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Five New Expansion Packs
13-02-2010, 06:26 AM
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Five New Expansion Packs
Either I've been living under a rock for the past few months, or has there been NO news on any new expansions packs? I've heard about the High-End Loft EP but I think for me to get interested in TS3 again, EA are going to have to make an EPIC expansion pack.

I thought also though if we are going to get TS3 section on SF to become more interesting {sorry but it's a bit boring atm, a part from the Legacy Board which is the only thing keeping this part of the Forum alive imho} we need something to discuss. Here are several EPs that I think would make TS3 more interesing;

Hobbies and Professions

This one's not really my idea as there've already been rumors about an EP of this theme. If the rumors are to be believed, the next Sims EP might very well be “Hobbies and Professions" {or some slightly less obvious and more clever sounding name because frankly, that one sounds a little too literal}. From what’s been said, this might be to the Sims 2: Free Time EP what World Adventures was to The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. What could this EP include? My hope would be that in addition to one or two money-making jobs, the EA people might consider introducing some new low-paying career options for Sims who aren’t interested in getting rich when they reach the top of their career track.

Nothing against making simoleons but I love the idea of making a Sim with a simple house and having them do a job like fire-fighting, mail delivery, teaching/professional tutoring, house-cleaning, babysitting {“nanny” work} construction work or a handy-man track or even something in the food industry and not getting rich. Sure, there are ways to make good money doing all of the mentioned jobs, but what about a track that doesn’t amount to much more than a middle-class income? These jobs could be “on call” gigs where the Sims are randomly called away to work.
And on the other end, when Sims call to hire a repairman, fireman, professional tutor, maid or whatever, instead of an NPC showing up, someone in the neighborhood with that profession would come to the house to do the job.

& in exchange for making a ton of money, the Sims could acquire a new “hidden” trait, or else some other game-related benefit when reaching the highest level of that track. Firefighters, teachers and mailmen could earn the “No bills ever” reward for reaching the top of the track. Or in the case of the firefighters, it would be an easier way to start breeding the hidden “pyro” trait into their families, rather than trying to seduce one of the NPC firefighters to get the job done. Construction workers could get a substantial discount on building costs or perhaps have the option to upgrade parts of the house, like the stairs, windows and doors to things not offered in build-mode. Food industry people could earn a substantial discount on food costs or they could gain access to new kinds of foods.

Old Stuff

I know we’re dealing with a new game here and for the most part, I barely think about Sims 2. I don’t even have it installed in this computer and the stack of EPs is collecting dust in our office. But it’s hard not to miss some of the things offered in the old EPs. I know there are plenty of people out there who miss Seasons, and I don’t really get that, personally. Nothing against rain or winter clothing but aside from the addition of “Gardening,” I didn’t really see a huge game-changing element in that EP. Sims 3 has gardening so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think a S3: Seasons EP is necessary. They can throw some weather into another EP and that would probably please most of the Seasons-lovers.

Open for Business was easily my favorite of the Sims 2 EPs, and I’d love to see a lot of what could be offered in that EP if some variation of it were introduced into Sims 3. I’m not sure what I liked more, the option of being able to run a business out my Sim’s house, or the Servos. As for running a business, whether it was on a community lot or out of their home, the Sim made their own hours. And they could sell everything from stuff they made, to food they cooked or even stuff from buy-mode. With the option to customize the cosmetic appearance of pretty much every item in buy-mode in The Sims 3, we could have a lot of fun filling a Sims store and creating a signature style for the things they sold in a S3: Open for Business-type EP.

I could take or leave a new version of Pets. Although never playing it on PC, I did play it on PS2 and making dogs and cats in Sims 2 and bringing them into families seemed fun but having to care for them got old after a while. There are definitely some elements of Nightlife that could be introduced, including perhaps, an urban-looking neighborhood. We have the suburban Sunset Valley, the more rural Riverview. Now we need a Sims 3 version of Downtown.

Water World

There’s so much water, why aren’t we using it? Even the pool has gotten more boring in Sims 3 as there’s no diving board or slide. The pool just sits there and most of the time my Sims didn’t even bother with it unless I sent them to swim. I also didn’t figure out how to get party guests into the pool yet. You can invite them over for a party and instruct them to wear their swimsuits but as far as I’ve seen, that just results in a bunch of guests standing around the buffet or dancing to the stereo in their bathing suits. Anyone know how to get them into the pool? Let’s step up the pool situation.

As for the rest of the water, perhaps some use of the oceans, bays, lakes and ponds? Visiting the beach or a lake would be a lot more fun if Sims could swim in it. And maybe create a fishing or other maritime-themed job occupation. Sims in that career track may have to spend a couple nights away from home {and then get the rest of the week off} but they could come home with new fish or perhaps meet a nice mermaid to bring home to Mm. The Sims 3 version of Merpeople might have increased fishing and swimming abilities, an extensive knowledge of all fish-related recipes and positive moodlets for anything relating to water. What’s the opposite of the “hydrophobe” trait? Whatever it is, they would have it.

In addition to the above, introduce some new fish and dolphins because everyone loves dolphins. And to build onto World Adventures, perhaps they could introduce some pirate-related adventures into the other countries.


What about an EP that actually takes your Sims to different time periods? Meaning the entire neighborhood is set in a different time and depending on which era the neighborhood is, the game varies based on that.

Perhaps a whole neighborhood that’s pre-technology. Maybe not centered on one specific time period. It doesn’t need to be historically accurate but let’s do away with paved roads, electricity and anything modern. Replace cars with carriages and horses. Sim children go to school until they’re teenagers and then start learning a trade. Insert new careers here (blacksmith, farmer, teacher, whatever). Another neighborhood could be a blend of the fifties, sixties and seventies, depending on how the player wanted to play it. Limited technology (no cell phones or computers), old-style cars, new activities for kids to play and different career tracks. Present-day wouldn’t be necessary as we’re already playing that but there could be a future world, complete with ridiculously modern clothing flying cars, space ships, floating houses and of course, the return of the Aliens.

Apartment's, Condo's and Trailer Parks

Having the Apartment Life EP for TS2 I did like the idea of running multiple families on one lot. In TS3, each would have separate incomes and would be played separately but rather than having to save and leave a household to play another one, you could toggle between more than one family within the same active lot. This would protect the families you’re not playing at the time from major issues as far as the story progression is involved and it would allow a player to keep extended families together and stay on top of their progression in the game. So in addition to having the ability to create an apartment building, you could also create a trailer park, a set of condos, a duplex or even a small gated community. The player would have the option to section-off different areas of the lot for each household within the lot.

I think I’m suggesting this because I had issues with a set of kids all growing up around the same time and not being able to decide which of them I wanted to focus my time on in terms of developing their career and family status once they moved out. It’d be nice to be able to keep them closer together, while at the same time not having to play them all at once. A household with the maximum of eight residents can be kind of a pain to deal with but once they’re separated, it can be easy to forget to jump back to the Sims you’re not playing. This is one of the drawbacks to the Sims 3 as compared to the Sims 2.

In the previous version of the game, time stood still for the households you weren’t playing. For the most part, I prefer Sims 3’s approach as the game takes care of the households I’ve gotten bored with or moved on from in general but on the down-side, it means that life’s going on for those inactive households and there’ve been plenty of times that I’ve returned to a household after a Sim-week or so and found the house split up with spouses moved out, in love with someone else, in trouble with their job {or in a completely new job} and generally out of whack with what I had planned for them. Other times, I can’t find them at all. Some new family’s living in their house and my Sims are off the map. As far as I can tell, when that happens the only way to get them back is to find a Sim that knows them, play them and get the family to move in, then move out to their own house. That might be a story-progression glitch or the game’s way of making room in the neighborhood. Regardless, I think some way to keep a tighter hold on certain families would be a big help and the idea of keeping them all on the same patch of land but not have to play them all at once appeals to me.

Sorry if that was a bit long.  {rolleyes}
& thanks to everyone who actually read it. xD  Feel free to dicuss & add things. Smile

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14-02-2010, 09:46 AM
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Re: Five New Expansion Packs
I completely agree with everything you have said. S3 feels like a game which a little better, and I feel and probably some others might agree, we want something which is  a lot better and something to make all of us to go WOW! Oh and I really want apartments!!!!!!

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14-02-2010, 10:31 AM
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Re: Five New Expansion Packs
I agree also, i miss apartments and open for business, but mostly i agree with all that was said here.
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19-10-2010, 12:15 AM
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RE: Five New Expansion Packs
I agree with everything you have said. S3 feels like a game which a little better, and I feel and probably some others might agree, we want something which is a lot better and something to make all of us to go WOW! Oh and I really want apartments!!!!!!

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18-10-2011, 08:26 AM
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RE: Five New Expansion Packs
Hi...,Great sharing!!!I read out your interesting and informative post,really are right in TS3, each would have separate incomes and would be played separately but rather than having to save and leave a household to play another one, you could toggle between more than one family within the same active lot....Thanks for sharing this informative post.
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