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my Sim is black!
19-08-2010, 07:05 PM (This post was last modified: 19-08-2010 09:22 PM by pinkwave.)
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my Sim is black!
This is getting embarassing  {blush} Suddenly, Alexander Goth just turned black. The only cheat I have is aging off. I haven't downloaded anything new. It happened when I got the ReNuYuSenso Orb for Mortimer. I got him to use it, but he developed the "grilled cheese" aspiration. I realized it said not to use below gold (he was green) so I went to the community lot without saving, came back, deleted the orb and realized Alexander was all black. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but that's all I did. What now?? He's been just fine up until now? I looked it up and only found this problem with Sims3. However their problem seemed to start right away. Like I said Alexander has been just fine until now. Help me!

Ok this is strange. He went outside in the light and everything was fine. He went back in and he's black again? What the heck? Help me please! Should I change a setting? I don't see why. Everything was fine before. Why do these weird things only happen with MY game?

Ummm Nevermind, I turned "aging on" back on and made him a teen, now I can see him (so far) I guess he was sick of being a kid  {rolleyes}
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