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Strange thing with Mary Sue and Daniel...Help!
14-08-2010, 06:02 AM (This post was last modified: 15-08-2010 08:30 PM by pinkwave.)
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Strange thing with Mary Sue and Daniel...Help!
Yeah, it's me again  {blush} The strangest thing just happened  {unsure} I noticed that Daniel will no longer sleep in the same bed as Mary Sue (or is it vise versa?). I've been working on their relationship for a long time now. They didn't have a fight and everything has been going great. I looked at the relationship bar and it shows everything is fine with Mary Sue. Daniel is still in her family and household and she's still married to him. Daniel's bar however shows that Mary Sue is not only NOT in his household but he's not married to her and it's like they just met?? He's still wearing his wedding ring? Angela and Lilith are as they were with both parents. Did he move out, break up with her when I wasn't looking? Last time I looked their relationship was 100. This all happened when I had to use "moveObjects on" because they were both stuck in bed. I then sold that bed and bought a new one (I've had this problem before with other Sims...usually the most expensive bed) I'm not sure if anyone will reply to this (Majick must be on holidays  {unsure} It seems nobody is playing Sims2 anymore. Hopefully it will work itself most of my other problems  {rolleyes} Murphy's Law I guess. Whenever I post I find a solution on my own. I'm afraid to save my game, sometimes that sets things right, but in this case I'm not sure  {unsure} If I haven't changed my post by the time you read this could someone please help me?  Sad

Thanks in advance.

nevermind, I made them friends again, they went to work, came home and she was in the panel again as Daniel's wife.?  {wacko}
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