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The Story of a Random Girl.
26-02-2009, 01:46 PM
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The Story of a Random Girl.
Episode 1

This is Allyn, a normal young woman who just moved into her own house.
She's your typical sweet newbie that would come to your door with a freshly baked pie.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_76b1fe45.jpg]

She is trying to be as friendly as possible and is excited about the fact that she met some traditional Japanese guy.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_d6b1ffb1.jpg]

... and to impress with her hospitality.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_36b1fff9.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b201e2.jpg]

People seem to like her and making friends isn't hard.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b2013f.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b20183.jpg]

But, she's lonely and needs someone to fill the hole in her heart. Everyone she's met so far, were all married.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b1fe10.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b20273.jpg]

She goes to sleep early, for the next day she has to go to work. She's in the Medicine career.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b2043b.jpg]

Her first day at work in Paradisia Land just begins like any other.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b2093e.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b204ab.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_76b209dd.jpg]

as she comes back, she brings a new aquitance from work. He is an old, but young at heart man.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_76b20525.jpg]

She proposes him a water baloon fight.
[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b2055b.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b205b9.jpg]

And she just makes a new friend.
[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b205ef.jpg]

He's a nice guy... but not quite what I need.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_d6b20611.jpg]

A townie, Kennedy Cox just happened to pass by and Allyn greeted him nicely.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b2078f.jpg]

But he turns out to be an ignorant jerk and Allyn changes her mind about him.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_76b207ab.jpg]

"Aw, this blows! more bills! How am I going to live now? I need to raise my funds and quick. I will have to work hard for that promotion."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_16b2075b.jpg]

"And probably, get a roommate, who will as well help me with guys. Let's see... I have an e-mail! From Zara Weade. She's looking for a place to live and she is willing to pay rent. Perfect!"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b1fefe.jpg]

"Dear Diary, I hope I will get along with Zara. I can't wait to meet her and see how she's like. I'm utterly lonesome right now. I can't seem to get along with men. I'm always after the wrong person. When they're nice, I don't like them. When I like them, they're not very friendly."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b2087f.jpg]

"I hope things will get better from now on. Tomorrow's the big day and she's coming along and move in with me."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b208cc.jpg]

The next day, while Allyn was at work, the roommate arrived.

"So this is the place! Nice and girly... well at least it has a roof."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b20b00.jpg]

"Right Princess?"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b20b4b.jpg]


[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b20bd7.jpg]

"I'm not in the mood to see the inside of this cottage yet"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b20b75.jpg]

For those who were following my other story about the Waterfalls, should drop it, because I left it behind. it was too simple and was pre-made and boring.

I have 'nough plans with this one.
So stay tooned! Wink
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26-02-2009, 03:43 PM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
Great start :3

Too bad about everyone being married already, lol.  I hate when that happens!

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26-02-2009, 11:39 PM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
Poor Allyn;
She's so nice.
But I can't wait to see where your new story goes! =D

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26-02-2009, 11:42 PM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
it looks interesting.  I like it so far, I can't wait to see how she responds to her new room mate!

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01-03-2009, 05:15 AM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
Wow, this is pretty cool! I could see the roommates either have major problems or get along great! I can't wait to see what happens!

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01-03-2009, 05:33 AM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
Update? =D

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01-03-2009, 05:44 AM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
Update, update, update!

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01-03-2009, 06:23 AM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.

Even though you didn't make her (or maybe you did xD), she's reallllyyyyyyy purrty Big Grin
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01-03-2009, 12:01 PM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.
working my way through the new pictures now. Tongue Later update.

I did make Zara, only with someone else's content. Wink I used a default replacement skintone.
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01-03-2009, 02:30 PM
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Re: The Story of a Random Girl.

Episode 2

And remember, first the writing and the illustration is under.. Wink

"This neighbourhood has some really cool places to hang out"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b5e17c.jpg]

"Princess, don't destroy the flowers! bad, bad girl!"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_d6b5e1b4.jpg]

Zara makes her way into the house, looks around, looks at the bookshelf: "What's this? Only cooking books and romance novels? This woman must be sick."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b5e26c.jpg]

Meanwhile, Princess starts to chew the counters in the kitchen, but fortunately Zara stops her:
"Bad girl, Princess! Destroying everything around! Out with you!"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b5e23f.jpg]

And the doggy found herself greetin Allyn who just returned from work.
"Awww! How cute! a little dog! who's your master ha?"
"Oh, I get it now..."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_d6b5e412.jpg]

Not after long, the girls met and started to chat:
"So, Zara, how do you like my place?"
"it looks like it's been robbed", says the brutally honest zara.
"what? No way! I'm just broke, poor... I mean I'm working my way up."
[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b5e32a.jpg]

"And what do you do?" asks again Zara.
"I'm a Paramedic"
"Oh, I always hated doctors. They just run after your money. I had a kidney problem and they pulled out my appendice instead. how cool is that?"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b5e521.jpg]

"...And what do you do?"
"I'm selling music, Cd's of all kinds, my favourite are Metal."
"oh, I see... that's...interesting."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_36b5e5df.jpg]

"Well, I was thinking... you, um...seem to be the type who gets along with guys. So I was thinking if you know any tricks so I could attract them too..."
"Oh, First of all wear some nice make-up and then be yourself. they will notice. who really likes you, likes you for what you really are and won't try to change you."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b5e53b.jpg]

"I never had a boyfriend, you know. I'm always awkward around them."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b5e592.jpg]

"oh, I see... we'll have to work on that"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_96b5e568.jpg]

"Let's play some catch in the dark, shall we?"
"Ha! this looks like fun!" exclaims Allyn! "oops, I missed it, didn't see it, sorry!!"
"ha-ha! okay it means you need to redecorate your house."
"What? I hardly have anything for bread!"
"don't worry, I arranged with a friend who will come tomorrow with me after work and help me with my things."
"that's... great! ...really!"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5e639.jpg]

Next morning, Zara got up early and went to work, while Allyn was still having breakfast.
"Take care of Princess for me! And be careful, she's a nasty pug."
"okay, don't worry. I like dogs and she will listen to me."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5e88b.jpg]

"Everything is going to be fine...
Here, Princess, fetch!"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5ec1a.jpg]

"Leave the postman alone!"
"Heya, hi there doggy..." says the postman, starting to play razzle with Princess.

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b5e92b.jpg]

"Maybe Princess isn't that bad after all."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5e9da.jpg]

Meanwhile, a friendly white wolf shows up. Allyn greets him hoping that he will make good friends with Princess...

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5ea1f.jpg]

It turned out they didn't and started a fight instead...

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_b6b5ead4.jpg]

"Oh, no! Princess will get hurt and Zara will kill me now! Please doggy, be okay!!! I can't watch this"

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_56b5eb74.jpg]

(fortunately, the little doggy defeated the big wolf in the end. : )))))

Suddenly, Allyn falls into depression:
"What was I thinking yesterday when I told her everything about myself? This feels so wrong! I'm pretty sure she's gossiping and making fun of me now..."

[Image: snapshot_36b1efc8_f6b5ece0.jpg]

This is the first part of yesterday's play. The other half, tomorrow.... Smile
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