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07-03-2013, 09:13 PM
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RE: Fury
I never thought of that, Caspin.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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08-03-2013, 12:30 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2015 03:47 PM by Fraroc.)
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RE: Fury
Chapter Seven

[Image: Screenshot-283.jpg]

“Hey Mike! Can you come over here for a sec?”

Mike hears the voice of Jack calling him over. He wondered what he wanted; to his knowledge, he hadn't done anything wrong on the job, so there was really no reason for him to be concerned about him being angry.
“Maybe, he just wants a favor” Mike thought to himself.

[Image: Screenshot-284.jpg]

Mike walks into the house where Jack is waiting for him in the dining room.

“Hey Mike, I called you in here because I have an idea....”
“What is it?”
“I’ve really paid attention to what you said earlier about it being a shame that we can’t help the stallion. But now, I thought of a way that could possibly, and I mean POSSIBLY break him.”
“Yeah? Let’s hear it!”

Jack pauses for a few seconds.

“Mike.......I want you to tame the horse.”

[Image: Screenshot-285.jpg]

Shocked is the only word that could describe how Mike felt at that point in time. Is Jack trying to get him killed? Had he gone completely off his rocker? Mike didn't want anyone to know about this but even though he is sympathetic to what happened to the stallion, ever since he was kicked in the face, Mike had become genuinely afraid of the horse, something completely uncharacteristic of the Michael Schaefer that a lot of people in Crystal Falls knew and feared.

“ ME?! You said it yourself, Jack! That horse is a KILLER! I’m sorry, but even though I have done plenty of stupid ass things in my life, trying to break that untamed.... DEMON of a horse is something that I can't do!”
“(sigh)...You know...I had to do a background check on you before I hired you. I knew about your criminal record, but I hired you anyway. In a way Mike, you and that stallion are not that different, dangerous and aggressive, but yet incredibly spirited.”

[Image: Screenshot-286.jpg]

“You.....really think that?”
“My friend....I know that.”
“Ok....I’ll try to tame him...Anything that could save that beautiful horse’s life."

[Image: Screenshot-287.jpg]

Just minutes later, Jake and Michael meet up near the paddock where the bay stallion is kept, currently awaiting euthanization. Both of the glance at each other and Jack says something to Mike before he attempts to tame the horse and in the process, save the horse's life.

“You know what to do it.”

[Image: Screenshot-288.jpg]

Michael starts to walk very slowly towards the unstable steed. Like a timber wolf stalking it's prey, Mike doesn't hesitate, but at the same time, he doesn't want to risk spooking the horse.

“Easy boy....I promise I’m not gonna hurt you....”

[Image: Screenshot-289.jpg]

Unbeknownst to both Mike and Jack, a small audience formed to watch what happens next, Julian, Jennifer, Karilla and Marissa all run to the stable door to look at what is happening.

“I can’t believe Mike is really doing this...” Karilla whispers..
“If he can touch that stallion without it killing him, then he is my hero.” Said Julian.

[Image: Screenshot-290.jpg]

Mike continues to creep closer and closer to the horse, but as soon as Mike gets too close for his comfort, the bay stallion perceives this as a threat. He freaks out and rears on its hind legs, Mike jumps back, the hooves missing him by a fraction of an inch.

“WHOA!!! Easy there!! Now calm down!”

[Image: Screenshot-291.jpg]

The stallion appeared to have calmed down again. Mike then continues to stalk the horse quietly, but again, he gets way too close to the unruly horse and he bolts, possibly as an attempt to jump over the fence and escape. Mike then gets angry and yells at the top of his voice at the stallion as he nears the edge of the paddock.

“I know that you blame us for whatever happened to you....BUT WE’RE ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU, GOD DAMN IT!!!!!”

[Image: Screenshot-292.jpg]

Shockingly, Mike's yell causes the horse to stop dead in it's tracks, seemingly docile again. Jack smiles at Mike and commends him for what he did.

“ made the stallion realize who’s boss. The next step is to have him realize that you’re not trying to harm him.”

[Image: Screenshot-293.jpg]

Mike then approaches the stallion quietly and slowly and in fear because he doesn't exactly know what the stallion may do next. But instead of freaking out and attacking Mike, the horse stays right where he is. Mike extends his hand and actually is able to pet the horse on the forehead.

“I......I understand why you’re so dangerous and aggressive. You don’t really hate humans, but you’re afraid of them...The cruel, heartless, sonovabitch that abused you, he’s gone now, forever. You’re with us now, you’re safe here....You know.....I see a lot of myself in you.”

[Image: Screenshot-294.jpg]

Mike then jumps over the fence and walks over to Mike and the stallion. He then gives Mike his next mission in conditioning the stallion to stop being afraid of human beings.

“You're doing an excellent job, Mike. Now the next thing I want you to do is..... ride him.”
“Jump on the stallion's back and ride him. Trust me, you and that stallion are both ready for this. You are ready to conquer your fear of him, and he is ready to conquer his fear of humans.”

[Image: Screenshot-295.jpg]

Michael has rode horseback enough times in his tenure at the stables to know what it’s like to ride bareback. He did have some concerns riding a horse that was just tamed without a saddle, but he jumped on the horse’s back anyway and the animal didn't move at all.

[Image: Screenshot-296.jpg]

Mike then kicks the side of the animal and the stallion darts through the corral, seemingly at the speed of light.

“Atta-boy! Faster!!”

Jack would have expected him to fall off, but No. Mike seems to be in total control of the horse’s actions.

[Image: Screenshot-297.jpg]

Mike rides up to Jack and dismounts the horse. Not surprisingly, Jack is in absolute awe as to what he just saw Mike do.

“Mike..... There is absolutely no other way to say it were born to ride that horse. I...don’t even know how you did it. You’re a true horse whisperer...I'm guessing now I should call the Equine Rescue group and tell them the good news...

[Image: Screenshot-298.jpg]

“What should I name him, Jack? I was thinking about naming him ‘Killer’ but I kind of think that’s a little inappropriate. Should I just call him by his original name, ‘Tornado’?”
“You can name him whatever you want, man. You know what this moment reminds me of, have you ever heard of that old western TV show from the 50s named ‘Fury’? It's about these ranchers that round up wild horses and they encounter this beautiful black stallion and the only one that can ride that black stallion is a little boy that saved his life!
“Fury? Hold up....(GASP) THAT’S IT! That’s his name!! Fury!”

And so, the stallion was now christened “Fury” by Michael Schaefer, who in turn is the only human being that has earned his trust.

[Image: Screenshot-299.jpg]

Mike walks back to the stable where Karilla, Jennifer, Marissa and Julian were waiting for him. They were all absolutely starstruck at what they just witnessed.

“MIKE!! HOW THE HELL WERE YOU ABLE TO DO THAT?!” the four of them screamed simultaneously. Mike’s only reply was....

“According to Jack, I guess I have that special talent to earn a horse’s trust.”
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08-03-2013, 09:20 AM
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RE: Fury
Aw, great! Well done to Mike the horse whisperer (or horse shouter, possibly). Let's hope Fury can now be saved.
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09-03-2013, 01:01 AM
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RE: Fury
Chapter Eight Part One

[Image: Screenshot-301.jpg]

It was about a week after Michael saved the stallion’s life by showing him that humans are nothing to fear. But Fury’s taming did come with repercussions though. Fury only lets ONE human being ride him, Michael Schaefer. The only way someone else can ride him is if Mike is also on his back. And also, Fury shows aversion to having a saddle on his back, so Mike will always ride him bareback.

[Image: Screenshot-302.jpg]

“I gotta hand it to you Mike, I did not expect you to become such a good rider in such a short amount of time!”
“Aw, Jack you don’t have to give me all the credit. Fury knows and trusts me. Don’t you boy?”

Mike hugs Fury's neck proudly.

“I was right; you truly were born to ride that horse.”

[Image: Screenshot-303.jpg]

Sometimes, Jack lets the girls have sleepovers at his house right next to the stables and today he obviously said yes. That night, Karilla, Jennifer, and Marissa change into their pajamas and stay up at night gossiping about celebrities, reality TV shows and of course, good-looking men. And inevitably, Mike comes up in the conversation.

“Karilla, if you like Mike Schaefer so much, why don’t you ask him out?”
“I'm not gonna ask him out!"
“Why not?!”
“What if he says no? I’ll be heartbroken!”
“Karilla, you’ll never know unless you ask him! In fact I think he’s outside with Fury.................let’s look at him!!!”

[Image: Screenshot-305.jpg]

Marissa and Karilla literally sprint to the window shove past each other in order to look out the window and spy on Mike bonding with his new equine friend, Fury.

“Hey! Quit shoving!!!”

[Image: Screenshot-304.jpg]

“Oh. My. GOD! They are SOOOO cute together! And HOLY JESUS!! Is he....SHIRTLESS!?! This is something literally right out of a romance novel!!!”

[Image: Screenshot-306.jpg]

Karilla then walks away from the window, throws a simple outfit on and grabs her iPod.

“Karilla? Where are you going? Its almost 9:00!”
“I’ll be right back. I'm going to do something I should have done weeks ago.”

[Image: Screenshot-307.jpg]

Looking at Mike hugging Fury’s neck while shirtless had sealed the deal for her. This is the man that Karilla has been looking for. Not only insanely good looking, but also loves horses like she does. She commands her iPod to play a song that is absolutley perfect for this moment in her life.

Spare a little candle, save some light for me
Figures of the hand, moving in the trees
White skin, in linen. Perfume on my wrist.
And the full moon that hangs over
These dreams in the mist.......

[Image: Screenshot-308.jpg]

Darkness on the edge, shadows where I stand
I search for the time on a watch with no hands.
I want to see you clearly, come closer than this...

[Image: Screenshot-309.jpg]

But all I remember.....are the dreams in the mist.....

[Image: Screenshot-310.jpg]

“Good boy, Fury!”

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when It’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away...

[Image: Screenshot-311.jpg]

“Uh...Hey Karilla!”
“Hi Mike!”
“God, it sure is a pretty night!”
“It sure is...Mike can I ask you something?”
“Mike....I don’t even know how to begin, but....From the time I first saw you, I was just captivated Something inside me told me that you were special. I saw that underneath that brooding, tough guy exterior was a beautiful man both inside and outside....I’m gonna be blunt with you Mike. I love you and I really think that we should go out one day..."

Is it cloak an dagger could it be spring or fall?
I walked without a cut through a stained glass wall
Wrinkle in my eyesight, a candle in my grip
And the words that have no fall....
Are falling from my lips....

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away.

There’s something out there, I can’t resist.

[Image: Screenshot-312.jpg]

Mike is taken aback at Karilla’s proposition, but soon enough he regains his composture.

“Karilla...I.....No one has ever asked me out on a real date since God knows how long. For the longest time, girls just viewed me as nothing but a brooding, handsome s3x symbol....and not the human being I am inside....but somehow, you see me something more than that. Not only you, but working here with the horses has made me learn so much more about myself.........It’s a date, Karilla! Is Thursday good?”
“Any day is good, baby........but yeah...Thursday sounds fine...”

The sweetest song is silence that I ever heard.
Funny how in dreams your feet never touch the earth
In a world, full of princes...freedom is a kiss.
But the Prince hides his face from the dreams in the mist....

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away.
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09-03-2013, 02:21 AM
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RE: Fury
I'm just worried, If Mike goes on another drunken rampage with Karilla around, what might happen.

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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09-03-2013, 10:59 AM
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RE: Fury
Karilla should take self-defence lessons, just in case.

Great pictures, though, Francesco - I liked the way you did the lighting in this:

[Image: Screenshot-310.jpg]

Looking forward to the next part of the story and hoping things work out with Karilla and Mike (and Fury of course).
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09-03-2013, 11:08 AM
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RE: Fury
I know, the lighting in that picture was awesome. Well done!

[Image: od8QQA8.png]

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09-03-2013, 03:45 PM
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RE: Fury
Mike showing Fury who's boss. Clapping

I'd have offered it a mint instead, as horses & ponies are suckers for mints (the only trouble is if you do it once, they start shoving their muzzles into your pockets whenever they're near you looking for the rest anytime thereafter!).

Am I the only one noticing that horse has got serious pecks? Does it have a little horse press bench or something where it hits the weights when everyone's not looking?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: 135762.jpg]
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10-03-2013, 01:51 AM
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RE: Fury
Chapter Eight Part Two

Marissa is doing some spying......

[Image: Screenshot-313.jpg]

For the past week, Marissa had lots of suspicion that Karilla has a romantic interest in Mike and seeing Karilla hug Mike while he was shirtless almost confirmed that they had a thing for each other, but she had to find out for absolute sure. She walks behind the stable by the silo to see Karilla and Mike ostensibly flirting with each other like there’s no tomorrow and then embracing in a tight hug.

“I KNEW IT! They are SO together!!" She whispers to herself.

[Image: Screenshot-314.jpg]

Marissa then walks over to the silo and proverbially 'crashes the party'.

“KARILLA JOHNSON FINALLY MAKES HER MOVE!!!!! Jesus Christ, it’s about time, your heartbeat has been driving me crazy for weeks!” Marissa yells.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Mike shouts at Marissa


“HA! Admit it! You and Mike totally are an item!”

[Image: Screenshot-315.jpg]

“OK! You caught us and Karilla are...together...”

“O.M.G. I totally anticipated this! When you first came to the stables, Karilla told me how hot you were and as soon as I saw you, I TOTALLY saw you and her getting together one day!!”

[Image: Screenshot-316.jpg]

An ecstatic Marissa leapt and gave her best friend a hug in congratulations for her.

“I am so happy for you two!!” Marissa squeals at the top of her voice.
"Thanks, sweetie!"

[Image: Screenshot-317.jpg]

Hours later, Michael Schaefer walks down the main staircase to Jack’s house wearing a slick outfit consisting of black pants, a red collared shirt unbuttoned, and a black blazer.

“Well look at you...Wouldn't expect a horse-wranglin' cowboy like you to be so willin' to dress up for a girl!"
“Well, a little known fact is that all the men in the Schaefer family always looked sharp in suits."
"Where are you guys going for this date?"
"Me and Karilla are going to my favorite steakhouse in town. Our reservations are for 8:00 and...Karilla is still getting ready.

[Image: Screenshot-318.jpg]


Karilla sang as she strutted down the stairs, wearing a very regal-looking pure satin dress and inexcusably expensive Gucci pumps.

[Image: Screenshot-319.jpg]

“ look absolutley......”
“Mike, I think the word you’re looking for is 'beautiful' and you really look that Karilla, very elegant. I hope you guys have fun on your first date!”
“Well technically, Me and Mike have been together for a week now....”

[Image: Screenshot-320.jpg]

Mike and Karilla spent their first date at a nice steakhouse on the other side of Crystal Falls, near where Mike grew up as a kid. Karilla had a salad while Mike had a ½ lb sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. (“Where the hell does he put it? He has such an appetite yet he's ripped has hell.” Karilla wondered) after they ate, the couple engaged in a powerful conversation that would further stregnthen their relationship.

“Mike......we’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend for about a week now and you never really told me much about yourself.”
“What is there to know? Ok, I was born in 1988 which makes me 24 years old...I am the oldest of two boys....and...Oh yeah. I was arrested.
“Arrested?! For what?”
“I was drunk one day and beat the sh*t out of someone that I thought was annoying me, of course it was my own imagination because I was totally on Planet Four Loko. And to this day it still bothers me that I was so stupid that I did that...I’ve been sober for about a month now. When I got the job at the stables, I promised that I would never get drunk or smoke marijuana again for any reason whatsoever.”
“Well, that’s good to hear...”
“I was such a douche to everyone back then... It really explains why my little brother Kevin hates me now.”

[Image: Screenshot-321.jpg]

“Really? What happened?"
"No's a pretty sad story...You'll probably cry."
"Mike...part of being together is that we can trust each other and you can tell me anything...seriously...”
“Alright, I'll tell you. I bullied my little brother. Looking was probably because I was so jealous that Kevin was getting all the attention back when I was a kid because he was the youngest by 5 years and was over-protected by my folks. Kevin wasn’t athletic, but he didn’t like eating so he was always very scrawny. I on the other hand was extremely athletic and I dreamt about being a pro in the NFL. I was also incredibly popular in high school while Kevin was socially-awkward and didn’t have many friends at all. Me and my friends.......(sniff)......I...I’m sorry, Karilla...
(“Wait a minute! Is that a tear? Is he crying?” Karilla thought to herself)
“Me and my friends used to literally torture that poor kid....I used to call him names such as “homo” and the other F-word. Whenever I drove him to school, I used to drop him off blocks away from school in order to avoid being seen with him because I thought he would make my image look bad. Some of my...f***ing disgusting 'friends' even told him to his face that he was worthless and should go kill himself...and I just laughed....And, I’m surprised he was strong enough not to end his own life...Kevin is currently 19 years old and in college. He’s no longer that scrawny little weakling. He’s been working out for a long time, so now he’s absolutely jacked, he’s much more athletic now and he’s on the school’s lacrosse team and he is literally chest-deep in hot college girls, very similar to me at that age. Only one difference, Unlike me, Kevin is a good kid. Unless he had to, he would NEVER hurt a fly, he never did drugs, he never smoked weed and only rarely has a beer with his friends.
There is only one person Kevin hates, and that’s me. I was such a sh*tty big brother to him. I don’t blame him at all. I just wish there was some let him know I’m not that person anymore and that I want to be a real big bro to him....I want to let Kevin know that.....I love him.....”

[Image: Screenshot-322.jpg]

Karilla is at an absolute loss of words. This is the side of Mike that she’s been looking for, a sweet, loving and caring man. She tries to help him in any way she can.

“ literally the saddest story I ever heard....I think what you need to do is to visit your little brother at whatever he goes to school and apologize to him, let him know that you’re not a bad person and he’ll forgive you......I forgive you, for whatever you’ve done in the past...”
“No Karilla, you don’t understand. I have relentlessly bullied that poor kid all his life, he has every right to hate my guts!”
“’Hate’ is a very strong word, Mike. He doesn’t hate you; he’s still hurt by what you’ve done to him. But you have the power to make things right. So day find the time to visit Kevin...and tell him your sorry.”

“Karilla.....I.....I love you...”

Before Karilla and Mike even knew what they were doing........

[Image: Screenshot-323.jpg]

They locked lips.
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10-03-2013, 09:39 AM
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RE: Fury
Oh dear I think that girl is mesmerised by Mike's muscles.

"I beat up some kid for no reason, tormented my brother for years and have a drink/drugs/anger problem."
"OMG I'm yours!"

The correct response, Karilla, would be "You have a fit, young, kinder brother .... give me his number!"

Still, some girls really do like the bad boys and perhaps she'll be the making of him.

By the way, love the suspicious-looking characters who appear to be shadowing them on their date - lady lurking behind fence and guy in hat sitting at next table!
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