marriage. Maybe I need to get an extra large sheet of paper!
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20-04-2015, 05:23 PM
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RE: That awkward moment when...
Well, actually it's 20 puppies or kittens, but I thought it would be easier if I'd settle for one.
I'm still not sure if they'll make it. They've had one puppy at a time five times in a row now -.-
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